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Drug tests: how to pass?

In this article we will tell you about how to deal with a drug test. The technical specifications and precautions to take if you were to face such a situation. We know that, thanks to the current law, many workers in some specific sectors are also required by law to take these exams cyclically. Read the whole article to find out how to take a drug test with complete peace of mind. Specifically we will address these issues:

  1. What to do if you are faced with a drug test?
  2. What to do if you need to pass a drug test?
  3. How many types of drug tests are there?
  4. Truth and lie about tricks to alter urine tests


What to do if you are faced with a drug test?

Drug testing is becoming an increasingly popular tool. When it is adopted by companies as a form of employee screening , it can cause very serious problems and even the loss of your job if you test positive.

In Europe, the diffusion of drug tests in the workplace is not yet as widespread as in the USA, but their use seems destined to grow.

There are professions in which drug tests may be necessary upon hiring , and repeated periodically during the employment period; the test is announced a few days before or even as a surprise, just a moment after its execution. In the United States, more than half of employers require a drug test at some point in the employment relationship.

And the United States is precisely the place of the great short circuit of recent years: drug tests are the order of the day and the legalization of cannabis has not changed anything, therefore those who use cannabis - for therapeutic or recreational purposes in a completely legal manner - may risk losing their job or not being considered "suitable" for a certain job, due to the presence of narcotic substances in the body.

What to do if you need to pass a drug test?

If by contract you must be periodically subjected to drug tests, our advice is to avoid taking drugs , so as not to risk your job. However, things often go differently, so in this guide we will explain what to do to pass the test.

If you need to pass a drug test and have illegal substances in your blood, the first thing you should do is figure out what type of test you will be subjected to . In fact, based on the technology used for the test, you can choose a series of tricks that can help you not to test positive (such as putting salt in the urine sample or using artificial urine).

Generally these tests are used to detect the presence of amphetamines (speed, ecstasy, methamphetamine, crank), cannabinoids (marijuana and hashish), cocaine, opiates (heroin, morphine, opium and codeine) and phencyclidine (PCP).


In any case, if you discover that you will be subjected to a drug test in the following days, you will have to prepare your body for the tests by stopping taking substances ; however, when there is not enough time to cleanse the body of all traces of drugs, you can adopt some tricks.

How many types of drug tests are there?

There are four types of drug tests (urine, blood, saliva and hair tests) and each of them has weaknesses that will allow you to escape unscathed, with a little luck. It must be said, however, that technological progress makes it increasingly difficult to pass the test by manipulating the samples.

  • Urinalysis

It is the most used test in workplace analyses. It is among the simplest to alter because the person being tested is usually not observed when producing the sample.

  • Blood test

This test is the most used to ascertain the presence of drugs in the blood by law enforcement. The test is very precise and determines exactly how much drug is in your system. If you have recently used drugs it is very difficult to overcome, while if several days have passed since the last use you may have some possibility of testing negative.

  • Saliva test

The oral swab is the least invasive test and is often preferred in professional environments, both for greater respect for the employee and for greater reliability: the swab must in fact be soaked in saliva by holding it in the mouth for a few seconds, therefore it is usually carried out on the spot. presence of the doctor or person in charge of drug testing. However, it is a little less sensitive than a blood test.

  • Hair test

Hair analysis is the most difficult test to manipulate . To be analyzed, the hair must have at least 2 weeks of growth, so the test cannot determine if drugs have been used recently. However, hair analysis can nail you down for substances taken up to 90 days before the test and above all it is able to understand if you use drugs on a regular basis.

Truths and lies about tricks to alter urine tests

On the web you can find all kinds of advice for passing a urine test after having repeatedly taken drugs. However, many of these "tips" are false and sometimes even very dangerous. We have searched for the most popular advice on the web and we will reveal to you whether they are true and reliable or whether they will simply deceive you, exposing you to big risks.

  • If you are an occasional consumer you can hope to get by by increasing the amount of fluid in your body. Drinking a lot of water will force you to urinate more frequently, allowing you to "dilute" the sample.

    Obviously it only applies if the quantity of substance in the organism is small; If you smoked a lot of weed in the days before, not even Niagara Falls will save you.

    An attentive paramedic, however, will notice the very light color of the urine. And here we suggest another trick: take a couple of vitamin B pills to color your urine yellow on the day of the test.

  • Don't do it! Drinking bleach won't help you pass a drug test, it might just land you straight in the hospital!

    Drinking bleach can eat away at your mouth, throat, and stomach, causing serious harm to your body and potentially even death. It also will not alter the sample: laboratory technicians know all the tricks and all the products available on the market to alter test results and it is not easy to fool them.

    Even just adding bleach, salt or vinegar to the sample is completely useless: these substances modify the pH of the urine and make the attempt to alter the test more than obvious. Even adding water to dilute the sample is useless, it will alter its color and temperature and will certainly be rejected.

  • Urinating as much as possible before the test will help you excrete drug metabolites. How to do? Drink plenty of water the morning of the test and try to empty your bladder as much as possible before taking the sample.

    To help you in this endeavor you can also take diuretic foods , such as coffee, tea and cranberry juice, or drugs such as furosemide , available only by prescription.

    Drug metabolites accumulate in the body during sleep, so the first urine stream of the day is the most concentrated. Pee a lot before giving the sample and try to drink a lot of water to dilute it as much as possible. 


    Replacing your urine sample is much more difficult than it seems. However, if you succeed, it is a fairly certain way to pass the test. “Maked” urine can be purchased or produced by an accomplice.

    It would be preferable to choose a donor of your own sex, in case the analysis is also extended to hormones, but usually those of members of the opposite sex are also fine.

    For some years it has also been possible to purchase synthetic urine , which - if produced carefully - will contain the same percentages of uric acid as real urine.

    The most important thing is to pay attention to the temperature of the sample , which must be between 33 and 36 °C and be able to introduce it into the test room. On the internet there are kits consisting of a bag and a pump to release the sample directly into the container provided for the test.

    If you use other people's urine, to be safe you can perform a test on the sample, to make sure there are no surprises. In any case it is important to use the sample within 48 hours, to prevent the urine from altering its composition and appearance.

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