Coltivazione marijuana biologica

Growing marijuana naturally

Organic farming has long been the choice of most people interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Since light cannabis has been normally distributed in Italy and other countries, the agricultural market has grown significantly and will grow equally significantly. However, it is important to be aware that there is a big difference between products that are grown naturally and those that are not. In this article we will discover something more about organic cultivation, here is what we will see:

  • Green cannabis cultivation?
  • Grow cannabis while respecting the environment and territory
  • Only natural products
  • The Terre di Cannabis method
Cannabis light

Green cannabis cultivation? 

Since light cannabis became legal , many have decided to specialize to become growers of this variety of cannabis and in fact it has become a thriving market . Still in great development, which has created many jobs and which has given a great positive shock to the economy of the countries that have fought to distribute it.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said with certainty that many growers automatically choose natural and green plant development. Although there is now a great deal of information on cannabis cultivation, the temptation to quickly obtain cannabis plants with large and abundant flowers is so strong for some that they tolerate the use of chemical fertilizers , which can be extremely harmful. Not only for the environment, but also for the product itself.

Choosing to grow cannabis organically means respecting the natural rhythms of the earth as much as possible, allowing the plants to grow healthy and strong. Without the use of chemical additives , but with the sole aid of naturally beneficial products and fertilisers.

Let's see what must not be missing for green cultivation:

  • Quality organic soil : it is important to ensure a 100% organic substrate , not to be taken for granted at all. In the last century, in fact, due to intensive agriculture and the unbridled use of chemical substances, the fertility and goodness of the soil have been seriously compromised. However, it is essential that the soil is in excellent health, to ensure the best development of the plants, as well as the guarantee of an extremely high quality final product.
  • Composting : nourishing the soil in a natural way is the second essential step for respectable organic cultivation. It is important to use only organic material such as animal manure and compostable food waste as well as some containers made of entirely compostable material. It is important to create a compost that differs in nutrients and contains the three magic colors in equal parts: white (pasta, bread, eggshells), green (vegetable and salad scraps, foliage, twigs) and brown (coffee grounds). , fruit peels such as apples, pears and bananas). Once all the organic material has been collected, we will have to wait for its decomposition , which the microorganisms will take care of.
  • Limit water use : cannabis plants need to be well hydrated but it is important not to waste water and organize yourself with water systems that help save water and energy.
  • Quality cannabis seeds : our seeds must come from a careful selection of certified mother plants , or even be hybridized by our trusted hemp grower, in case we are a specialized company or in the lucky case in which our cousin Pinco is a cannabis seed breeding expert.
  • Goodbye to chemical fertilizers : arming yourself with a little patience and using only naturally fertilizing and nutritious products is one of the mantras of organic cultivation.

Cannabis flower

Grow cannabis while respecting the environment and territory

Growing cannabis while respecting the environment and the territory means first of all knowing them perfectly in order to choose the varieties to grow also based on the environmental conditions . Secondly, it is important to respect all the points listed in the previous paragraph.

Although the organic cultivation par excellence is outdoor cultivation, these tips are also valid if you grow indoors. In this case, however, we still pay attention to respecting the environment and the territory by trying to let the cannabis plants go through at least an entire cycle without anticipating the flowering phase and generally avoiding 24 hours of light , which would not exist in nature. never. This will allow us to also be sustainable in the use of electricity , especially if we choose low consumption LED lamps .

For the supply of water, it may be advisable to organize ourselves with rainwater collectors or manual or automated irrigation systems, which allow economic and above all energy savings.

Let's not forget to alternate crops around our plants. In addition to helping them grow healthy as we will see, the rotation will help us save many bees, who during flowering will find an ideal habitat to recover from the stress caused by intensive agriculture, which has played and continues to play an important role in the extinction of these insects so important for the ecosystem.

Cannabis light

Only natural products

To obtain good organic cannabis, it is forbidden to use chemical additives and heavy metals . It is better to choose only natural products to nourish the soil, there are many alternatives and we can use them for all phases of plant development.

To nourish the soil it is possible to choose and alternate between animal manure and DIY compost , which as we have seen is easily achievable starting from our food waste. There are also ready-made natural and organic solutions, such as compost tea , a completely organic nutrient, which in addition to nourishing the soil, prevents some classic pathologies of cannabis plants .

Also, strategically place other plants, such as borage , which can regenerate soil and is ideal for placing between cannabis plants in new soil. It can help our organic soil stay healthy. All legumes produce large quantities of nitrogen , which is essential during the vegetative phase . Chamomile , rich in minerals, can help during the flowering phase. Neem oil, on the other hand, is an excellent natural pesticide.

Legal cannabis

The Terre di Cannabis method 

Terre di Cannabis is a company that aims to offer high quality products , coming from legal cannabis plants, 100% made in Italy, which can satisfy even the most demanding cannabis sommeliers, while maintaining a competitive price on the market .

This is possible thanks to the choice to keep the internal supply chain closed and controlled, from the choice of cannabis seeds to distribution. We have no intermediaries which is why we can afford to sell at a lower price than the competition.

The company was born hand in hand with the need to give a clear signal in the world of light marijuana , choosing organic and sustainable cultivation for personal and professional ethics. A "modus operandi" that put the goodness and purity of the product first, together with respect for the earth, the environment and natural cycles.

We prepare the soil with animal manure and all our cannabis plants are grown without the use of pesticides, heavy metals or chemical fertilizers.

We use self-produced compost tea and prefer manual cultivation in all phases of plant growth , from sowing to harvesting, through drying and husking.

Research and application in everyday life are our watchwords, we carry out our work with passion and dedication, in full compliance with the laws.

Buying weed online is convenient and legal . Choose from our inflorescences based on non-psychoactive cannabinoids, we ship our products to your home in an anonymous package and we only use guaranteed and secure payment methods.

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Here's how we grow cannabis light:

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