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If I use cannabis light can they take my license away?

In this article we will talk to you about the license and the use of light cannabis, are there any problems? Is there a risk? What is cannabis and how does it affect our body? Read the whole article to find out if there are contraindications for such an important topic. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. What is cannabis
  2. Drug test
  3. How the tests work

Cannabis light

In recent years many people have started taking Cannabis light , the effects of CBD are studied by the scientific community, it is a topic that is often talked about and the therapeutic applications of this plant have become numerous. A question that people often ask themselves when using inflorescences is : do I risk having my license withdrawn?

What is Cannabis?

In the meantime, let's clarify: within Cannabis there are many cannabinoids, among the most famous it is worth mentioning THC , which is responsible for the psychoactive effect of the plant. Another very important cannabinoid and very present in Cannabis is CBD , which however does not have psychotropic effects. Inside the inflorescences of legal cannabis light, the concentration of THC permitted by law must be less than 0.2% . Despite this, some scientific studies in the sector reveal that CBD acts on various mechanisms of the central nervous system and therefore produces a wide range of effects and it cannot be ruled out that it may have a negative influence on driving suitability, especially linked to subjectivity. of how each individual organism reacts with CBD.

The first piece of advice I would like to suggest is: if you have used cannabis light, it is best not to take risks and not get behind the wheel.

Even if the percentage indicated in the package complies with the law (Thc less than 0.2) you could run into some problems . The analyses, which the police can request, are used to trace only THC, not CBD, even if the analyzes could prove positive.

Drug test

Drug tests have existed for several years and are used to detect certain substances in the human body, even if CBD is not one of these substances , a person who uses it for therapeutic reasons could test positive. It depends on the type of analysis carried out and the personal habits of the person undergoing the test.

Cannabis light

If a person has consumed CBD produced from safe sources (which guarantee a normal presence of THC) the risk of testing positive is very low. However, if the CBD consumed is of uncertified origin, there is a strong risk of testing positive.

How the tests work

When you are stopped and you test positive for a drug test, the sample examined is sent to a laboratory where a further confirmatory analysis is carried out, carried out through the use of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. When the sample has been analyzed with this technique, there will be the possibility of dividing the exact percentages of THC and CBD present and thus dissolving any possible doubts about your situation.

Therefore, if you have purchased a certified product that guarantees the exact quantities of CBD and THC present in the inflorescences, you will have the guarantee of not testing positive in this second test.

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