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Diesel CBD | 20g.

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With its rich, spicy and earthy flavor, our Diesel CBD reflects the vibrations of the land in which it grows. But it's not just a feast for the taste buds. Diesel is also the most effective and potent cannabis strain we have created.

Diesel CBD | 20g.
Diesel CBD | 20g.

The effect of Diesel CBD: a spectacle

This strain ofLegal cannabishas avery high CBD contentand consequently an impeccable effect. It is incredibly relaxing and can also be very effective in case of inflammation and pain of various kinds, also thanks to its terpene profile.

This is mainly made up of:

  • linalool, a fresh and spicy terpene with an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • camphene, a terpene appreciated for its pain-relieving properties, which gives Diesel earthy notes and hints of musk.
  • myrcene, a fruity and relaxing terpene, capable of interacting directly with our endocannabinoid system, thus strengthening the effect of CBD.

If the pain and stress become pressing, you can jump into our Diesel and disappear from me.

  • Sparore

  • Effect

  • Concentration


Is it legal to buy CBD flowers?

With Terre di Cannabis without a shadow of a doubt. All of our CBD products have a THC content of less than 0.2%. Consequently they are legal in Italy and in almost all EU countries. Furthermore, they arefree of psychotropic effectsThey can therefore be perfectly integrated into everyday life.

Diesel CBD is available in the convenient 20 gram package. However, in our shop you will find many other attractive offers. For those who want to get a nice supply of legal marijuana we have three fantastic maxi-formats: XL, XL Premium and Gigante, with prices per gram starting from €1.50.

In addition to our numerous sativa and indica hemp strains, we have CBD oil, CBD hash and feminized cannabis seeds.

What makes our marijuana flowers so special?

We grow our Diesel CBD among the green hills of Puglia, where it can grow in harmony with the environment. The conditions couldn't be more favourable: the fertile land, the bright sun and the nearby sea.

Our profession presupposes a close relationship with nature, transformed over time into a deep and rooted bond. The fulcrum of our activity is therefore to combine high quality with respect for the environment.

To achieve this goal we aim to:

  • Organic cultivation techniques, which aim to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems. We do not use pesticides, but we have developed Cannabis plants capable of keeping up with parasites. Herbicides are not part of our repertoire either and we do not use chemicals of any kind to fertilize. Instead we rely on organic fertilizers that provide the hemp plant with the necessary nutrients, without depleting the soil.

  • Scrupulous qualitative analyzes conducted by independent laboratories. So we have, on the one hand, the certainty that ourCannabis lightboth to100% natural. On the other hand, the analyzes guarantee that the quality of our Cannabis light always corresponds to the standards we have set ourselves. Finally, they give us the assurance that the THC content never exceeds 0.2%. OurCannabis flowersthey are therefore legal and can be consumed with complete peace of mind.

  • An integrated supply chain, which couldn't be shorter than this. The big advantage: we control the entire production process. This translates into low production costs and affordable final prices.

What is the best way to take hemp flowers?

In our opinion there is no doubt: the best way to take light marijuana is to vaporize it. It is true that the transition from reefer to vaporizer may not always be straightforward. However, the advantages offered by the latter are so obvious that it can convince even those who really love their joints.

In fact, those who decide to vaporize their hemp inflorescences will be able to:

  • save burning
  • Do the respiratory tract in favor
  • avoid tobacco
  • Take a higher percentage of the active ingredient
  • Choose the vaporization temperature according to the strain it wants to take on

Given the high linalool content of Diesel CBD, you could vaporize it between195°C and200°C. If you wanted to bring out the myrcene instead, you would have to set the temperature around165°C.

As you can see, a good vaporizer will allow you to discover further unknown flavors.

Our only advice: do not exceed235°C, the limit above which combustion is triggered.

Payment: an overview

For payment you can choose between three safe and guaranteed methods:

  • credit card
  • bank transfer
  • payment on delivery (only in Italy)