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Tangerine CBD | 20g.

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The great experience and talent of our master hemp grower come together in this new strain. Tangerine is rich in CBD, has a powerful effect and an unparalleled flavor.

Tangerine CBD | 20g.
Tangerine CBD | 20g.

Tangerine CBD: a strain that makes pain pale

This variety oflegal marijuanastands out for itshigh CBD contentwhich makes it very effective in case of inflammation and different types of pain. Tangerine also has a terpene profile selected to strengthen the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

The terpene profile is mainly composed of:

  • Myrcene. This terpene is relaxing, anti-inflammatory and gives Tangerine hints of ripe fruit. Furthermore, by binding to CB1 receptors, it interacts directly with our endocannabinoid system, strengthening the effect of CBD.
  • Bisabolol. This terpene is appreciated for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It adds sweet and floral notes to the flavor of our Tangerine.

  • Sparore

  • Effect

  • Concentration


What makes our hemp flowers so special?

This light Cannabis variety is grown near Lake Garda, in an area known since the Middle Ages for its exceptional lemons.

When we founded Terre di Cannabis we set ourselves the goal of combining high quality and respect for the environment. Over time we have gathered experience, refined our methods and now we focus on a production process that revolves around:

  • Organic crops. We do not use pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Instead we rely on plants that resist parasites as well as organic fertilizers, capable of increasing soil fertility in the long term.

  • Accurate qualitative analyses, conducted by well-equipped independent laboratories. In this way we ensure that the quality ofCBD inflorescencesnever deviates from our standards. Furthermore, we are certain that the THC level does not exceedquantities required by law.

  • A very short supply chain that allows us to control every stage of production. This way we lower both production costs and CO2 emissions and can therefore offer sustainable products at prices that are difficult to match.

Ourlight hempcontainsless than 0.2% THC. Consequently it isfree of psychotropic effects, has no significant side effects and is100% legal. So if you want to buy our light hemp inflorescences, you know you can do it lightly.

What is the best way to take Cannabis inflorescences?

Anyone who buys marijuana will likely intend to consume it. It is therefore worth thinking about possible hiring methods.

Joints are undoubtedly practical and for many people also a very pleasant ritual. That said, they involve combustion and are therefore extremely harmful to the respiratory tract. Furthermore, by burning your light cannabis inflorescences you will only take a fraction of the active ingredients it contains.

In our opinion the best solution is vaporization. Once you get the hang of it, a vaporizer is no less practical than a joint and also offers multiple advantages.

Those who vaporize can in fact:

  • do without combustion
  • save the respiratory tract
  • save yourself the pestilential tobacco
  • take a very high percentage of active ingredient
  • adjust the vaporization temperature based on the terpene profile of the strain you intend to consume

Given the notable content of myrcene,168°Cthey could be the ideal vaping temperature.

However, taste is an extremely subjective matter and we therefore advise you not to fixate on just one temperature.

One thing should not be overlooked in any case: around230°Ccombustion can be triggered, which would destroy all the benefits of the vaporizer.

Buy our light hemp: legal, practical, safe

All our products resulting from the cultivation of Cannabis areEU certificates. Furthermore, they have a THC content of less than 0.2%, thus falling within the limits set by law 242/2016.

You can buy Tangerine CBD in the 20 gram pack: practical and convenient. Do you want to order legal cannabis in larger quantities instead? However, you are in the right place. With our maxi-formats you can have up to 1kg of weed delivered: buy now and receive it comfortably at home, at prices starting from €1.50 per gram.

But that is not all. In our online shop we also have CBD oil, CBD hashish as well as a selection of feminized seeds for those who want to experience the pleasure of growing excellent Cannabis.

Payment: what do you need to know?

Although our Cannabis light is not a narcotic substance, you must be of age to purchase it.

For payment we offer you the choice between three safe and certified methods:

  • bank transfer
  • credit card
  • payment on delivery (only in Italy)