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Vaporize cannabis for sleep

In this article we will tell you about the properties of light cannabis that help you sleep, their ability to ease states of tension and act positively on the body. A healthy practice if done with the vaporizer: a method that avoids combustion and which could help you stop smoking cigarettes. Specifically we will talk to you about:

  1. Vaporizing avoids combustion
  2. Difference between smoking and vaping
  3. The properties of cannabis light
  4. Vaping CBD for sleep

Herb vaporizer

Vaporizing avoids combustion

Vaping to avoid smoking is the future: many people have now chosen to abandon tobacco in favor of this healthier method of taking cannabis. The vaporizer heats the herb until its active components are released as vapor , which is then inhaled through a pipette. The plant material is not burned and, consequently, all the toxic substances typical of combustion are not generated .

By being able to control the vaporization temperature until the ideal temperature is reached, the release of all the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in cannabis is promoted. In general, the ideal vaping temperature ranges from 180 to 210°C , while to achieve a more energetic and euphoric high you need to move to lower temperatures, preferably below 190°C.

The world of vaporizers is varied and constantly evolving and - to orient yourself - you need to know some fundamental details. There are three technologies underlying the operation of vaporizers:

  1. CONDUCTION → Conduction is "the transmission of heat within a body or two bodies in contact with each other, from areas of higher temperature to those of lower temperature". In conduction vaporizers , this process occurs through a heat source placed in the vaporization chamber , on which the substance is placed directly. Conduction vaporizers are economical and easy to transport , thanks to their small size and long battery life. However, they pose risks: keeping the substance to be vaporized directly in contact with the heat source risks combustion if the herb is not exposed to the heat evenly.


  • Simplicity of construction and lower costs
  • Heating speed
  • They are usually portable


  • Risk of combustion
  • Inhomogeneous use of the substance: the herb furthest from the heating element will not be vaporized like that directly in contact with the resistance
Davinci vaporizer

  1. CONVECTION → The phenomenon of convection occurs when "a fluid comes into contact with a body whose temperature is higher than that of the fluid itself" . In convection vaporizers, the hot air, generated by the vaporizer, passes through the herb, positioned above the heat source. Unlike conduction vaporizers, the substance is not directly in contact with the heat source, but is placed on a grate through which the boiling air filters. They cost more and heat up more slowly than their conduction counterparts.


  • No contact between heating element and grass
  • Homogeneous vaporization of the substance
  • Better vapor quality


  • Low heating speed
  • Higher cost
  • They are usually not portable
Herb vaporizer

Difference between smoking and vaping

There is a factor that makes the difference between smoking and vaping: the temperature to which light marijuana is subjected . Burning exposes the herb to extreme heat, which can reach temperatures above 600°C.

As soon as the cannabis comes into contact with the flame, all the cannabinoids are released at once . The feeling of power of the hit typical of joints, however, is given more by the heat than by the quantity of active ingredient contained in it , because 88% of the smoke resulting from burned cannabis does not contain any cannabinoid.

In conclusion we can say that the toxic and carcinogenic substances present in cannabis smoke are identical to those of tobacco smoke, given that the combustion principle is the same.

With vaporization, however, the herb is subjected to lower temperatures , with the result that a large part of the cannabinoids and terpenes are saved. THC , for example, boils at around 157°, with the result of being able to take in around 46% of the active ingredient contained in vaporized weed. Contrary to the smoke released by the joint, the vapor contains approximately 90% cannabinoids and only a small percentage of chemical substance, which is however less harmful than that generated by combustion at very high temperatures.

How do you use the vaporizer?

The properties of cannabis light

Cannabis use has increased exponentially in recent years, both for therapeutic and recreational reasons . In fact, since light cannabis was legalized in Italy, there has been a lot of information on the properties of light cannabis and how it can help fight sleep problems, stress and anxiety. The active ingredient has also proven effective for serious disorders such as glaucoma, diabetes, symptoms of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. This is possible thanks to cannabidiol - or CBD - the active ingredient contained in the greatest quantity in light cannabis, which is effective as an anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antifungal and muscle relaxant.

Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids, 100 terpenes and numerous flavonoids, which can be extracted by changing the vaporization temperature . Research has focused on the study of minor cannabinoids and has already confirmed that CBG (cannabigerol) offers pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, while THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) can help reduce the negative effects of THC and can fight pain and inflammation.

Those who start vaping light cannabis or CBD oil are making a health choice: with vaporisation, the CBD reaches the lungs directly without passing through the intestine or liver, quadrupling the quantity of CBD that reaches the bloodstream. With vaporization, results comparable to those of oral administration are obtained, but with a significantly lower quantity of CBD. This also translates into considerable economic savings , since the same quantity of substance is needed to achieve a greater result.

How do you clean the vaporizer?

Vaping CBD for sleep

Vaping legal weed helps induce sleep : the muscle-relaxing properties of CBD, combined with its ability to relax the mind, help the body to slowly abandon itself to sleep and rest . Sleep disorders can cause many other ailments, especially from a mood point of view: low quality sleep alters hormonal levels and promotes the production of cortisol , a "bad" hormone that causes anxiety and stress .

Are you looking for a cannabis light that will help you solve insomnia problems? Pearl with its % CBD is ideal! There is also theXL version which allows you to save (60gr you pay only 125 euros)

Sleep problems can be fought with a good evening vape, but you should know that there are some varieties of cannabis that promote rest more than others : in general, the Indica family is considered the best choice if you want to sleep well, thank you to their heavy " stoned ", body and relaxing effect.

Sativas , on the other hand, are known for their more energizing and stimulating effects , making them perfect for daytime consumption. There are no studies that confirm the ability of Indicas to induce sleep, but according to some theories these herbs owe their title to terpenes , the aromatic molecules that define the smell, flavor and other properties of cannabis flowers.

According to these theories, it is terpenes that cause the sedative effects and, usually, Sativas contain less of them than Indicas, which would explain the difference between the effects of an Indica and those of a Sativa.

In light of all this awareness, we can say that vaping CBD is the best solution for consuming cannabis before going to sleep , because it allows you to enjoy the relaxing effects of light cannabis in the warmth of your bed, enjoying its effects already in your head. on the pillow. Furthermore, the vapor does not stink , unlike the tobacco smoke that is released by burning a joint. Thirdly, it is a method of healthy consumption , which allows you to make the most of the potential of your herb without damaging tissues and lungs.

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