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Silver Haze | CBD flowers

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Silver Haze originates from a cross between Haze and North Indian Indica varieties, aiming to maintain the intense cerebral effect of Haze while reducing the flowering time.

CBD: 20% THC: 0.02%

Silver Haze | CBD flowers
Silver Haze | CBD flowers

Mint Freshness, a Sensory Awakening.

This strain is characterized by a fresh and invigorating mint scent, providing a stimulating and unique olfactory experience. The mint notes are balanced with a slightly spicy background, creating a harmony of flavors that awaken the senses.

Euphoric Well-Being and Amplified Sensations

The targeted cross that gave birth to Silver Haze aims to enhance the euphoric and sensory effects typical of its parent strains, resulting in a superior quality strain with a strong aromatherapeutic impact. Silver Haze is known for its effect that stimulates a sense of euphoric well-being and an intensification of sensations, making it perfect for intimate moments or when seeking an enhanced sensory experience

  • Mint

  • Aroused

  • Warm area


Come si confronta l'aroma della Silver Haze con altre strain mentolate?

Silver Haze stands out for its intensely minty aroma, surpassing in freshness and intensity many other minty varieties, offering a deeper and more complex olfactory experience

What are the benefits of Silver Haze's aroused effects?

The effects of Silver Haze, focused on euphoria and sensation intensification, make it ideal for relaxing and intimate moments, promoting a sense of connection and well-being.

Why is the coastal climate ideal for cultivating Silver Haze?

The warm coastal climate and exposure to the sea breeze create optimal conditions for Silver Haze, allowing a rich synthesis of terpenes that enhances its minty aroma and boosts its effects.

How is the quality of Silver Haze ensured when grown in the Italian coastal areas?

Commitment to sustainable cultivation and meticulous attention to growth conditions ensure that each flower of Silver Haze is of the highest quality, reflecting the authenticity of its natural environment and the passion of the growers.