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Cannabis and sports

In this article we will talk about the very close relationship between sport and cannabidiol, a winning combination that is increasingly gaining ground. Specifically we will talk about:

  1. CBD and sports
  2. CBD as a painkiller
  3. Cannabidiol for muscle recovery

In this historical moment in which the cannabis light market is exploding, many people, especially those unfamiliar with the topic, continue to demonstrate great interest in therapeutic cannabis . Most people are used to associating Cannabis with "relaxing" situations such as music, yoga and relaxation. Very few, however, know the beneficial properties of Cannabis' action in sport.

CBD and sports

The official turning point that cleared CBD and recognized its therapeutic potential was the decision taken by Wada (world anti-doping agency) which officially removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances. The scientific community, thanks to continuous research, has confirmed the beneficial effects of CBD for many pathologies. In fact, the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsant properties of this molecule are now known.

Consequently, more and more people have begun to use this natural remedy, in certain particular cases (under medical prescription) even in addition to or as a diversion from traditional medicines.

Cbd oil

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CBD as a painkiller

But it is above all thanks to its pain-relieving effectiveness that CBD has become one of the main allies for all people who practice sports. Both the human body and cannabis have their own endocannabinoid system. When taking Cannabis the two systems enter into synergy with each other producing beneficial effects.

When the human body is under stress during physical activity, it is able to produce anandamide , an endocannabinoid that gives the feeling of well-being. The amazing thing is that when anandamide interacts with CBD it "accentuates" its presence, effectively lengthening the feeling of well-being.


Cbd to recover from effort

For this reason, many athletes, especially in sports with high physical effort such as American football in the United States, rely on CBD to reduce situations with a high level of stress . Its use can be recommended both for "post-exertion" recovery and to soothe situations of muscle stress or bone pain. Anandamide also acts as a vasodilator, producing hypotension and facilitating blood flow to the exercised muscle. CBD , again in synergy with anandamide, can also influence the respiratory system, acting as a bronchodilator, facilitating breathing during physical activity.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can intervene on the muscular system by reducing pain and inflammation, without having psychotropic effects.

This is one of the fundamental facts why this molecule is rapidly spreading throughout the world of sport. When our body is under stress, Cannabidiol can contribute to muscle recovery without psychoactive contraindications.

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The CBD present in legal hemp inflorescences continues to be the most used product from this point of view. Many top-level athletes have made a sort of outing in favor of cannabis over the years, including the American swimmer Michael Phelps , who in 2009 took a photo while smoking a bong.

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