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CBD hashish everything you need to know

Light cannabis is now part of our everyday life but despite this there is always a lot to discover. The world of light cannabis concentrates, for example, is not yet well known. In this article we will discover what they are, how they are extracted and how they can be used and we will focus in particular on CBD hashish , one of the light cannabis concentrates par excellence. Here's what we'll see:

    1. Cannabis concentrates: what they are and how they are extracted
    2. CBD, an overview
    3. The effects of Cannabidiol
    4. How to use CBD hash

Cannabis concentrates: what they are and how they are extracted

Concentrates are nothing more than the isolated form of some of the main components of the hemp plant. More precisely, cannabinoids , for example THC and CBD, terpenes and trichomes.

In fact, through the extraction process, which can be performed using different techniques, it is possible to isolate and separate the individual components of cannabis from the plant matter and obtain the type of concentrate we desire.

It is important to remember that cannabis concentrates as well as light cannabis concentrates by their nature have a much higher percentage of active ingredient, containing many more cannabinoids, around 90% , compared to those contained in the flowers of the hemp plant.

A concentrate with a high THC content can cause much stronger psychotropic effects than smoked or vaporized marijuana, so it is important to use it with awareness and responsibility . It is obvious that the extraction methods can also be used in the field of light cannabis and therapeutic cannabis to create concentrates based on cannabidiol with a high active ingredient, so as to enhance their beneficial effects.

The main difference between the types of concentrate lies in the type of extraction, we essentially distinguish two types:

  • Solventless extraction : This is a natural extraction, all techniques for producing hash fall into this category. Techniques such as dry sifting or hand rubbing , with which it is possible to obtain concentrates such as hashish and charas, involve the use of heat and pressure alone. In the case of bubble hash , the technique involves processing at a very low temperature and the use of ice and water, which is not considered a solvent.
  • Solvent extraction : Solvents are able to make a substance go from a solid state to a liquid state. The most frequently used are carbon dioxide, butane, propane and alcohol. The products obtained through this type of processing are called extracts and depending on the solvent that is used, a certain type of extract will be obtained. What changes is essentially the consistency of the product.

The most common extracts are oil and waxes , from the softest and creamiest ones such as budder to the harder and glassy ones such as shutter.

This type of extraction must be carried out by trained professionals and cannot be improvised. Inexperience can cause real damage to the product but potentially also to ourselves.

If you feel like experimenting with do-it-yourself, therefore, forget about extraction with solvents (if you are not an experienced chemist, of course) and instead try to produce some legal hashish , with some beautiful buds grown in natural organic way or if you are lucky, with some light cannabis leaf scraps that your grower friend gave you.

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CBD, an overview

It is one of the main cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant and unlike THC it has no psychoactive effects and no unpleasant side effects .

Isolated and studied for the first time in 1942, cannabidiol became the subject of various scientific research starting in 1980, when it was clear that its active ingredient, coming into contact with our endocannabinoid system, could be very useful for counteracting and alleviating symptoms of various pathologies.

To date, it is the first active ingredient of therapeutic cannabis , which together with light cannabis is gaining the dignity and value it deserves on a global level.

The effects of cannabidiol

Cannabidiol interacts with our endocannabinoid system , in particular with the central and peripheral nervous system, rebalancing its functions. For this reason it has proven effective in the treatment of various physical and mental disorders.

It is no coincidence that medical cannabis, despite having modest levels of THC, is based on cannabidiol. It is used in case of chronic pain , for menstrual pain and migraines.

It is known for its anti-inflammatory action , effective against rheumatism and muscle pain not only in humans but also in dogs and cats to which it can be administered in the form of oil .

It also has a calming effect, promotes sleep and is particularly useful in treating anxiety disorders and mild states of depression.

It is used as a muscle relaxant , not only in the case of normal muscle pain but also in cases of very serious pathologies such as multiple sclerosis . It seems that by taking cannabidiol, patients can find benefits in the reduction of muscle spasms.

Furthermore, CBD is particularly useful in alleviating the symptoms of substance addiction and helps counteract the side effects of THC.

How to use CBD hash

As we have seen, CBD hashish is a concentrate obtained from the processing of light cannabis flowers , it has THC levels lower than the limits permitted by law, which is why it is completely legal.

Unless you want to experiment with producing legal do-it-yourself hashish, know that different varieties can be found in dedicated grow shops or even in online shops. It is sold as a raw material and is absolutely free of psychotropic effects.

Before purchasing it, always make sure that it comes from certified cultivation.

Choosing certified quality is what makes the difference, not only when we buy legal hashish but also when we choose hemp seeds or inflorescences.

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Quality first of all. To recognize quality legal hashish, keep an eye on the color . Depending on the processing it can be brown in colour, from very light brown to very dark brown up to black.

The intensity of the color depends on the production technique, the important thing is that it has no green parts and there are no residues of plant matter.

A good way to understand if we are dealing with a good product is to heat a small piece of it on the flame : the more "bubbles" it presents, the more we will guarantee a quality hashish rich in active ingredients. To use it, all we have to do is heat it, chop it and prepare the mixture for our light cannabis joint .

Hashish is certainly not the most suitable raw material if you want to avoid combustion, which as is known can cause harmful side effects. You may decide you want to vaporize your cannabidiol or dilute it in water or herbal tea.

In this case a good CBD oil, which has recently been very popular in the treatment of various pathological conditions. or ane-liquid with a high percentage of CBD, absolutely nicotine-free and excellent for vaping, could be right for you.

On our website, Terre di Cannabis, you will find various alternatives , all made in specialized laboratories and certified in terms of purity and safety.

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