Legal marijuana

We specialize in cannabis cultivation. Years of experience in the sector allow us to cultivate and distribute products of the highest quality .

Each TerreDiCannabis flower carries within itself an extraordinary story of men and women made of effort and pride. We believe in Made in Italy, in the culture of "know-how" that our grandparents left us as a legacy.

In four years of working in the company, we have managed to create different varieties of legal cannabis for all tastes and needs. We grow varieties high in CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol). The percentage of active ingredient contained in our light marijuana is decidedly above average and ranges from 18 to 22%.

All our strains are completely legal and are inspired by the best marijuana strains that have made the history of cannabis, winning numerous Cannabis Cups.

CBD flowers

From Purple Haze, to Amnesia, from Ak-47 to Silver Haze . The highly selected terpene profile of our legal cannabis plants has nothing to envy that of the famous strains that we have faithfully inspired.

This means that the aroma and taste are virtually identical to high- THC cannabis strains despite containing less than 0.2% . As regards the effects, however, beyond the psychotropic effect, which light cannabis is not capable of causing, you will be able to benefit from numerous therapeutic properties.

    Terre di cannabis offers its customers the best light marijuana available on the market, natural, 100% made in Italy.

    To nourish our legal marijuana fields, we only use natural substances such as compost, guano, manure and earthworm hummus. We have completely abolished chemical fertilizers, this makes our legal herb natural and safe even for those who want to use it as medical cannabis and in therapeutic cannabis treatments.

    Managing every step of the production chain internally allows us to offer our products at an advantageous price. Furthermore, subjecting them to numerous quality controls and having the ability to monitor each step means that our cannabis is constantly tested and improved so as to offer our customers the best light marijuana on the market.

    Cannabis light

    In our country, cannabis has been and continues to be unfairly stigmatized in some cases due to the psychotropic effects that THC can cause . However, scientific studies in recent years have helped demonstrate that cannabinoids are extremely beneficial active ingredients with a high therapeutic potential.

    This is why both THC, CDB and CGB , two non-psychoactive cannabinoids at the basis of legal cannabis, are used in the pharmacological field to treat pathologies such as epilepsy or cystic fibrosis.

    The cannabinoids at the basis of legal marijuana, in fact, also according to the opinion of the most popular scientific journals:

    • they help fight chronic pain and muscle aches
    • they calm muscle spasms
    • they are effective in combating insomnia
    • they are natural appetite stimulants
    • they fight nausea
    • they help improve mood
    • they help fight anxiety, mood disorders and panic attacks
    • alleviate the side effects of THC
    • they are the ideal substitutes for tobacco

    Among our light cannabis flowers you can find the best varieties with a high CBD content and some brand new varieties with a high CBG content. Legal marijuana flowers can be perfect tobacco substitutes.

    CBD flowers

    The flowers, often referred to as 'buds', come from female cannabis plants. In our case, from legal varieties hybridized by the company's hemp grower.

    Once collected, they are subjected to numerous checks that establish their safety and guarantee their high quality.

    Our light marijuana is grown with natural methods, in soils that do not have heavy metals and in a natural way.

    Our products contain a THC percentage of less than 0.2% as required by current law.