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Critical Mass | 20g. | CBD Flowers

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The genetic heritage of the Critical Mass enriched by its parent varieties Afghani and Skunk #1

20-gram package

CBD: 20% THC:0.02%

Critical Mass | 20g. | CBD Flowers
Critical Mass | 20g. | CBD Flowers

Critical Mass Weed Walk in the Forest: Herbal and Spicy Notes After Rain

Critical Mass strain is distinguished by its rich aromatic profile that combines herbal and spicy notes, evoking the sensation of walking through a dense, fragrant forest after the rain. The presence of wood nuances and a sweetish background further enriches the olfactory experience.

Infinite Physical and Mental Relaxation

Critical Mass CBD is renowned for its intensely relaxing effect, which envelops the body in a sensation of calm and well-being. This makes it ideal for the evening or moments of relaxation, helping to ease physical tensions and promote mental relaxation.

  • Herbal spicy

  • Relaxed

  • Windy


How does the flavor of Critical Mass differ from other indica-dominant strains?

Critical Mass strain presents a unique blend of herbal and spicy notes, setting it apart from the more common indica-dominant strains with its complex aromatic profile and ability to offer an enveloping and multilayered sensory experience.

What are the benefits of the relaxing effect of Critical Mass?

The deeply relaxing effect of Critical Mass strain is perfect for alleviating muscle tensions, promoting restful sleep, and helping manage stress, contributing to an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Why is the windy climate of Western Italy ideal for the cultivation of Critical Mass?

The constant wind helps keep the plants healthy and robust, facilitating transpiration and reducing excess moisture that can promote the development of diseases. This climate contributes to optimal cultivation that is reflected in the superior quality of the flowers.

How is the quality of Critical Mass ensured when cultivated in the windy areas of Western Italy?

Through careful management of cultivation conditions that take advantage of the region's unique climate, along with the application of sustainable agricultural techniques, we ensure that every flower of Critical Mass CBD is not only potent and effective but also produced responsibly and environmentally friendly.