Il mercato della cannabis light

Cannabis light: an evolving market

The light cannabis market is constantly evolving. Since the legalization of low-THC cannabis inflorescences in January 2017, business has taken off : new stores are opening like mushrooms, especially in big cities, but the province is also starting to catch up. These are not just single or multi brand sales points; legal marijuana is now sold in bars and in many tobacconists and in dedicated vending machines, active 24 hours a day. Specifically we will see:

  1. Cannabis light: is it really legal?
  2. Which are the numbers?
  3. Cannabis light and therapeutic cannabis
  4. Marketing
  5. What are the best-known brands?
Light marijuana

Cannabis light: is it really legal?

The answer is yes. In Italy , light marijuana is legal thanks to law 242/2016 on the cultivation and supply chain of hemp. To better understand the topic, the initial passage to article 1 is decisive, which speaks of hemp as a

“a crop capable of contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact in agriculture, the reduction of land consumption and desertification and the loss of biodiversity, as well as a crop to be used as a possible substitute for surplus crops and as a rotation crop”.

This is cannabis sativa with a very low THC content (< 0.2%), and in particular the rule "applies to hemp cultivations of the permitted varieties registered in the Common Catalog of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species , pursuant to the article 17 of Council Directive 2002/53/EC of 13 June 2002, which do not fall within the scope of application of the consolidated law on the regulation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances".

While the law was intended to protect growers, it makes no mention of flowers. To produce "light" cannabis , which maintains the properties of cannabidiol but without the psychoactive effects of THC, industrial hemp inflorescences are used. Already present in the official list of seeds that can be cultivated in Italy, therefore with a THC content lower than the legal limit.

An important innovation of law 242/2016 is contained in article 2, according to which the cultivation of legal hemp "is permitted without the need for authorization" , but following specific obligations (article 3): "The grower has the obligation to conserve of the labels of the seed purchased for a period of no less than twelve months. He also has the obligation to keep the seed purchase invoices for the period required by current legislation". In short, at every check you must have this documentation immediately available.

Which are the numbers?

Legal hemp is a new frontier, which in recent years has attracted hundreds of thousands of Italians: according to Coldiretti the estimated turnover is over 40 million euros , which develops both in actual shops and on the internet . This is not just a small revolution on a cultural level, but the birth of a real commercial sector, both at an agricultural and distribution level.

In the space of 5 years, the land cultivated with hemp has increased 10 times (for various uses, not just for the "light" version): from 400 hectares in 2013 to almost 4,000 estimated for 2018, again according to Coldiretti .

Despite being a product " for technical use, not suitable for combustion" (as stated in the law), the sale of Cannabis Light has recorded considerable success. Nowadays there are more than 600 points of sale where it is possible to purchase light cannabis. Public opinion seems to have appreciated the legislative measure that would "legalize" the consumption of light cannabis. Parents argue that it could be a valid, less harmful and less dangerous alternative to "classic" marijuana.

Cannabis light
Cannabis light and therapeutic cannabis

Access to light cannabis is free, it can be sold without particular authorizations, unlike therapeutic cannabis . Medical cannabis can be purchased in authorized dispensaries, only upon medical prescription . As already provided for by the Consolidated Law on Drugs 309 of 1990, the substance can be cultivated with the authorization of an ad hoc national body.

Following an agreement between the Ministries of Health and Defense in September 2014, the inflorescences for galenic preparations can be produced in the Military Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant of Florence where, after an experimental phase of a couple of years, a genetic of cannabis called FM2.

The Ministry of Health underlines that, since these cannabis-based preparations do not have authorized therapeutic indications, «The doctor must obtain the patient's consent to the treatment and specify in the prescription the particular needs that justify the use of the extemporaneous prescription. In the prescription, the doctor transcribes, without reporting the patient's personal details, a link to archive data in his possession which allows, in the event of a request from the health authority, to trace the identity of the patient treated".


The shops and websites dedicated to light cannabis have much fewer limitations. The packages are sold sealed, without defects or breakages, and free of seeds. Each package must contain the results of the analyzes which confirm the absence of THC in excess of 0.2% and the words "for technical use only". In fact, light marijuana cannot be sold as a combustion product; light cannabis inflorescences can only be legally used to prepare infusions and cosmetic or food products.

For some time now, light hemp vending machines have also become widespread : similar in every way to the classic vending machines we find in schools or offices, this type of light marijuana vending machine works in the exact same way. We insert the coins, type the number relating to the variety of hemp we want to purchase and collect the product together with the rest.

What are the best-known brands?

There are many legal marijuana varieties and there are also more and more companies that grow and market the product: these are high quality cannabis sativa, with variable CBD levels and THC levels below 0.2%. The psychoactive effects of the "joint" are therefore banned, in favor of a general and brief sense of relaxation. These are products checked throughout the supply chain, certified and sold in sealed packages.

Here is a list of some of the major players in this brand new business.

Mary Moonlight

Mary Moonlight has one objective: to restore dignity to hemp, a fabulous plant with countless industrial and therapeutic uses, enhancing hemp with a low THC content. It produces three different organically grown varieties, both in chopped format and in whole flowers for Mary Moonlight.

Easy Joint

Easyjoint is currently the most widespread light cannabis brand in Italy. He is among the pioneers of the cultivation and distribution of light cannabis, and has always been active also on the cultural level of raising awareness towards the use of hemp. For now, there are four different varieties put on the market by Easy Joint, one of which is completely organic produced in Sicily. The selling price is 17 euros for the 8 gram jar for all varieties except "Sendless Nova", which is distributed at 23 euros for 5 grams.

Cannabis light

Legal Weed

The project was born from the collaboration of international experts in the Cannabis sector dealing with Cannabis Light. The products are obtained from indoor and outdoor cultivation of organic Cannabis selected from the varieties certified and authorized for cultivation in Europe. Many varieties are already distributed by the Legal Weed brand: 5 types of light cannabis and 6 of hashish with legal THC content, all with prices between 27 and 38 euros for the 2.5 gram pack.

Ganesh CBD

Ganesh CBD offers only well-selected flowers, rich in terpenes and CBD at an affordable price (20 euros for 2gr for the indoor line, 2.2gr for the green house line and 2.5gr for the outdoor one). There are seven varieties currently present on the site, distributed at many retailers. On the site, all strains are accompanied by analyzes carried out at authorized laboratories, which guarantee the percentages of CBD and THC.

CBD Weed

Cbweed was born from the love and passion for Cannabis Light. Select only Top Quality Cannabis with a high CBD content and a THC content within the legal limits. CBD Weed is present on the market with five different varieties of legal cannabis, all from organic cultivation and sold in whole, unshredded buds. Each variety is sold both in packs of two grams (around 21 euros) and 5 grams (around 50 euros).

Cannabis light

Green Lab

The Trentino company Green Lab presents itself on the market with five different types of highly selected cannabis, with great attention to flavor and smell. Tyson reminiscent of exotic fruits; O'Green with a subtle and earthy fragrance; Primo Brown N.1 with a sweet aroma, with a pungent aftertaste of lemon and berries; Unleashed Bull with hints of citrus and Mediterranean fruits and Yoshi with a pungent and spicy flavour. Green Lab has also developed the powdered extracts of the O' Green and Raging Bull varieties, sifting the inflorescences by hand.


Verdesativa is a pioneer company in Italy in the production of BIO Eco Cosmetics based on Sativa Hemp: it was the first Italian company to re-introduce the cultivation of hemp in 1999. For over 18 years it has invested its resources in researching formulas that respect the environment and consumer health.


Annabis is a medical and cosmetics company based in the Czech Republic. It deals with the research, development, production and sale of hemp products and its supplements in the nutritional sector. It offers quality products with a broad spectrum of use.


The brand proudly defines itself as "professionally artisanal": it studies, formulates and creates all its products strictly in Italy, trying to take the best that nature offers.


Ecopassion stands for high-quality hemp products. Ecopassion products are made in an organically sustainable manner and provide the best that the whole plant has to offer.

Cannabis light

In addition to these, there are many other brands on the market: Legal Cannabis (with numerous varieties of inflorescences and shredded products on the market). Easy Cannabis (organic inflorescences in both raw and seedless varieties). Maria Light (with hemp grown without additives and marketed by the Italy Hemp agricultural company, both in chopped format and in whole flowers). Montana hemp (with Carmagnola hemp varieties grown naturally in the Piedmont mountains). Swiss Cannabis (Swiss company with a variety with certified CBD over 5% and with varieties of inflorescences also sold in 1 kg packs). Hemp Farm Italia (from the province of Teramo, with outdoor and natural varieties of Carmagnola, Villanova and Virtus inflorescences).

According to a recent study, the Italian "Cannabis light" market currently guarantees around 1,000 stable jobs and 6 million a year in tax revenues for the State.

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