Bevanda al gusto di cannabis

Cannabis drinks: what are they?

Nothing of cannabis, like pork, is thrown away and there are many things that can be done in the kitchen using marijuana. Among these, some delicious drinks.

  1. A thousand and one food applications of cannabis

  2. A look at the market: numbers and growth trends
  3. CBD drinks
  4. Cannabis water for athletes
  5. CBD energy drinks
  6. Cannabis coffee
  7. Cannabis-based beers

Cannabis light

A thousand and one food applications of cannabis

The cannabis market is constantly evolving.

The applications of the cannabis sativa plant continue to increase thanks to increasingly in-depth scientific studies. Scientific research dedicates more and more resources to the study of the potential of cannabis and continually opens new possible horizons for the business of light cannabis and its derivatives.

Beyond its therapeutic and recreational applications, cannabusiness today looks to other worlds: the new frontier of the cannabis market is cannabinoid-based cosmetics, soaps and bath products, but above all hemp-based food products.

Hemp has invaded the world of food & beverage , defeating the competition of all other super foods, thanks to its great nutritional power. 

A look at the market: numbers and growth trends

The cannabusiness numbers give us hope: the global marijuana market is estimated at 150 billion dollars and it is believed that the legal business will replace the prohibited one because it is destined to grow by 77% and reach, alone, 166 billion dollars in the next 4 years.

The light cannabis revolution has probably changed the perception of the substance a lot and, according to the Euromonitor International report , this is precisely linked to the change in consumption habits, which becomes the norm and loses its aura of transgression.

According to Zora Milenkovic, director of the beverage and tobacco sector of the research company: “ The market will change profoundly and by 2030 it will be populated with brands of products for domestic use that contain cannabidiol, also driven by the legalization drive that is taking place in many countries of the world, led by the United States.

This means that we will consume more and more drinks, cosmetics and supplements, nutraceuticals for sports, alcohol-free drinks and infusions that contain the active ingredients of cannabis and we will buy them everywhere, even in the supermarket."

The first industrial sector that will be affected by the cannabis revolution is the beverage sector. Euromonitor analysts predict that alcohol-free marijuana cocktails will undermine the traditional business of alcoholic drinks, revolutionizing the rituals of drinking in company.

The transformation of soft drinks and relaxing drinks increasingly based on cannabidiol is also ready. 


CBD drinks

Cannabis-based drinks are nothing new: the herb is often consumed in the form of an infusion , especially when used for therapeutic purposes, since its effects are less immediate and less intense.

However, if before it was a matter of keeping the leaves in infusion as with any herbal decoction, now things are changing. THC and CBD are theoretically insoluble in water, but thanks to technological progress this obstacle can be circumvented.

Cannabis water for athletes

In the USA it is already possible to find products that combine pure water and CBD, the most widespread cannabinoid in the medical field, particularly suitable for integrating into pain therapies.

These are hydrating drinks with multiple benefits that help relax the body and relieve muscle pain.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have attracted the interest of the world of sport, where injuries are commonplace and cannabidiol proves to be an excellent ally for relieving muscle spasms, fighting insomnia and reducing nausea.

To be integrated into water, cannabidiol must be reduced into very small particles, equal to a millionth of their actual size, so that they can be encapsulated in water molecules.

Another advantage given by this small size is the fact that it allows the body to absorb CBD faster, making the therapeutic effects more effective.

CBD energy drinks

Taking CBD and enjoying a breath of new energy is another possibility provided by the new applications of cannabinoids.

Furthermore, CBD acts as an antagonist of THC , moderating the effects. These drinks are therefore a lifeline, especially for novice smokers.

Some American companies have created products designed to eliminate the stoned effect , which counteract the psychoactive effects of THC should they become unpleasant.

These drinks are designed as a kind of antidote to THC binges : these are carbonated drinks that contain minerals, vitamins and a high concentration of CBD useful for reducing the unwanted effects resulting from excessive consumption of cannabis.

Cannabis coffee

Cannabis coffee is an absolute novelty and apparently the balance between cannabinoids and caffeine is good for the body.

The brewing process involves soaking coffee beans in oil extracted from Sativa marijuana plants, and each cup is estimated to contain approximately 10 mg of THC.

The product is sold in some states of the USA, and the dose of THC contained in its beans is that allowed in the state of Washington: 10 mg per cup is not a small amount, but may not be enough for users accustomed to cannabinoids, who may have need a couple of cups to feel the effects.

Cannabis-based beer

The alcohol market is also opening up to cannabis derivatives. Beer lends itself very well to being integrated with cannabinoids: hemp beers are now very widespread even in Italy , while in the USA where even a beer with a high THC content has been marketed.

The so-called hemp beer is a very natural evolution of traditional beer: hops and cannabis both belong to the Cannabaceae family and the similarities between the two plants are surprising.

It is not recommended to use cannabis as a substitute for hops, but it is possible to mix the two plants to flavor the beer with cannabis terpenes, or enrich it with a light touch of CBD.

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