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Cannabis and sports. Mike's story

In this article we will tell you about the very close relationship between cannabis and sport. Especially those sports in which physical sacrifice and contact are the order of the day and using a natural anti-inflammatory has become a good practice to solve certain problems. Specifically we will talk to you about:

  1. Mike, a great athlete
  2. When did you start experimenting with cannabis
  3. Have you ever felt drowsy, lazy etc...
  4. Runner's high
  5. Cannabis
  6. Advice from a sportsman

Cannabis light and CBD

Mike, a great athlete

Mike is 35 years old and lives in Bologna. He is an American boy who came to Italy for post-college training and stopped to live here. Sport has always been his greatest passion, ever since he was a teenager training with his college American football team. We met Mike at a cannabis fair , another great passion of his.

Yes, because Mike, despite being a notable athlete, is a regular user of Marijuana . “Much more once,” Mike points out with a smile, “now I continue to use it but with more discretion. Deep down I feel aged.

But with more experience. Now I know my endocannabinoid system .”

As long as he lived in the States Mike played football. But not only that, running is another great passion of his. Especially over long distances. So, having arrived in Europe and with very little possibility of continuing with football, he began a second life, or if you prefer a second sporting career in ultramarathons.

And he clearly continued his cannabis use.

So Mike tell us a little about yourself:

I've always smoked, ever since I was a kid. In America in those years there was even the risk of prison. But my crew and I have always grown indoors .

Sometimes with makeshift means, always studying new stratagems. But I must say with great presumption: always with excellent results.

The herb I like most is cannabis sativa . I'm one of those who smokes cannabis before and does sports after. They are two things that give me the same feeling of well-being.

The runner's high is the same as the joint's high. For me. For my best experience.”

When did you start experimenting with cannabis and how did you realize you were experiencing benefits.

Practically right away. Because the two "careers" are parallel. I started training early and started smoking early. At 14 years old.

At first I smoked occasionally. Then I started smoking before training. Now I smoke afterwards too. And I think I'll arrive during too. No, come on, I'm joking.

Cannabis cultivation

Then I ended up doing these ultramarathons out of passion. I don't do races anymore. Also for a question of age.

I run for passion and pleasure. But in smaller races I know how to command respect.

But haven't you ever felt drowsy, lazy, something that somehow kept you on the couch after a joint?

No, on the contrary. I have never been able to sit still. This is still the case now. I rather go for walks. I recently started yoga .

Or I go out for a walk. Simply. But I'm not at home. Even after smoking a whole cannabis plant. (laughs)

Can you explain runner's high a bit more?

It's a strange feeling. Feel your body making an immense effort. Sometimes I feel my heart beating.

The effort is at its maximum. But the mental sensation is one of well-being.

Simply put, one feels good in those moments. It's hard to explain it in words. You have to try it.

Cannabis light

You are very tired but also very happy . Euphoric. As if I were at a party and I felt very good. In connection with the environment.

They say endorphins on a biological level . I know little about science but I assure you it's cool.

What about cannabis?

Here you are. If I'm at home smoking and then doing any other activity, I feel relaxed. Calm. At peace with the world.

If I smoke before exercising, the feeling I was talking about before of euphoria, the so-called runner's high, is more accentuated.

It lasts longer on me. I can really feel the active ingredient entering me. With the addition that after the effort I feel less tired. And with faster recovery times. But that's because I smoke even after training.

What would you recommend?

To listen to your body. To listen to each other. And everyone uses cannabis, with respect to their own subjectivity. Without overdoing it and without overdoing it.

Because anyway the times I exaggerated, the races didn't go well.

The effect of the herb may be different from person to person. But as in all things in life. Use and abuse. You have to know yourself, know your body. And then make the best decision.

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