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Amnesia | CBD Flowers

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    The strain that pays homage to Amnesia Haze creating a powerful combination that promotes stimulating cerebral effects and an irresistibly fresh aroma

    CBD: 20% THC: 0.02%

    Amnesia | CBD Flowers
    Amnesia | CBD Flowers

    Citrus, lemon and lime with herbaceous nuances

    This strain stands out for its aromatic profile dominated by citrus notes, with particular emphasis on lemon and lime, which give it an unmistakable freshness. The aroma is complemented by herbaceous and spicy nuances, which together create a complex and pleasantly stimulating olfactory experience.

    An aroma of happiness

    Amnesia Haze induces an almost immediate sense of happiness and well-being, elevating mood and stimulating positive energy. These effects make it particularly suitable for daytime use, helping to combat stress and anxiety and promoting a more optimistic approach to the day.

    • Citrus fuit

    • Happy

    • Forest


    How does the aroma of Amnesia Haze compare to other citrus strains?

    Amnesia Haze boasts a particularly pronounced and fresh citrus aroma, which distinguishes it for its ability to offer an intense and refreshing olfactory experience, superior to many other citrus strains.

    What are the benefits of the happy effects of Amnesia Haze?

    The effects of Amnesia Haze, geared towards happiness and euphoria, are ideal for alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety, promoting a positive attitude and increased social energy.

    Why is the climate of Southern Italy ideal for growing Amnesia Haze?

    The warm and consistently sunny climate of Southern Italy is perfect for growing Amnesia Haze, as it promotes robust growth and abundant terpene production, intensifying its characteristic aroma and positive effects.

    How is the quality of Amnesia Haze grown in Southern Italy guaranteed?

    Through the practice of organic and sustainable cultivation methods, combined with the passion and experience of local growers, each Amnesia Haze flower is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, with a strong commitment to consumer health and respect for the environment .