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White Widow | CBD Flowers

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    White Widow is a classic in CBD flower genetics, the result of crossing a Brazilian sativa strain with an indica from southern India.

    CBD: 20% THC:0.02%

    White Widow | CBD Flowers
    White Widow | CBD Flowers

    Northern White Widow: Citrus Liveliness with a Spicy Touch

    Characterized by a penetrating aroma of citrus and fruit, White Widow cultivated in the cold regions of Northern Italy offers a lively and refreshing olfactory profile. Lemon and orange notes blend with slightly spicy nuances, creating a unique and stimulating sensory experience.

    Attention and Concentration

    Thanks to its cold origins and the particular attention paid to cultivation, White Widow stands out for its effect that promotes concentration, making it a perfect companion for busy days.

    • Citrus fuit

    • Focused

    • Cold area


    How does the aroma of White Widow compare to other citrus strains?

    The aroma of White Widow is particularly intense and refreshing, with a stronger focus on citrus notes compared to other strains, offering a livelier and more stimulating olfactory experience.

    What are the benefits of White Widow's focusing effect?

    White Widow's focusing effect helps improve concentration and productivity, making it ideal for those looking to enhance their work or academic performance without distractions.

    Why is the cold climate of Northern Italy ideal for cultivating White Widow?

    The cold and ventilated climate of Northern Italy helps strengthen the plant and intensify its terpene and cannabinoid production, improving both the aromatic profile and the effects.

    How is the quality of White Widow cultivated in Northern Italy ensured?

    The adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, attention to plant well-being, and meticulous selection of cultivation conditions ensure that each White Widow flower is of the highest quality, offering a superior experience in terms of both aroma and effect.