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The story of Paolo and Carlotta

In this article we tell the story of a young couple who wrote us an email. Paolo and Carlotta, two young new parents intrigued by cannabis light . A couple, like many others, dealing with common but deeply felt problems:

- Rest better

-Practice a healthy routine

-Discover an alternative to tobacco

-And of course... defeat the stress caused by your children's screams and tantrums

The life of new parents is stressful and no one properly prepares you for what awaits you. One minute you're organizing aperitifs and weekends away, the next you're trying to find 5 free minutes to take a proper shower. Of course, with a child life is filled with wonder, everything becomes a constant surprise and you learn to do things that previously seemed impossible - sleep on command, dry your hair in uncomfortable 50-second installments, learn to take things with your feet because your hands are almost always busy with other activities... But if there is one thing that will never be the same as before, that thing is above all your sleep .

This is the kraken that every new parent must face: learning to manage the lack of hours of sleep without becoming an intractable sociopath, as well as adopting military techniques to fall asleep quickly and not miss even a minute of precious rest. And don't think that, at a certain point, sleep will return to what it once was ... When your little ones have stopped exchanging night for day for physiological reasons, they will start doing so for social reasons. And so on with sleepless nights on the phone, sleepless nights at the window, sleepless nights in the car outside a nightclub.

Steam, camera and fruit basket

Sometimes, to fall asleep in a flash, even mental relaxation techniques are not enough. When we talk about new parents we always think of stressors such as messy homes, sleepless nights and radioactive diapers. But there may be other elements that prevent relaxation of body and mind. Let's think about those who, in addition to having a very small child to look after, also have to organize work commitments and manage a professional studio, or perhaps take care of an older child.

In short, the variables can become many and the situation increasingly complex. Work commitments and logistical issues can have a very negative impact on the quality of rest and the ability to empty the mind and let sleep take over. There are now many natural remedies available, useful for combating the symptoms of insomnia and effective in helping you fall asleep in a short time. There are medicinal plants such as lemon balm and chamomile, passionflower and lime herbal teas and, obviously, light cannabis inflorescences. As we have told you many times, CBD is a great ally for those who struggle to fall asleep, because it induces relaxation of body and mind and facilitates relaxation.

This is precisely what Paolo and Carlotta, a couple of young new parents struggling with night feedings and diapers, told us. They sent us a thank you email, because thanks to our CBD-based products the two boys were finally able to enjoy the pleasure of sleeping for a whole night . Paolo is a freelance IT technician, Carlotta teaches English on a web platform. Both work as freelancers and have not had the opportunity to enjoy long breaks from work and both suffer from insomnia.

For this reason they are really very stressed : they started working again almost immediately and often take advantage of the quiet moments granted by Michele, their 6-month-old baby, to sort out work issues or organize the agenda for the next day. They have a small office near their home where they take turns to work, but the situation is becoming more stressful than expected. Michele now sleeps all night, but wakes up very early. While he is sleeping, Paolo and Carlotta take the opportunity to do some chores and enjoy time together, but they are unable to fall asleep easily.

One day Paolo came across the Terre di Cannabis website and delved into the issue of light cannabis. So he decided to buy it to give it a try, also convinced by the possibility of purchasing light cannabis from Terre di Cannabis through Whatsapp and receiving it in anonymous packaging.

Both didn't mind a little marijuana every now and then , but since Michele's birth it had never happened. Then Michele told us that he had been anxiously waiting for our package and, once he received his order, he shared the purchase with his partner Carlotta. Carlotta was immediately enthusiastic about Michele's good idea, but she had doubts related to smoking . Not having a balcony, they would have had to consume the inflorescences at home and it didn't seem like a good idea for little Michele's health. Furthermore, smoking is harmful and a new mother is always careful to protect her own health and that of her baby .

Cannabis vaporizer and cup of coffee

Paolo writes that he placed the package containing the light marijuana inflorescences in a wardrobe, not without a good dose of disappointment. He thought he had found the perfect solution to their sleep problems but instead he just missed the mark. Yet, the choice to use CBD to induce sleep continued to seem like the best path to him. While we were reading the email, at this point, we were all a little dumbfounded. Paolo's message seemed like a nice thank you, but instead... We couldn't understand how CBD could have helped this young couple with lack of sleep , if they had both decided to give up taking our inflorescences.

And instead, a few lines further down, we discovered how the CBD content actually managed to help Paolo and Carlotta sleep better. One evening Paolo was having dinner with three friends and they were talking about how Luca, his university friend and new father, had managed to give up cigarettes at any moment. Do you know what his response was when Paolo asked him how he did it? “ Vaporize to quit smoking !”.

Here was the enlightenment she had been waiting for for weeks... Buying a cannabis vaporizer would have been the turning point: Carlotta would not have smoked and the house would not have been full of secondhand smoke.

Light cannabis processing, drying

Vaporization is certainly the best way to take marijuana , both to protect your health and to be sure to exploit the greatest quantity of active ingredient possible. With vaporization, in fact, it is possible to control the temperature to which light cannabis is subjected, with the result of saving a large part of the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in it.

There are a number of things to know before you start vaping, to avoid making mistakes and wasting your efforts. Paolo frequented our blog and learned everything he needed to know to vape better.

Let's take this opportunity to give a couple of useful tips to those who don't really know what to do:

If you vape, you need to use herb that isn't too dry , because you risk bringing it to the boil too quickly and vaping too quickly. There is no standard rule, but you have to experiment and lower the temperature the drier the grass is. However, if you use fresh buds, the humidity will be high and sometimes the vaping process may be difficult.

There is a widely used trick to solve the problem and, in jargon, it is called "flavonoid racing": you set the vaporizer to a temperature between 138-148°C and fill the balloon with steam, so that it dries out a little. ' the humidity of the grass. At this point the substance should be dry enough to vaporize effectively at the temperature of other cannabinoids.

A brief guide to using vaporizers:

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