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Greenhouse: how to grow marijuana

What exactly is greenhouse cultivation? In this article we will deal with it. Here's what we'll see specifically :

  • What do you need to know for perfect greenhouse cultivation?
  • What is the green house
  • Grow in a greenhouse
  • Types of greenhouse
  • Green house in extreme climatic conditions
  • Difference between indoor/outdoor/greenhouse cultivation
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What do you need to know for perfect greenhouse cultivation?

Deciding to grow cannabis is the beginning of a long journey. It is certainly decision zero, but it must be followed by many other choices, which will affect the quantity of the harvest and the quality of the grass produced .

The next decision is whether to grow your cannabis outdoors, indoors or in a greenhouse . As in all things, the choice to proceed indoors, outdoors or greenhouses also has its pros and cons.

It all depends on the area you live in and its temperature , time and space available . For the outdoors , the area chosen is also important, since a flowering cannabis cultivation could be conspicuous and attract prying eyes.

What is the greenhouse

Growing cannabis with the greenhouse technique is a sort of compromise, an almost perfect synthesis between outdoor and indoor .

Outdoor cultivation is certainly the oldest and most economical, and has always been used for the growth of almost all plant species. Outdoors it is more difficult to control the factors that can influence the growth of the plant , so it will grow according to the weather conditions .

Indoor cultivation, on the other hand, is based on scientific principles and allows you to keep the growth factors of the plant under control , in exchange for a huge economic investment.

Cultivation in a green house, i.e. in a greenhouse , allows you to enjoy the strengths of both cultivation techniques.

Plants grown in a greenhouse can enjoy both protection received from the greenhouse cover, but at the same time also from the open air, light and heat of the sun .

It is no coincidence that most experts consider this combination to be the ideal future for the growth of light cannabis .

By greenhouse we mean a house for plants, in fact a greenhouse , a structure covered by a transparent roof , which maintains the right humidity inside and the ideal climatic conditions for cannabis plants to grow at their best.

Without being exposed to the elements but benefiting from a certain number of hours of natural light .

Most experts see this type of cultivation as the ideal future of cannabis growth. We are talking above all about light cannabis , which is finding more and more space in Italy, creating millions of jobs and helping to raise awareness of the extraordinary and numerous therapeutic capabilities of the active ingredients that compose it.

Non-psychoactive but extremely beneficial cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD ) and cannabigerol (CBG).

According to data from Humboldt Seeds there are more than 30,000 active greenhouses which are disrupting the entire cannabis industry.

Choosing the most suitable type of structure is essential to recreate an environment that satisfies the needs of the plant, making the most of the space available.

To obtain a good yield and make the most of the advantages of a greenhouse, it is essential to know the climatic calendar of your area, thanks to which it is possible to estimate sowing and harvesting times.

In warmer climates, less maintenance is required and temperatures are more stable in spring and autumn, while summer heat could negatively affect the growth and development of the plant.

Colder and more humid climates require more attention in insulating the structure.

In air conditioning systems and in controlling the lengthening of light periods at the beginning of the season, when climatic conditions are less predictable and the position of the sun is less advantageous.

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Grow in a greenhouse 

The greenhouse is the simplest and safest cultivation method for obtaining cannabis plants rich in lush inflorescences.

In fact it is a greenhouse about three meters high and spacious enough to accommodate the number of plants we intend to grow.

Inside a greenhouse, marijuana plants are protected from cold, rain, wind and hail but also from parasites and other natural predators .

Furthermore, growing inside the greenhouse keeps the plants away from humidity and this guarantees the production of compact and mature inflorescences.

If on the one hand they are protected, on the other they benefit from many hours of natural light for many hours of the day.

Some types of greenhouse have a darkening system that allows you to guarantee multiple annual harvests , as if it were an indoor cultivation.

Most experts consider this combination to be a fundamental element that should be the basis of cannabis cultivation.

To ensure more than one annual harvest it will be necessary to choose the right varieties to choose based on the meteorological conditions of the place where we intend to grow.

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Types of greenhouse

There are many types of greenhouses on the market, but these are more or less sophisticated versions of the two main types of greenhouse: the double-pitch greenhouse and the tunnel greenhouse with PVC structure.

The double-pitched greenhouse:

It has a shape similar to that of a house and a notable height. It's important to keep the heat under control, since hot air tends to build up at the top of the greenhouse, causing a bottleneck effect.

We recommend installing a ventilation system at the top to eliminate hot air.

Tunnel greenhouses:

with PVC pipe structures are composed of arch-shaped tubes that go from one side to the other, creating a tunnel. There are dozens of models, which differ in length, width and height.

They are the most used greenhouses, because they make it easier to control the temperature and ventilation . The side walls have an important role that should not be underestimated as they can significantly affect the result.

If the shape of the arch reaches the floor, the useful height is significantly reduced near the edge; while if the side walls are higher they could lead to a more symmetrical harvest, regardless of the structure of the greenhouse.

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Greenhouse in extreme climate conditions

To ensure that the greenhouse is productive in the most extreme environmental conditions, some factors must be taken into consideration.

For example, in extreme conditions, excessive relative humidity can cause the formation of water droplets on the leaves, resulting in the proliferation of diseases or fungi , while excessive heat causes the fruit to shrivel. and interrupts its growth.

Other times conditions outside the greenhouse negatively affect the natural ventilation process.

The key to guarantee over time quality, quantity and profitability lies in the knowledge of these conditions and their impact, as well as the ability to maintain control over them.

These and other difficulties encountered in a greenhouse can be resolved by installing an adequate climate control system , capable of guaranteeing perfect conditions for plant growth.

Hot climates require abundant air flow, as the stomata on the undersides of leaves tend to close with excessive temperatures or humidity levels, or with stagnant air.

Insufficient air could negatively affect growth and cause problems .

Cold climates, however, can make growing conditions even more extreme and damage plants more. Heat is a key factor in early plant growth.

To start in the best way, constant control of heat and light is necessary , which can be achieved by taking into consideration the solar calendar thanks to which the decrease in the hours of light available can be calculated and by scrupulously observing a two-crop cultivation method. cycles.

Difference between indoor/outdoor/greenhouse cultivation

It is not true that one cultivation method is as good as another, we will need to carefully choose how to grow our cannabis plants, first of all based on the weather conditions of the place where we intend to grow , then based on the space available and of course the variety of cannabis or light hemp that we have chosen.

If we have the chance, experimenting with all three cultivation methods can be stimulating and satisfying.

There are three methods for growing cannabis:

Outdoor cultivation :

outdoor or open-air cultivation can be considered the oldest cultivation method, both for cannabis plants and for plants in general.

It is an extremely natural method, which involves following the natural cycle of light and dark hours of the seasons. Depending on the variety, sowing is carried out between April and June so as to have a guaranteed first flowering at the end of September and you are lucky to get a second flowering before the first cold weather.

Outdoor cultivation performs best in favorable climatic conditions, a Mediterranean climate and sufficient temperature variations are essential to ensure optimal growth.

It is important to make sure you have the necessary space for the plants to grow and if you are not growing legal marijuana, make sure you have tolerant neighbors who do not reserve any unpleasant surprises.

Indoor cultivation :

as the name suggests, it is a cultivation method to be carried out indoors using artificial lamps to guarantee the hours of light for the cannabis plants.

With this method flowering can be induced over and over again , however it is important to ensure an adequate ventilation system . It is a method that allows for regular flowering and if practiced with due care, offers a quality product all year round.

However, both the ventilation system and the lamps, with the related expense of electricity, are an important investment, which is why this method should only be chosen if you are sure of being able to constantly monitor your plants and maintain all the necessary equipment.

Cultivation in greenhouse :

it is a bit like the perfect synthesis between the two previous cultivation methods. It is to all intents and purposes a greenhouse, therefore an indoor cultivation, which however normally follows the natural light-dark cycle like outdoor cultivation.

It is clear that artificial light can also be used in the greenhouse to ensure more flowering , but the strength of the greenhouse lies in its ability to protect the plants from bad weather while still guaranteeing them a certain number of hours of natural light.

It is important that the plants have sufficient space, the greenhouse box must therefore be chosen only after having established the number and variety of cannabis plants.

Choosing between indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation is not a simple choice and it is important to consider the various factors mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph: cannabis variety, weather conditions and available space .

Terre di Cannabis produces the best light marijuana by experimenting with all three cultivation methods while maintaining a single constant:

We say no to the use of chemical additives, pesticides and heavy metals and promote organic and natural agriculture which allows us to offer you completely organic inflorescences , 100% made in Italy.

Take a look at our website where you can buy light marijuana in maximum safety and legality.

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