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The effects of marijuana: high and stoned

How many times have you heard "You're out of tune" or "You're pumped up"? Do you know what that means? Do you know the effects of marijuana on our body? High and stoned are two things you should know then. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. How marijuana affects our body
  2. High effect: what happens?
  3. Stoned effect
  4. Indica and sativa: is it possible to control the effect of cannabis?
  5. THC and dopamine: a lot of false beliefs
  6. High and CBD
  7. How to manage the effects of cannabis

Cannabis light

How marijuana affects our body

The effects of marijuana vary from person to person. Two smokers will never experience the same sensations, even from the same substance. If the effects of cannabis are in no way universal on a subjective level, on an objective level they are essentially of two types: high and stoned.

Italian doesn't have two words to diversify the effects of the cannabis high, English does.

By high we mean that feeling of lightness and mental liveliness that you feel as soon as you take cannabis; suddenly you are active, you want to dance or walk and you are in the grip of galloping creativity. We speak of stoned when the effect is instead that of bodily and mental numbness.

High effect: what happens?

We talk about high to indicate the more positive effects of marijuana on the human body. As soon as it is taken, the substance generates a widespread sensation of psycho-physical well-being, a state of mental and physical euphoria, which pushes us to dance or be active wherever we are.

The high effect also brings a seemingly inexhaustible flow of creativity : there are many artists who have publicly declared themselves fans of the cannabis plant, from Shakespeare to Lady Gaga. Who hasn't felt like they had a brilliant idea after taking cannabis?

Light cannabis cultivation

Stoned effect

The stoned effect brings completely different sensations to the cannabis smoker from those described for the "high". The energizing and stimulating effects give way to an enveloping sensation of relaxation . The consumer tends to sink into a lethargic state, without any desire to move. Not everyone likes to feel "stoned".

Many people experience this effect badly and become anxious, making the situation worse. If you choose a type of cannabis that gives the "stoned" effect, the smoker's goal is to relax, without the real need to interact with others, but simply to savor the calming and enveloping effects of the herb.

Indica and sativa: is it possible to control the effect of cannabis?

Marijuana is divided into two large varieties: indica and sativa . Scholars are not yet on the scientific nature of indica and sativa; for some they are two different plants, for others two varieties of the same plant. What is certain is that the effects resulting from taking indica or sativa cannabis are very different. At a genetic level, the plants themselves are very different and it is thought that they can even be used to treat different pathologies. It is now very rare to come across a 100% indica or sativa strain, but it is still possible to purchase seeds with pure genetics.

Marijuana has been genetically bred to create thousands of other strains , varying in appearance, smell, and of course, effects. The reasons are strictly commercial: by hybridizing different varieties, we have achieved ever greater simplicity in cultivation, but also a range of perfectly identifiable and controllable effects.

From a morphological point of view, Indica cannabis is characterized by the typical broad leaf , while Sativa cannabis has a slender leaf , which is represented in a pop key as a "marijuana leaf". Indica plants are short and branched , and are best suited to indoor growing. Indica buds tend to grow in dense clusters around the stem and branches, with relatively small spaces between each cluster.

Sativa plants, on the other hand, are tall, slender and less dense , they are usually grown outdoors because they can reach up to 5 meters in height. Sativa buds are usually larger than Indica ones, precisely because they develop along the entire length of the branch.

Cannabis plants are grown all over the world, but indica originally came from the Hindu Kush region of the Middle East, Turkey, Morocco and Afghanistan, while sativa was typical of equatorial areas, Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and the Southeast Asian.

Indica has a sedative and relaxing effect while Sativa has a stimulating and euphoric effect. Indica consumption is felt on a physical level, the effects are perfect if our goal is to spend a quiet evening, perhaps on the sofa listening to music. The consumption of Sativa is instead suitable for those who need to stimulate creativity and want to concentrate or rush.

The consumption of Indica can even have soporific effects in high doses, while Sativa in strong concentrations can give almost psychedelic effects, however not comparable to those of LSD.

Legal cannabis

THC and dopamine: a lot of false beliefs

For more than forty years, scientists have linked the high to the interaction between THC and dopamine . Here's how the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains the high :

“THC, acting through cannabinoid receptors, also activates the brain's reward system, which includes regions that govern the response to healthy pleasurable behaviors such as sex and eating. Like most other substances of abuse, THC stimulates neurons in the reward system to release the signaling chemical dopamine at higher levels than typically observed in response to natural stimuli. This flood of dopamine contributes to the pleasure high that marijuana users seek.”

Today things have changed a bit. Studies in animal models supported the aforementioned theory, while numerous human studies suggest that at best, cannabis consumption produces only a modest amount of dopamine , as opposed to other stimulant substances such as cocaine and amphetamines.

In 2015, researchers at King's College London conducted a systematic review of all published studies – 25, to be exact – and said that in humans there is “no direct evidence to suggest that cannabis use affects Acute striatal dopamine release or influences chronic state of dopamine receptors in healthy volunteers” .

High and CBD

Light marijuana, now widespread in all Italian cities, is legal precisely because it contains only CBD and is free of THC , which is responsible for the high and stoned sensations. Legal cannabis contains a very small amount of THC (< 0.2%) and variable concentrations of CBD . It is still cannabis sativa, but - being free of THC - it cannot in any way generate the so-called "high".


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a substance contained in the cannabis plant, and belongs to the class of cannabinoids . Cannabis contains two active ingredients: THC, which is responsible for its psychoactive effect and CBD, which has the ability to amplify and regulate the effects of THC and other cannabinoids.

CBD is a versatile and precious substance, rich in beneficial properties: it has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, neuroprotective, anticonvulsant and anxiolytic effects and is used in the treatment of many diseases. The effects of light marijuana are therefore very mild and attributable to a generalized sensation of relaxation .

How to manage the effects of cannabis?

The effects of cannabis last a few hours. Not everyone – especially at the beginning – is comfortable with the effects of cannabis. Above all, the feeling of stoned causes some people to feel unwell which, with the right precautions, can disappear in a short time.

Don't panic! The effect is temporary and you never killed anyone. Don't worry, take a breath of fresh air and try not to think about it.

Hydrate yourself. Marijuana tends to dry out the mouth. If you're not used to it, it might "weird" you. It is important to drink water and sugary drinks, such as fruit juice.

Try walking. Getting your body moving and breathing in the fresh air can help. Walking is a mechanical action that will allow you to distract yourself.

If you really need a drastic measure, smell or chew a few black peppercorns. Cannabis and black pepper are distant cousins ​​and their combined effect instills a pleasant feeling of calm in our brain. It's the perfect remedy to fight paranoia!

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