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New: CBG cannabis flowers and new CBD strains

The last year has been very important for us in terms of experimentation, we wanted to keep up to date with research, which has been able to shed the right light on the numerous therapeutic properties of light cannabis.

We are finally ready to announce the release of our cannabis flowers, strictly organic, certified and grown organically, without pesticides and heavy metals.

In this article we will present our new strains with a very high CBD content and two absolute novelties with a high CBG content.

As cannabis growers, these strains are a huge win.

light cannabis The quality of Cannabis light

The qualities of industrial hemp have always been undisputed. The situation was different for light marijuana.

But finally the fact that it can be used as a natural remedy for the treatment of chronic pain and many other pathologies and that it does not have the side and psychoactive effects of THC, in short, its quality is starting to be taken for granted, as it should be. .

CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids have incredible therapeutic properties that can help treat various problems.

It is important to choose quality light cannabis and naturally it is the type of cultivation that makes the difference.

marijuana cultivation CBD as a natural pain reliever

Both cannabidiol and cannabigerol are two formidable cannabinoids, completely devoid of psychoactive effects but extremely powerful in analgesic and anti-inflammatory terms.

As most people close to the world of light cannabis will know, numerous studies on CBD have shown that, thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory properties and its surprising ability to interact with our cannabinoid system, it could be a valid alternative to very heavy drugs in the treatment of chronic pain and other pathologies.


Diva Amnesia is one of the three new varieties of legal cannabis that Terre di Cannabis is pleased to be able to offer to its customers and comes at the culmination of an intense process of research, selection and hybridization, conducted in the name of completely natural and biological.


  • Appearance : medium-sized inflorescences, long and narrow, of a forest green with shades ranging from yellow ocher to dark gold and long pale orange pistils which in some cases can envelop them.
  • Aroma and flavor : the aroma is woody with strong herbaceous notes, which then give way to vague citrus scents. These become more decisive when tasted and set the tone for a sweet and refreshing flavor with a light woody and vaguely sugary aftertaste.
  • Properties : thanks to the notable concentration of cannabidiol, Diva stands out for its energizing and at the same time pleasantly relaxing effect. It can have numerous beneficial effects. By interacting with our endocannabinoid system, CBD can in fact help to relieve muscle tension, stimulate appetite and promote the production of serotonin, helping to rebalance mood and induce sleep. This light cannabis variety can also be effective against chronic pain, rheumatism, migraines and menstrual pain. Finally, Terpinolene, to which Diva owes its woody fragrance, may have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Diva-Amnesia is free of side effects, since the THC content, in compliance with current law, does not exceed 0.2%.

Stella Purple Haze

Stella-Purple Haze is one of the three new light CBD cannabis varieties that Terre di cannabis has created through a careful selection process.

We are particularly proud of the high CBD content achieved, 22% . This makes Stella our light cannabis variety with the highest concentration of active ingredient.

purple haze

  • Appearance : the inflorescences are airy, medium in size and vaguely pyramidal in shape. Depending on the flowering, they can develop shades ranging from deep purple to magenta and be crowned with pistils of the most diverse shades of pink.
  • Smell and taste : This legal marijuana variety impresses with its pungent musky aroma which gives way to a complex bouquet of berries, red grapes and ripe fruit accompanied by a slight reverberation of freshly cut grass. On the palate Stella is very soft with a vaguely sweetish aftertaste which to some may remind some varieties of charas.
  • Properties : the high cannabidiol content - 22% - guarantees an unparalleled, extremely relaxing and relaxing effect. Stella Purple Haze can in fact prove effective in cases of stress, muscle tension and sleep disorders. Added to these properties are those contained in myrcene - the terpene responsible for the unmistakable musky notes of this light cannabis variety - particularly appreciated for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Stella-Purple Haze has a THC content of 0.2% and is therefore free of any psychoactive or doping effects.

CBG a new natural remedy

Cannabigerol is the most important cannabinoid contained in a cannabis plant because it is the one through which all other cannabinoids are synthesized, including THC and CBD.

Recent studies have demonstrated its innumerable therapeutic properties , according to the scientific community it could be a valid substitute for some excessively heavy drugs and become the main molecule for new natural-based drugs for the treatment of numerous pathologies.

A substantial CBG content is also starting to be present in cannabis varieties intended for therapeutic cannabis.

Terre di Cannabis is proud to announce that it is among the very first and very few companies to have created brand new light cannabis varieties with a high cannabigerol content.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to present them to you.

Fatal White CBG

Fatale, it is an exclusive variety with a high cannabigerol content, we are talking about 18%.

It was created with wisdom, selecting one of the terpenes, to enhance the therapeutic properties of CBG.

  • Appearance : with its full and compact buds of mixed size, it has a bright light green color with shades ranging from white to golden to orange.
  • Smell and taste : this light marijuana variety is characterized by its natural and woody aroma with notes of pine and cedar and a soft aftertaste on the palate
  • Properties : it can be used to treat chronic pain, rheumatism and menstrual pain. It can also be useful for relaxing muscles and relieving muscle tension. It stimulates the appetite and is a real must have to fight insomnia. It has no side effects or psychoactive effects and contains a THC percentage of less than 0.2% as required by current law.

Briosa Jack Frost CBG

Briosa is a TOP Quality variety, with a high CBG content, 20% and a mixture of highly valuable terpenes, which give it its unmistakable strawberry aroma.

cbg flowers
  • Appearance : its mixed-sized buds resemble the shape of an oval and are forest green in color with more or less accentuated shades from apricot to light pink.
  • Smell and taste: the scent of this strain has woody notes with hints of strawberry, which become more evident upon tasting. The flavor is fresh and tasty with a sweet and pleasant aftertaste on the palate.
  • Properties : with its 20% CBG, it interacts quickly and directly with our endocannabinoid system. It helps regulate mood, anxiety attacks, stress and symptoms of mild depression and is a real antidote against panic attacks. It could be a valid and fragrant ally to strengthen the immune system in view of the first cold weather. Ideal to be accompanied with a hot herbal tea, for a totally cozy moment.

Buying marijuana online has never been easier. Choose a 100% made in Italy light cannabis, grown organically and certified... on our website you will be spoiled for choice.

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