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What is cannabis light? The voice of the people

When we talk about Cannabis light , its properties and its characteristics there is always the risk of not having the complete picture of the situation. In this historical moment, in which the legal cannabis market has exploded and the debate on legalization is on the agenda, there is a strong risk of falling into the rhetoric of prejudice, misunderstanding, confusion, without actually having available, all the information to acquire objective knowledge on the topic.

Learning about Cannabis

To provide some clarity, and to understand how well Cannabis light was really known among people, we decided to carry out a survey, selecting a random sample of people: 50 men and 50 women divided into different age groups, social classes, by asking them several multiple choice questions. In some cases, to have a heterogeneous base of interviewees, we had them complete a questionnaire anonymously, in others we carried out interviews, in still others (especially with elderly people) we filled out the questionnaire under dictation. Each circumstance was rich and useful, and some truly interesting numbers emerged that are worth commenting on.

One of the data that immediately catches the eye: 60% declare that they know the difference between the various types of Cannabis and know how to distinguish their characteristics (some boasting a past as a smoker) even if only 3% demonstrated that they actually know the differences between this plant. Significant element that demonstrates how specific knowledge of Cannabis is very low in reality.

Another important fact: 22% of the people interviewed have heard of CBD , as the main active ingredient present in Cannabis light . Of these, 17 people have heard of it but do not know its uses and properties. Only people over 65 had never heard of it. This data says, on the one hand, that little information is always the most relevant data, on the other hand that older people, probably without access to the internet and social media, have very little chance of accessing basic information.

5% of people frequently take Cannabis light and have a profound knowledge of CBD and its properties. Of these, 3 are former THC users , 2 are both THC and CBD users. Furthermore, of the total 5%, 2 are athletes who use CBD as a natural supplement.

Another significant figure: 52% constantly take sedatives/anxiolytics prescribed by doctors. Of these 52 people, 48 would be willing to change therapy with a natural remedy because they are aware of not having any disease but would still like not to suffer from stress and eliminate the dependence on a chemical derivative. 4, on the other hand, want to be satisfied with their medicinal therapy.

For 2%, cannabis light is like cannabis: a drug. Those who use it should go to jail as well as those who sell it. Including the new shops that are popping up like mushrooms.

45% say they are in favor of the legalization of Cannabis , 20% say they are in favor of therapeutic regulation , 5% are against any form of regularization while 30% are indifferent or cannot express an opinion on the matter.

These are generally the data we have collected, an analysis that first of all makes us think and then tells us one clear thing: information is lacking. In collecting these voices we have felt the pulse of people and in some cases there have been real incidents that are worth telling.

CBD dragees

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