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Purple Haze | CBD Flowers

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"Purple Haze" is a famous cannabis strain known for its distinctive scent and lively, euphoric effects.

CBD: 20% THC: 0.02%

Purple Haze | CBD Flowers
Purple Haze | CBD Flowers

Olfactory Adventure with Purple Haze: Floral, Berries, and Citrus

Purple Haze captivates the senses with its "Flowery" scent, inviting you on an olfactory adventure with notes of berries and citrus freshness, enhanced by earthy undertones. This combination creates a unique sensory experience, making every moment with our Purple Haze memorable. Our selection highlights our commitment to providing a product that balances stimulating effects with a rich aromatic profile.

Unleash Your Budding Creativity

Our Purple Haze is famous for stimulating creativity, offering a light yet powerful effect that inspires artists and thinkers. Users experience an increase in ideas and energy, helping to overcome creative blocks with a perfect balance between mental stimulation and clarity. This makes Purple Haze ideal for those seeking inspiration while staying focused, distinguished by a "rich effect" that harmonizes stimulation and inner well-being.

  • Flowery

  • Creative

  • Sunny


What are the aromatic differences of Purple Haze compared to other strains?

Purple Haze offers a unique "Flowery" aroma with notes of berries and citrus, unlike the more common earthy or diesel notes of other varieties.

Effects compared to other strains?

It stands out for effects that stimulate creativity without compromising clarity, unlike more relaxing or sedative strains.

Impact of the climate of Southern Italy?

The warm, sunny climate of Southern Italy intensifies the aroma and effects of Purple Haze, unlike what might be possible in less ideal climates.

What makes the cultivation of Purple Haze unique?

Attention to sustainability and meticulous care at every stage of cultivation make it superior to products from conventional cultivations.