Pesce aprile legalizzazione cannabis

April Fool's joke on legalization

Unfortunately that's not true.

Yesterday we let ourselves go and made up some news.

We did it to celebrate April 1st, without the intention of offending anyone , nor creating illusions. Well, perhaps not this last point, in the sense that we liked to create some illusions.

Turn it on. Ignite a hope. A little light. A thought.

Even though it was just a joke, it is a thought that many Italians (and others) have had, are doing and will do.

Cannabis buds

We hope there will soon be regulation of the sector , with rules, laws and decrees and that the work of many people can be protected.

In the meantime, let's not lose hope and if you want you can try our light cannabis.

Cannabis XL

The spare format (discounted by 20%) which in these moments of quarantine can help pass the time.

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