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Italy legalizes cannabis: historic decision by the States General

Yesterday " The States General " ended to decide the fate of the country after the economic crisis resulting from the Coronavirus.

Legalize cannabis to revive the country . This is the request to the government of a transversal front of majority and opposition parliamentarians who, after having presented an amendment to the 'relaunch bill', ask Prime Minister Conte to tackle the issue with courage. In addition to the radicals , many deputies and senators from M5s, Pd and Leu also support the proposal. According to the promoters, legalizing cannabis could make a fundamental contribution to Italy's restart, guaranteeing the State fundamental revenues, estimated at 10 billion euros, in addition to the creation of thousands of jobs and a strategy " really effective in the fight against crime."

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The meeting took place in a discreet manner and heated debates immediately arose. Below we report the words of an Honorable Member who preferred to remain anonymous.

President Conte takes the floor immediately after the intervention of Deputy Michele Sodano , fixes his hair and begins a long monologue:

"Dear colleagues, I agree with the words of MP Michele Sodano, I must confess that we were already working on a bill of this type. But as we know, it is always better to talk about things when they have been examined in depth. I was saying that together with the government team we were already working on a bill to legalize cannabis. The moment has come: we have issued a decree which effectively legalizes cannabis from Monday 22 June 2020. The time is now ripe to legalize this plant and to support the hemp supply chain. A civil measure, which will represent a truly effective tool in the fight against crime and will guarantee significant revenue for the state coffers. Too many times it has been blocked by ideological prejudices. Now is the right time. relaunch Italy and return to being a great country.”

Thunderous applause invades the press conference, many journalists begin to ask questions frantically. I am happy, in disbelief and I hug my friends.

Cannabis light

Then I hear the doorbell ring, I open my eyes and find myself all sweaty while the cat is playing with one of my ties. It was just the postman, he wanted me to open the door for him.

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So was this all just another dream?

I ask the postman who doesn't understand. “No”, he replies “you have to be confident” then he hands me a payment reminder and says goodbye.

I open the envelope, 657.32 euros to pay. Confident? Would you be?

This article is absolutely not meant to be a joke, rather it is a way to talk about it. Of what it could be. A dream indeed! We have reworked a political paradigm (which comes up every now and then), or rather we have reworked it in a dream. Which many have! And we have put words into the mouths of those who govern us. Which many of us would like to hear.

We really wanted to hear these words! These words, exactly these!

A stance taken by the institutions which, once and for all, puts to rest any prejudice forever. But unfortunately, alas it was yet another dream. Precisely.

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