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Cannabis indica: everything we want to know

We often talk about cannabis sativa and a little less often about cannabis indica. Yet it is one of the easiest varieties to grow as well as rich in active ingredients. In this article we will find out something more.


  • Genetics
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  • Cultivation methods and places
  • Properties and uses
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Cannabis indica was identified for the first time towards the end of the 18th century by Jean Baptiste Lamarck , a botanical biologist who noticed the difference between cannabis sativa, already classified in 1753 as a cannabis plant with no psychoactive effect and grown mainly for textile purposes and cannabis indica.

The biologist noticed that indica hemp had a very high THC content and had a psychoactive effect , inducing a certain sense of lightness, euphoria and good mood and a physical and psychological relaxation, also due to the massive presence of other cannabinoids such as CBD .

Lamarck noticed that this type of cannabis plant differed from hemp sativa, to an expert observer, even in appearance, consistency and growth and flowering times.

A new variety of cannabis was therefore discovered, originating from the Hindu Kush , resistant to harsh climates and low temperatures and cultivated between India and Pakistan and classified as cannabis indica. This classification included all cannabis plants from India, Pakistan but also Turkey, whose flowers were grown specifically to be used for therapeutic purposes .

It is a strain extremely rich in trichomes and terpenes . In some cases fruity aromas prevail (strawberry, blueberries, berries) in other earthy, pungent and slightly musky scents.

Two and a half centuries have passed from the time of the classification of cannabis indica to today, during which thousands and thousands of hybridizations have exploited the potential of indica hemp with that of sativa to obtain some of the legendary cannabis varieties that survive time and space .

Cannabis flower

The plant: shrub, leaves and flowers

Unlike cannabis sativa plants, which reach great heights , cannabis indica plants are mostly short in stature , making it the ideal strain for indoor cultivation . Then there is also cannabis ruderalis but that's another matter.

The main difference between the two main varieties of cannabis, in fact, is precisely in the shrub . Clearly when the sex of the plant is female. If the sativa variety marijuana plant has a structure that can reach five meters in height, the indica hemp does not reach three meters. Despite being short, however, indica hemp has the ability to develop into very thick and branched bushes .

It is therefore wider and bigger than its sister, decidedly taller and more slender.

Marijuana leaves also differ, those of indica hemp are thicker and wider than sativa, reminiscent of the classic shape of the marijuana leaf as it is often represented and always have at least five tips.

If cannabis sativa flowers are compact but light, cannabis indica flowers are generally much denser and heavier , due to the high concentration of resin present on the inflorescences. Furthermore, during the flowering phase they grow in clusters and not individually.

Another point of view that may be useful to know concerns growth times : despite having a slightly less abundant yield, cannabis indica plants have much shorter growth times than cannabis sativa and adapting very well to indoor cultivation, it can be guaranteed of a continuous cycle.

It is a plant that has been able to adapt to extremely cold temperatures and for this reason is extremely rich in resinous trichomes , which act as protection.

Cannabis trichomes under the microscope

Cultivation methods and places

Indica cannabis strains can be considered some of the easiest to grow . They are suitable for outdoor cultivation as long as the climate is sufficiently dry and harsh . They adapt less easily to particularly hot climates but are comfortable with a Mediterranean climate .

By opting for outdoor cultivation you will be able to obtain different flowering cycles even in months that are apparently more rigid for other varieties, such as December or March . However. both in terms of characteristics and size, indica hemp performs best indoors, guaranteeing a continuous flowering cycle. It is a variety of cannabis that lends itself to being grown even in very small spaces such as balconies or small terraces.

The advantage, in addition to the small size, also lies in the particular resistance of cannabis indica to mold and problems due to humidity . This does not mean not having an adequate ventilation system but it can certainly be a help, especially for novice growers.

If your intention is to grow pure indica cannabis, be very careful when choosing cannabis seeds . Centuries of hybridization have given rise to thousands of varieties of cannabis, so it will be necessary to read up carefully and not simply trust the label .

cannabis seeds

If you are new to this, it is better to opt for autoflowering indica hemp seeds and start from a small number of plants in an indoor space. It will be a way to experiment and start stimulating the green thumb that is in each of us.

The cultivation of indica hemp, just like sativa, is legal in Italy as long as it is light cannabis and THC levels remain between 0.2% and 0.6% while for sale the THC levels must not exceed 0.2% . Buying light marijuana online is also perfectly legal.

cannabis light and books

Properties and uses

Cannabis indica is a variety of cannabis with a high THC content, but also contains CBD, CBG and CBN , other cannabinoids without psychotropic effects , two of which are the basic active ingredient of cannabis light. This multi-presence of cannabinoids has made it popular in medical cannabis-based treatments.

The effects of cannabis indica help counteract chronic pain , muscle tension, spasms, migraines and menstrual pain. It induces extreme relaxation, which does not mean lethargy, in some cases it stimulates creative activities, helps fight stress, panic attacks and mood swings. It is very effective in treating insomnia and widespread anxiety disorders in general.

Indica cannabis inflorescences can be used both inside a classic joint and vaporized with a special herb vaporizer . This choice, when talking about cannabis, is strongly recommended. Because it allows the active ingredient to be released almost 100% , eliminating combustion which burns more than half of the active ingredient present in cannabinoids.

It can also be used for the preparation of decoctions, herbal teas, biscuits, cakes and pestos, both in the form of inflorescences and leaves. Last but not least...obviously excellent hashish can be extracted from the indica variety, particularly resinous and rich in active ingredients.

Here's everything you need to know about cannabis indica. Remember that the effects of this variety of cannabis depend not only on the THC content, but also on the power of the other cannabinoids, in particular CBD, as we have seen, present in large quantities.

It is therefore possible to enjoy these same effects while avoiding the psychoactive effect of THC, simply by choosing to buy light cannabis .

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