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Is legal cannabis found everywhere?

Light cannabis is one of the most discussed products, not to mention phenomena, of the last five years.

There is no doubt that it can be found easily and almost everywhere, but are we really always talking about quality legal marijuana?

It's been almost five years since legal weed entered our lives, but there are still things that those who buy the product don't know and that deserve to be explored further.

In this article we will go through some fundamental points, here is what we will see:

light cannabis

  • What is legal cannabis?
  • Where can I buy legal cannabis?
  • Where can you grow legal cannabis?
  • How to grow cannabis legally

What is legal cannabis?

When you think of marijuana plants it may be automatic to associate them with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and its psychotropic effect.

However, legal marijuana , despite having numerous characteristics in common with classic marijuana, does not have any psychotropic effect , therefore it does not cause any type of high.

Precisely for this reason in Italy (and not only) since 2016 it has been possible to buy, grow and sell light cannabis while remaining completely legal , as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.2%.

Let's go a little deeper. Cannabis Sativa is a plant belonging to the Cannabinaceae species, which during its growth phase produces phytocannabinoids and terpenes .

If terpenes are responsible for giving marijuana its typical aroma, phytocannabinoids are the main carriers of the active ingredient.

Among the main cannabinoids we can mention THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol).

Legal marijuana

The active ingredient underlying legal weed is CBD (cannabidiol), a cannabinoid which has the merit of having discovered the beneficial effects of marijuana to all those who wanted to approach natural products with great therapeutic properties, avoiding the given alteration with a psychotropic effect.

CBG (cannabigerol) on the other hand is a recently discovered cannabinoid , which is making its entry into the world of cannabis light in this period.

These two non-psychoactive cannabinoids have many beneficial effects in common, the most important: the ability to interact with our endocannabinoid system . It is precisely thanks to this ability that our body can benefit from the therapeutic properties of cannabis sativa.

Legal marijuana can be useful for counteracting panic attacks and mood disorders, but also chronic pain, muscle tension, intestinal disorders, glaucoma and psoriasis. Legal weed can also be useful to those who suffer from insomnia, those who want to eliminate tobacco from their habits and those who want to strengthen their immune system.

It is possible to take it in the form of inflorescences for those who love to vape , but there are various CBD-based and CBG-based products, for example crystals, oil, or e-liquids. They are all legal products, suitable for those who love taking care of themselves using only natural products .

Legal marijuana is a tangible success, especially in the pharmacological world: Epydiolex, the first CBD-based antiepileptic drug, was recently patented.

It was also and above all thanks to the synergy between light cannabis and therapeutic cannabis that after many years, the UN has finally decided to remove Cannabis sativa from the list of narcotic substances.

Marijuana cultivation Where can I buy legal cannabis?

Since it was born in 2016, the light cannabis market has taken off and has never stopped. Legal weed can be easily found in any city, there are many dedicated shops, there are even vending machines .

And of course it is possible to buy legal marijuana online and have it delivered comfortably to your home.

So there are no particular difficulties in purchasing legal cannabis , what can be complicated is having the certainty of purchasing quality legal weed .

In fact, it is not always easy to establish the origin of legal marijuana or all CBD-based products, but knowing exactly where they come from and what type of cultivation they come from is essential.

cannabis flowers

Beyond the specific quality of the variety we have chosen, we cannot fail to remember that the type of cultivation also affects the final product .

Land cultivated with pesticides and chemical additives, for example, can be very harmful both for cannabis plants and for those who then end up taking the inflorescences produced by those plants.

Likewise, chemically fertilizing marijuana plants means not only altering their active ingredient, but also transforming them from natural products with great beneficial effects to harmful and toxic products.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is post processing . Sometimes it happens that shops buy legal weed in bulk and then realize that the weed smells bad.

Unfortunately, some choose to spray artificial scents on legal marijuana to make it more aromatic and palatable. Thus the inflorescences can even be dangerous, precisely due to the addition of a chemical additive.

In short, it is important to purchase light marijuana or products based on CBD and other cannabinoids only if we are sure that they come from organic and certified agriculture.

All you need to do is do some in-depth research first. On our website, for example, in addition to our natural and 100% made in Italy products, you can discover that we grow our varieties of legal grass in a totally organic way, abolishing the use of pesticides, additives and heavy metals . And that we manage the entire production chain to guarantee constant monitoring of all our products from sowing to distribution.

This allows us to maintain very high quality standards at a competitive price.

Where can you grow legal cannabis?

As Cannabis Sativa, legal weed can be grown indoors but also outdoors.

The important thing is to choose the right variety based on the climatic and environmental conditions we have to deal with.

If we have little space available, a shorter, bushier and humidity-resistant variety may be suitable, ideal for growing indoors. If, however, we have the possibility of growing outdoors, we will opt for a variety resistant to both harsh and extremely hot climates , which also grows very tall.

cannabis flowers

Whatever type of cultivation you choose, it can be useful to remember that marijuana plants need well-drained soil . During the vegetative phase it will be necessary to ensure that nitrogen is not lacking, subsequently until flowering phosphorus and potassium will serve as nutrients.

Natural nutrients such as compost, manure and slurry can be used.

If light marijuana plants are grown outdoors, a good time to start sowing is May , so you will have your harvest in September. If, however, legal weed is grown indoors , flowering should be started at your discretion, reducing the hours of light and increasing the hours of darkness.

While it can be tempting to bring it forward, it is advisable to wait until the plant has completed its vegetative phase and established strong, healthy roots before starting flowering .

Finally, it is important to wait until all the inflorescences are ready before proceeding with harvesting and subsequent drying.

After having sufficiently dried the flowers produced by our light marijuana plants, it may be useful to keep them in a glass jar for a few weeks, so as to stabilize and intensify their aroma.

How to grow cannabis legally

Growing light hemp legally is possible and quite simple. As established by law 242 of 2016 , it is important to respect certain conditions:

  • purchase certified seeds registered in the European Union Seed Register
  • keep the seed tags and related invoices for the twelve months following sowing
  • the THC content must never exceed 0.2%

Buying certified seeds gives us several guarantees, including those of being safe from a legal point of view even when our marijuana plants have grown.

light cannabis cultivation

In fact, to be certified, the seeds must have certain characteristics: for example the high germination rate , to guarantee the good yield of the variety.

Stability , which gives us the confidence that our plants will not change in terms of active ingredient or terpene profile and that THC levels will remain below 0.2% even when the plants are adults.

By adhering to these conditions, your light marijuana plants can also be grown in plain sight on the balcony of your home . You will have nothing to fear because you will be in complete legality.

On our website, in addition to our inflorescences and our natural CBD-based products, you can also find seeds that might be right for you.

Remember that whatever product you purchase on our website, it will arrive at your home in an anonymous package . The care we have for the privacy of our customers is the same we have in protecting the personal data of those who visit our site.

If while you wait for your legal weed to grow, you want to taste some real goodies, try our brand new CBG inflorescences and take a look at the numerous varieties of CBD-based flowers, which vary in terpene profile and percentage of ingredient active.

You will be spoiled for choice.

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