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Last year we hosted for some time the team of a production company from Bologna: Fufilm . They followed the processing cycle with one goal: to make a documentary film about our crops.

It was a unique experience, in some ways "strange" because it is a world we don't know but certainly a positive adventure. Some time ago they sent us the trailer of the film and also the poster, it was a great feeling to see each other again.

The film will be previewed at the 22nd edition of CinemAmbiente , one of the most important environmental themed festivals in Italy. While waiting we decided to have a chat with Gianluca Marcon , the director of the documentary.

-So Gianluca can you explain to our readers why you decided to make a film on hemp cultivation? And why ours?

“I personally know your Master Canapicultore , as you call him, but above all I have been friends with Jacopo for years, we played in the same football team in Bologna. Or rather he was the one playing with me. Then over the years we lost touch a bit, even if every now and then I heard rumors from mutual friends. Then at the end of 2017 we met by chance, he told me a little about his adventures and I was instantly fascinated and proposed making a film about his story. On his experience with Cannabis . I would have liked to tell Jacopo's travels around the world in search of discovery, but also in search of new projects. Jacopo accepted and told me to come to Abruzzo to see what you were doing. I came to know this reality and it was "love at first sight". In the sense that I found all the elements to tell a story."

-What are these elements of the story you wanted to tell?

“Basically two: the territory and the cultivation of hemp . And how much, these two things interact with each other. A wonderful territory, rich and in some ways uncontaminated but with deep structural problems, especially the lack of opportunities. And the cultivation of hemp, as a new lifeblood, which arrives in the valley, as an opportunity to revive the area. Behind Jacopo's project there are geneticists, scholars, scientists , all collaborations that I would have liked to talk about. Even patient stories. These are all interesting ideas when it comes to hemp. Until I discovered this area but also and above all the people who worked there: an exceptional team. I thought it was worth focusing on the people and the area they live in. A perspective on the relationship between man and the territory.

-Why tell a story like this?

“As mentioned, Jacopo's story is fascinating because every day he faces a different challenge . In this journey he made available to me all the emails, requests and simple curiosities that hundreds of patients ask every day . We could make a film about that alone, it's interesting what's happening in this historical moment. Then, coming to Abruzzo, I was struck above all by the willpower of the people, of the protagonists. Some for one reason, some for another, they are all there with the same dream . It is precisely the great heterogeneity behind those people that gave rise to the need in me to talk about the cultivation of hemp starting from people. And from the territory.

-What struck you most?

“The seriousness and professionalism of the people. Telling it through images I tried to characterize some of the characteristics of the characters by highlighting some details. It is impossible to cover all aspects. But I saw a really effective organization. What's behind the scenes is fundamental to your company, from a scientific and organizational point of view. Although perhaps they are not very "narrative" situations because they lend themselves little to the image. I am passionate about real cinema and I really wanted to try to "capture" people's personal and intimate moments. Starting from work, which has brought so much hope to this valley. Maybe I wore the kids out a bit, having them around me, but what certainly came out was a cross-section that was fairly faithful to reality. A reality that feels like redemption thanks to a plant that has been mistreated for too long.

-What do you expect from this adventure? How will we be able to see the film?

“We will have the Italian preview in Turin, at CinemAmbiente, then we will probably do a “festival” route. We'll see later, we're already thinking about distribution.

-What are your thoughts on hemp?

“Basically this experience confirmed my previous ideas. Hemp is like pork, nothing is thrown away . It can be built, it can be cured, it can be eaten. However, during an initial research phase I discovered some things that I didn't know, especially in this "plastic full" historical moment: fishing nets were once made of hemp . When they got ruined and it was no longer possible to repair them, they ended up at the bottom of the sea as fish food. 100% biodegradable. Well, I think we should go in this direction. If something is good/good, it should be used/developed. As well as for the therapeutic question, which is much more important.

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