Relax grazie alla cannabis light e un vaporizzatore

Vaporize cannabis light to eliminate tobacco

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the West. Despite killing more than 80 thousand people every year in Italy alone , 10.9 million of our compatriots continue to smoke at least one cigarette a day, but around 30% of Italian smokers have tried several times to stop smoking without success .

The fight against cigarette smoking is now fought on many fronts and on hitherto unexplored battlefields. Until a few years ago, if you were looking for support to stop smoking, you didn't have many options available, but today everything is different. Let's see together what methods are considered socially and clinically acceptable to stop smoking.

  • Nicotine replacement therapy consists of using devices with a low nicotine content (candies, patches, inhalers or chewing gum) that alleviate withdrawal symptoms. In practice, the objective is to provide the body with a small quantity of nicotine to compensate for the missing daily dose, through products on the market and available without a medical prescription.
  • De-addiction is pharmacological therapy based on bupropion - an antidepressant medicine capable of decreasing the intensity of nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms - or varenicline - a nicotine agonist drug capable of reducing the desire to smoke. In addition to physical dependence, these drugs also try to treat psychological dependence.
  • Attending a support group or an anti-smoking center can be a good idea, especially for those who need to strengthen their motivation thanks to the strength of those who experience a similar situation.
  • Electronic cigarettes have long been added to the elite of the most widespread anti-smoking devices, above all because they allow the user to gradually reduce the quantity of nicotine taken, without giving up the act of smoking. However, there are still no official guidelines from a health point of view.

Portable vaporizer

Use cannabis to avoid using tobacco

Cannabis is also a valid ally to say goodbye to cigarette smoking forever. Considered for years a gateway drug - a mild narcotic that soon gives way to harder drugs - marijuana continues to hold many surprises. There are several scientific studies that have obtained encouraging results in the fight against smoking addictions: the truth is that vaping can help you quit smoking.

We want to share with you the results of a pilot study, conducted by Professor Clelia Morgan , of the Faculty of Pharmacology at University College of London , which highlighted the validity of CBD-based inhalations for stopping smoking. The analysis was conducted on a group of 24 smokers determined to quit, each equipped with an inhaler. Twelve smokers received one that administered CBD, the other twelve a placebo-based one. They were told to vape so as not to smoke: that is, they had to use the vaporizer whenever they felt the urge to smoke.

Over the course of just one week of analysis, smokers treated with placebo showed no difference in the number of cigarettes smoked. In contrast, those treated with CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked, approximately 40% fewer over the course of treatment. Not only that, inhaling CBD must have been of great help to them because, even after the end of the first phase of the study, some patients significantly reduced their cigarette use.

However, this is a study conducted on a small sample, but these data - combined with the strong preclinical logic that gave rise to the project - suggest that CBD constitutes an excellent active ingredient to be used in therapies against nicotine addiction . Furthermore, vaporizers help the patient to maintain the gestures that have accompanied him for years, also helping him psychologically to experience the transition without stress.

Light cannabis inflorescence

Stop going out on the balcony to smoke: the pros of vaping

Some smokers become ex-smokers even before they quit, they begin to hate the smell and taste of cigarettes long before they are able to really get rid of them. These are mechanisms that our body puts in place to support us in the tough battle against nicotine, which absolutely cannot be fought without completely eliminating combustion from your routine. Many ex-smokers say that they had to fight the addiction to the gesture more than the actual addiction to nicotine. There is something that combines the act of smoking with the absence of carcinogenic substances, do you know what it is? A portable vaporizer , of course!

If you want to continue smoking without having to go out on the balcony and face the polar cold like the scorching sun, choose to vaporize marijuana : it will be a real change of direction. The vaporizer satisfies the psyche of the inveterate smoker, both because it has a shape that can recall that of a cigarette, and because now the best vaporizers generate vapor that could really be mistaken for the "original" one. The vapor that is sucked in by the smoker from the combustion chamber is hot and dense like that of a cigarette, in fact it is much better, because it doesn't stink and doesn't hurt.

Grinder for chopping grass

Those who vaporizecannabis light to stop smoking choose to act on two fronts: on the one hand they preserve the gestures and sensations we have already talked about, on the other they choose to take one of the best active ingredients of the cannabis plant, CBD, which interrupts the neurocognitive processes linked to the reward mechanism, at the basis of substance addictions.

Obviously vaping is also an excellent choice for those who only smoke weed: by choosing to use weed vaporizers you can completely focus on combustion . Vaporizers generate a very discreet vapor that does not attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by and will allow you to enjoy your ganja wherever you want, even if you have chosen aromatic herbs with a very intense smell. Of course, the intake method will change a little and you will have to say goodbye to lighters, papers and filters, but the advantages will make the old routine just a distant memory.

cannabis vaporizer

The temperatures at which cannabinoids evaporate

The long battery life, the stainless steel body and the rapid heating in 30 seconds make light cannabis vaporizers the best alternative to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and combustion in general.

In addition to these advantages, there is another that we want to reveal to you. With combustion, the cannabinoids contained in cannabis are "burned" because they are subjected to temperatures much higher than those necessary for the correct extraction of the active ingredient. With vaporization, however, you have the possibility of setting the recommended temperature for the extraction of a specific cannabinoid , to get the best out of your inflorescence. This aspect makes vaporization highly recommended for cancer patients and all those who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Science has shown that vaporizing makes cannabis about 30% more effective thanks to the ability to choose the vaporization temperature. If, for example, you need to take mainly CBD, you will need to set the temperature of the vaporizer around 160-180° to vaporize all the cannabidiol present in your cannabis.

Together with CBD, you also vaporize beta-caryophyllene, a beneficial substance with antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties, with the aroma of cloves or black pepper.

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