Cannabis light, essiccazione e concia

How to recognize quality cannabis light.

In this article we will talk to you about how it is possible to recognize quality cannabis, the characteristics and specifications to understand if we are dealing with a good product. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. Quality matters
  2. I wait
  3. Odor
  4. Packaging
  5. Aroma
  6. Effects

Cannabis light

Quality matters

We at Terre di Cannabis are a company that pays great attention to the quality of our products, we think that only through this type of guarantee can we put on the market and offer people the best light Cannabis inflorescences . For us, quality is a starting point but also a mission: we want to fight to raise awareness and stimulate other producers who, with ever greater diffusion, present themselves on this new legal hemp market. More and more people are approaching the benefits of CBD but are we sure that people know how to recognize a quality light cannabis product ? Let's try to summarize, to identify a good quality product you need to keep in mind five key words:

I wait

Appearances can be deceiving, sometimes. Hemp sativa is sold in the form of inflorescences that have been removed from the plant and left to dry for a specific period of time. The flowers must have a natural color, without having lost their essence. Cannabis must be dried from the humid components (H2O), the size of the flowers is important to establish when a product is premium quality , a good "bud", large, fat and compact presents itself well to the eye and immediately gives a good sensation.

Cannabis light


The olfactory test is decisive. When light cannabis inflorescences have a strong pungent odor, they are a good product.

In fact, Cannabis has the great ability to produce many substances in its life cycle but above all during flowering during which various molecules are born such as terpenes , flavonoids and many other Cannabinoids that characterize sativa hemp and have various properties.

You will therefore be able to smell in your flowers flavors of citrus, evergreen, mango and other odors typical of the various multitudes of genetics of this plant and which in nature serve to keep insects, herbivorous animals and other infesting elements away. The stronger the smell of a flower, released after a brief pressure with your fingers, the more likely you are dealing with quality hemp.


The packaging is convincing. The packaging always hides the truth, on the one hand there is the "image", the brand, the marketing declinations of presentation of the package, on the other the specific product indications given. The higher quality a Cannabis is, the more detailed and detailed the information will be on the package ( %Cbd, %Thc, etc.) ; a serious producer makes available to its customers all the possible information that certifies the quality guarantee of its Cannabis light .

Cannabis light


Feeling is important. The perceived flavour, the perceived aroma, the aftertaste on the palate are all pleasant sensations, like enjoying a good glass of wine, or an oyster on the seashore. The pleasure of taking CBD, under the best possible conditions, is one of the things most sought after by customers, especially for true connoisseurs who have previous experience with the use of Cannabis .


Wellbeing first of all. The perceived effect is fundamental, we will understand if taking Cannabis inflorescences is legal it will have had the desired effects, which is the fundamental reason that pushes a hypothetical user to use it: stress, insomnia, lack of appetite and other symptoms that are alleviated thanks to the use of Cannabis . The more these symptoms are reduced, thanks to the use of legal Cannabis, the more you will have purchased a quality product.

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