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Myrcene: a terpene with great potential

Little is known about the therapeutic properties of terpenes , but research is finally starting to take an interest in them, highlighting how they could actually be a further great surprise from our beloved cannabis. In this article we will talk about Myrcene , one of the terpenes most present in numerous cannabis varieties.


  1. What are terpenes and what characteristics do they have
  2. Beneficial properties of CBD
  3. Myrcene great sedative properties
  4. How to activate myrcene with your vaporizer
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What are terpenes and what characteristics do they have

Terpenes are the molecules responsible for the aroma of a plant , more precisely, they are unsaturated hydrocarbons present in the resins and essential oils of plants. They are present in almost all plant species and sometimes even in animal ones. Their aroma helps the plant keep predators, such as certain types of insects, at bay and attract bees for pollination.

Obviously terpenes are also present in cannabis plants and in recent years, numerous scientific studies have been interested in the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids and terpenes, underlining how, thanks to the mechanism of the entourage effect , it is precisely the latter that enhance the therapeutic properties of the dominant active ingredient.

This happens for example with CBD or CBG , two cannabinoids completely devoid of psychoactive effects. Similarly, as biologist Ethan B. Russo explains in depth in this article , some terpenes (for example myrcene, β caryophyllene, linalool or limonene) can also enhance the effects of THC , again by the same mechanism.

Furthermore, terpenes can be an excellent indicator from which to start classifying different varieties of cannabis , given that different aromas correspond to different varieties. Aroma and flavor , in fact, depend precisely on the type of terpenes most present in that variety, as well as on the secondary terpenes . Terpenes can be primary or secondary. The terpenes usually present in varieties of cannabis or legal marijuana are:

  • myrcene
  • limonene
  • linanol
  • β caryophyllene
  • apinene
  • terpinolene

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These are also the most used terpenes in hybridization processes and in the extraction of essential oil , due to their therapeutic abilities and their ability to enhance those of cannabinoids .

Whether they are used for recreational cannabis varieties or in the development of hybrids for therapeutic purposes and therefore light cannabis , terpenes can modify, improve and strengthen the internal structure of the plant, also acting on the effects.

Beneficial properties of CBD

Since light cannabis was legalized, the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD) are no longer a secret to anyone, indeed, sector magazines are full of scientific studies, which tell and demonstrate the great potential of this cannabinoid.

CBD is present in different percentages in all varieties of legal cannabis, in the form of inflorescences, crystals or CBD oil . It is a cannabinoid without a psychoactive effect, but rich in beneficial effects, also used to a large extent in therapeutic cannabis-based treatments.

CBD is known to be an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory , successfully used to combat chronic pain , muscle inflammation , migraines and menstrual pain . It is its ability to interact with our endocannabinoid system that guarantees its effectiveness, which also extends to the sphere of mood.

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If used regularly it is extremely useful for regulating mood swings , fighting and preventing anxiety attacks and providing relief in cases of mild depression . It can help stimulate the appetite and due to its calming and relaxing properties, it is the best friend of those who suffer from insomnia .

Finally, CBD is extremely rich in antioxidants capable of preventing premature aging and the formation of wrinkles. For this reason it is the basis of many natural cosmetic products.

Myrcene: great sedative properties

Myrcene is found in many common plants, for example lemongrass , thyme , basil , mango , eucalyptus , hops and of course several varieties of cannabis .

After all, it is one of the ten primary terpenes . In addition to imparting the aroma, myrcene is in fact the terpene responsible for the formation of secondary terpenes during the growth phase of a plant.

For example, out of a percentage of terpenes contained in a certain variety of cannabis, it can alone, as the only terpene, occupy up to 50% . Its aroma can be slightly fruity and cedary . More often pungent and spicy , it recalls the scent of cloves .

It is extracted for industrial purposes for the production of perfumes with strong and valuable aromas, but also in the preparation of essential oil , very pure and totally free of psychoactive effects. In ancient times myrcene was used in Brazil to naturally treat diabetes, dysentery and hypertension and as a natural sleeping pill.

It actually has various therapeutic properties , among which its sedative and analgesic capacity certainly stands out, which make it an interesting natural remedy that can potentially be used as a substitute for chemical sedatives. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and actually seems to be able, in some cases, to regulate blood glucose levels.

It enhances the actions of cannabinoids and also promotes faster assimilation thanks to its action on cellular permeability, which makes the passage of the active ingredient to our neuronal cells easier.

When used in combination with a sativa strain, it is able to create a perfectly balanced effect between " high" and "stoned " which is highly appreciated among consumers of THC cannabis strains.

Myrcene is found in high percentages in all legal cannabis varieties and enhances the analgesic and relaxing effects of CBD and CBG.

It is not the only terpene to have therapeutic properties, but it is certainly one of the most effective and if used consistently within a variety of light cannabis, it helps to strengthen our immune system in a completely natural way.

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How to activate myrcene with your vaporizer

Using a weed vaporizer is the best choice if you want to be sure that you can fully enjoy the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the strain of marijuana or legal marijuana you are taking. It is also the best way to enjoy the great potential and therapeutic properties that they are able to offer.

Combustion, which normally occurs with a normal joint, compromises more than 50% of the active ingredient that terpenes present and this also applies to cannabinoids.

Vaporizing allows you to avoid combustion and regulate the temperature . Like cannabinoids, terpenes can also be vaporized by setting the ideal temperature in the device.

As for myrcene, it is advisable to set the temperature between 166 and 168 degrees to activate the active ingredient, which will release its antibacterial and analgesic properties and you will be able to savor its aroma in all its purity.

It is possible to gradually increase the temperature up to 180° , the ideal temperature for vaporizing cannabidiol and enjoying its beneficial properties.

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