Athens Cannabis expo 2019

Athens Cannabis Expo 2019

This year too, the Athens Cannabis Expo took place from 11 to 13 January . One of the most important European Cannabis Fairs . The event was born from the desire to inform people about the new products and innovations that are developing in this rapidly expanding sector. Both from a recreational and medical and pharmaceutical point of view. And last but not least, also the industrial one.

The fair is also a great opportunity on an economic level. In fact, the main foreign companies in the sector are participating. The same ones who have gained many years of experience in the world of Cannabis.

The Greek market

Greece is one of the European countries where the cannabis market is rapidly evolving . On June 30, 2017, the Greek Prime Minister announced the legalization of the import and therapeutic use of Marijuana . In Greece it is also legal to grow cannabis for industrial uses. The strong expansion of this market is generating significant development opportunities for the Greek GDP. Especially in a historical moment in which the Hellenic country has suffered a serious economic crisis. This new market could help create a strong economic return even within the population. Both for the increase in jobs, with the creation of a new supply chain with an important satellite sector. Both for an increase in people's quality of life.

Our philosophy

TerrediCannabis has been involved in the Greek market for some time. For personal and human reasons, Greece has become like a second home for us. We have developed several collaborations with companies, distributors and commercial partners. For us it is not just an economic question. We have in fact committed to investing part of the proceeds in Greece, especially in social projects. Our presence in Greece, which has now lasted for several years, has rightfully launched us as the largest Cannabis light company. This is thanks to the close synergy with Hempoil by Christos Botsis, with whom we have several projects in common and with whom we share future strategies and ideas.


A Greek company, Christos, which has quickly become a point of reference for the entire Greek cannabis market . And which has distinguished itself by receiving various awards from trade associations present in the area. In September 2018 the company received the " For innovation and entrepreneurship" award from the Stelios Foundation and recently the " Most innovative concept 2019" award from the Franchise Magazine Business foundation.

Hempoil was the first company that started selling Cannabidiol-based products in Greece , for this reason it gained the trust of investors, institutions and ordinary people. Especially the people who interfaced with this type of product for the first time. Again in collaboration with Hempoil, we opened the first Cannabis ATM in Greece in early February , arousing great curiosity among people. And helping to build a debate that is still open.

Other collaborations

During the days of the fair we had the opportunity to increase other collaborative relationships. Partnerships that we already have in place with customers and distributors, among which it is worth mentioning: CBDGreece , Tsiouseeds and Smokersland . With whom we hope to continue to work profitably.

During the Athens Cannabis Expo, Terredicannabis was the brand with the most active sales points (eight to be precise). In Greece we are perceived as the most serious and professional company, both in terms of product quality but also for design and packaging. Last but not least, we have proven to be the most innovative company, especially at the vending level. In fact, we have achieved a privileged position in the sector media and on national information channels. Always thanks to your presence during the Fair.

Cannabis and Rap

Another very important event that makes us very proud is the new collaboration we have undertaken with the Greek rapper NOE Ennoitai . During the fair he stopped by our stand and made himself available to sign autographs for many of his fans who came to greet him. The scene at the end of the day was nice, when NOE, caught up in the heat of the moment, had himself immortalized with light cannabis inflorescences in his mouth.

See you at Athens Cannabis Expo 2020.

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