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How much does cannabis cost per gram?

Did you know that Italy is the first country in Europe for cannabis consumption?

No wonder, Italians are foodies. Furthermore, with the legalization of light marijuana, even those who wish to benefit from the beneficial properties of cannabis sativa without any psychoactive effect are satisfied.

But how much do cannabis and cannabis light cost? In this article we will try to answer this question. Here's what we'll see:

  1. The cannabis market
  2. Black market prices
  3. Light cannabis prices
  4. The prices of cannabis lands

The cannabis market

With the legalization of light cannabis , the marijuana market has divided into two very distinct areas.

On the one hand, the area of ​​light marijuana, based on cannabinoids totally free of psychoactive effects , completely legal and available both in physical stores and online shops.

On the other hand, that of the very normal sativa or indica cannabis, with a medium or high THC content , still illegal and therefore sold only on the black market.

We hope that sooner or later the legalization of cannabis will also extend to that containing THC.

But for the moment it is right that the two areas remain separate and light hemp continues its journey to satisfy the need of consumers who want to benefit from the therapeutic properties of cannabis sativa without any side effects.

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Probably the fact that light marijuana is receiving more and more support not only from consumers but also from the scientific community will stimulate reflections and perhaps one day, cannabis could be entirely legal .

This could, as we will see better in the next paragraph, on the one hand help fight crime and on the other constitute a great income for individual countries, reviving even the most complicated economic situations.

Of course, it would mean definitively abandoning the prejudice that cannabis is a dangerous substance or minimally comparable to hard drugs. It probably shouldn't even be called a soft drug.

Cannabis sativa is a substance with great properties that does not have the side effects of alcohol, but is absolutely legal, which fills the coffers of countries without anyone having any problems.

Not even in the face of a very high rate of accidents and to the detriment of the health and safety of those who take it.

Fortunately, in 2020 these topics are also discussed in Parliament .

marijuana cultivation

Black market prices

Given that the black market should not be financed because it means encouraging criminal activity , it may be useful to have an overview of the average and indicative prices in circulation.

Indicative because it is still a black market and fortunately for us we don't know it .

In general, cannabis prices vary depending on the quality of the product , however it is possible to identify an average price per gram.

Cannabis light

The average price per gram ranges from 8 to 10 euros for both marijuana and smoking, dropping by a couple of euros moving from Milan to Naples.

The most valuable varieties then range from eleven to fifteen euros per gram and obviously in complicated periods, such as those of lockdown, cannabis prices rise dramatically.

Probably, however, apart from some valuable varieties such as gold, the price per gram would never reach the figures of some Asian cities such as Tokyo , where the average price is 32.6 euros per gram or Bankok, decidedly more affordable but equally high (24.81).

The fact that does not surprise us but makes us reflect a lot is that the average price is lower in the only Asian city where cannabis is partially legal, in the rest of Asia, in fact, it is illegal like in Italy with the difference that in Asia, in Japan in particular, cannabis is literally demonized and the sanctions are decidedly more severe than the Italian ones.

In the United States, which seems to be the country with the highest cannabis consumption, they have an average price quite close to our country, in New York we are around 10.7 dollars per gram.

It is clear that by comparing data like these, as this article highlights, the legalization of cannabis could constitute a very important income for the coffers of all the countries that wanted to take it into consideration.

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Furthermore, making cannabis legal and controlling sales would put every single state in a position to truly combat the black market , which obtains a large part of its earnings from cannabis.

legal cannabis

The prices of light cannabis

By light cannabis we mean a variety of cannabis sativa based on cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabigerol (CBG) , two cannabinoids, which do not have any psychotropic properties.

It is therefore a substance completely devoid of psychoactive effects , absolutely legal and extremely rich in terms of therapeutic properties .

Since the legalization of light cannabis, the market for non-psychoactive cannabinoids is certainly lively but the average price has become more or less standardized in Europe and the United States.

Whether you buy it physically or buy legal weed online, the average price fluctuates between 8 and 15 euros per gram in Europe and between 9 and 15 dollars in the United States.

The price variation may depend on a series of factors, for example the organization of the company , which can independently grow and sell its own products or purchase and resell a third-party product.

Or it may depend on the choice of having a physical store or an online shop , but also obviously on ethical choices relating to the product you wish to offer.

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In general, both to safeguard our health and to really enhance the legalization of light cannabis with all the benefits it can bring, it is important to make sure you purchase certified light cannabis.

That it is grown organically, without the use of harmful substances such as pesticides and chemical additives.

Cannabis light

The prices of Terre di Cannabis 

We at Terre di Cannabis decided to set up a company that was able to deal with the entire supply chain, from cultivation to distribution , investing in the skills and professionalism of the growers and the master hemp grower and making the most of and with the utmost respect for the environment the natural resources available.

Our legal cannabis is grown organically and certified, without the use of fertilizers, chemical additives or heavy metals.

The light marijuana that we grow with so much passion benefits from a temperate climate and temperature variations that favor the growth of extremely resinous trichomes rich in active ingredients.

We manage everything internally within the company, from the choice of cannabis seeds to sowing. From harvesting to drying, from trimming to packaging and distribution.

Controlling the entire supply chain allows us to monitor our inflorescences constantly and offer a top quality product at a fair, ethical and advantageous price for our customers.

If you want to buy weed online and want to have top quality at the most advantageous price, pop over to our site where you will find many varieties of light marijuana with different percentages of active ingredient, all 100% made in Italy.

Our inflorescences, inspired by the best cannabis strains , starting from 2.10 euros per gram if you choose our maxi packs. Alternatively, you could opt for the 2 gram format starting from 6.99 or for one of our highly scented variegated mixes in packs of 6 or 9 grams at a truly affordable price.

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