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In this article we will tell you how you can order cannabis, sitting comfortably on the sofa at home. Something that was quite unthinkable until recently, read the whole article to find out how to place an order for light cannabis and receive it directly at home. Specifically we will address the following topics:

  1. How quarantine has changed our habits
  2. Order cannabis online
  3. CBD in quarantine: how do I use it?

How quarantine has changed our habits

We have lived through very hard days, but - little by little - we are getting used to our new life. Technology has come to our aid many times these days and we can say with certainty that without the internet life in quarantine would have been much more difficult . Home deliveries have allowed us to maintain our habits, food and not only: many traders have launched themselves into the world of the web for the first time and have activated delivery services for every type of product or service - from already mixed alcohol to starred Easter lunch to be completed at home - to allow us all to treat ourselves to an evening "out" without leaving the sofa. It must be said that Netflix saved our lives, together with Instagram , live broadcasts from yoga teachers and video calls, which help us keep those hundreds of kilometers away close to us.

Cannabis light online

It is more difficult to do anything, but if you invest time and patience in queuing, you can take home almost everything you need. There have been some difficult moments, especially in large-scale retail trade, but it must be said that at an organizational level, Italian traders and small entrepreneurs have reacted with great energy . Some businesses have reopened a few days ago, but it is still early to think they are back to normal.

Are you looking for top quality light cannabis inflorescences? Our XL box is the one for you, convenience and quality at the same time

Legal cannabis sativa continues to live its life, indeed it must be admitted that the quarantine has brought an increase in the sale of light cannabis and derivative products. Many companies say they had the same turnover in the month of March as in the whole of 2019. It is a real explosion, favored by the boom in e-commerce and the implementation of distribution networks for cannabis sativa with THC lower than 0 ,2% . Daily orders have increased fivefold and it is becoming difficult for many retailers to fill all the requests from home.

Order cannabis online

Light cannabis - with THC lower than 0.2% - is today mainly distributed through home delivery, but it is also easy to find it at tobacconists and in dedicated vending machines . The best way, however, is still ordering online, which allows you to receive legal marijuana at home without risking fines for going out for non-essential reasons. And if you are afraid of your neighbors, don't panic! Orders of legal weed online arrive at their destination in anonymous packages, so as not to attract attention and not make the neighbors gossip.

Our delivery service is always active, you can also order with a simple WhatsApp message at +39 348 921 66 55

On the site you can find a wide selection of light cannabis of our production . These are inflorescences grown in Italy, in Abruzzo to be precise, with Italian seeds certified according to European regulations. Our cannabis comes from the passion and know-how of dozens of producers, who have chosen to join Terre di Cannabis to be part of a large family united by the love of cannabis. On our site you can choose from a large selection of top quality light cannabis, excellent taste and very high concentrations of CBD .

These days it's a good idea to keep small supplies, to avoid leaving the house too often or unnecessarily extending waiting times. For this reason we created the XL Cans: tin containers, equipped with a ventilation system, which allow you to make a small supply of White Widow and Silver Haze. You can choose a quantity between 10 and 60 grams, which will keep perfectly thanks to the humidity control system.

Cannabis light

You can order our weed through the website or on WhatsApp , without leaving the sofa, and receive it at home after a few days. On our site you can also find a selection of cannabis vaporizers , accompanied by clear explanations even for the most inexperienced.

CBD in quarantine: how do I use it?

CBD in quarantine could prove to be a precious ally. Many Italians complain of sleep and concentration disorders, as well as irritability and more or less intense states of anxiety. These are negligible symptoms, closely linked to the situation we are experiencing . Staying at home for so long is difficult for everyone: it's hard for parents, who have to manage children and work (for those who still have it) and it's hard for children, who suddenly have seen their cheerfulness denied everyday life.

Taking light cannabis to sleep better is an excellent idea : the muscle relaxation caused by CBD allows you to abandon yourself to sleep with serenity, even if you are living at a reduced and slow pace. We have the perfect strain to say goodbye to quarantine insomnia: it's called Volare, it's 100% Italian and will take you to the "Blue Painted Blue" with just a few puffs.

Volare our Silver Haze is a unique inflorescence because it is completely organic: it grows in soils free of heavy metals, without the use of harmful chemicals , it has a compact appearance and a very dark green colour. Volare is rich in resin, thanks to its high % of cannabinoids and terpenes . A light cannabis flower that resembles the classic Haze, for an intense and unparalleled experience.

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Cannabis light

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