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Cannabis light against insomnia. Chiara's story

In this article we will tell you the story of an ordinary girl we met casually. One of those encounters that warm your heart and remain alive forever. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. Chiara's story
  2. Breaking down prejudices about cannabis
  3. A mother's insomnia
  4. Solving insomnia problems with cannabis

Chiara's story

Chiara is a very pretty girl, she is from Rome but has lived in Milan for many years. We met her this summer, she came to visit us on our plantation in Abruzzo. Chiara is a great mountain enthusiast and with her boyfriend they always go to discover new places. She showed up early one morning dressed as a trekker. “We're lost,” she smiled laconically at us but then as soon as she saw our plants she went crazy with curiosity and couldn't stop laughing. In those days she came to visit us a few more times, she was more and more curious even though she had never used Cannabis in her life . Thus a sort of friendship was born. They were cheerful days, spent in front of a good glass of Montepulciano, local culinary specialties and lots of chatting.

Then yesterday we received a letter, it was Chiara. His words touched us and we want to share them with everyone.

Breaking down prejudices about cannabis

" Hi guys how are you? It's been a few months and I miss our chats. Our evenings. I almost felt compelled to write to you. Because when a person changes their mind it's right for them to admit it. And I consider you to be those who opened my mind . Despite my age.

Legal cannabis cultivation

I know little about Abruzzo, which is why we decided to come there last summer, I expected to find solitary paths, unexplored mountains and still wild nature. And so it was. I didn't expect to meet people like you, though. Strong and kind. But it's not enough to fully describe you. You are a group of fantastic people, and thanks to your words and advice I have changed my mind. I changed my mind. I'll tell you what happened to me.

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Remember: during our evenings I have always expressed doubts and little trust towards hemp . I know, that's how I am. But I had never seen a marijuana plantation in person (I know it's not called that, come on, don't start again Peppe), come on, I'm joking, I don't want to start the discussion again. Oh well, when I got home at the end of August I told my mother about our meeting. I told her about the plantation, what you do and the products you sell. But above all I told my mother that light hemp inflorescences can help you sleep. That CBD can help with sleep disorders . And have sedative effects. Just as Peppe, his workhorse, told me. I remember he talked about the endocannabinoid system but I couldn't explain that to my mother. Too difficult.

A mother's insomnia

Then, partly for work, partly because of the distance from my mother (she still lives in Milan), I didn't see her again until Christmas. I left Rome on December 20th to spend a few days with her, as soon as I arrived home there was an impressive smell of grass already on the landing and as soon as it entered a crazy fog. My mother in the kitchen with a joint in her hand. He didn't even let me talk. He immediately told me he no longer took the sleeping pill. Then she put the cigarette butt in the ashtray and sat down.

He told me, “I know it seems strange at my age. But really. Since September I have been a different person. I would have told you on the phone but you wouldn't have understood." Then she got up, took the butt back into her hand and calmly lit it as if nothing had happened. “I only do one in the evening. I turn it on, take a few puffs, then put it down. Every now and then I give him a few puffs. I don't get high and I sleep . What more do you want, it's a natural remedy! And then it is a variety of cannabis that does not cause psychotropic effects. It has a relaxing effect and can be useful for all people who suffer from insomnia!”

Solving insomnia problems with cannabis

Then afterwards we ate and ended up on the sofa chatting and I saw her really serene, calm, relaxed. I remember her as a child with insomnia problems, with chronic, post-traumatic pain. Problems related to the past. The fact that I may have resolved this situation, so, for advice. Well, I feel proud of you and also a little lucky. You made me discover something new and in part, you contributed to breaking down my prejudices. Yes, I admit it. Peppe this is for you: you were right. And it was proven!

Thank you for what you do and long live Cannabis.

We are all human beings.

A special hug.


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