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The 5 best strains to eliminate anxiety

The herb many times serves to eliminate anxiety and depression problems but still many people are not aware of these beneficial effects of cannabis. In this article we will tell you how marijuana acts on states of mental alteration, specifically we will talk about:

  1. How to recognize quality weed
  2. The effects of CBD against anxiety
  3. Ranking: the best 5 strains to fight anxiety

How to recognize quality weed

It is well established that legal cannabis can be an excellent remedy for combating anxiety . Before understanding how it can help us, however, it is worth remembering how important it is to use quality light marijuana, possibly grown organically and how to learn how to recognize it.

Appearance: light marijuana comes in the form of inflorescences, better known as buds. Light cannabis buds can be longer and thinner or wider and narrower, in both cases they must be full and compact and have few marijuana leaves.

The color can be light green or darker green , there are different varieties and different shades ranging from golden to purple . On a good bud it should be possible to observe small milky white dots , they are the trichomes , which contain our beloved active ingredient.

Furthermore, it is important that the buds do not crumble easily, the fact that you need a grinder or scissors to shred them is a very good sign. It means that they are resinous and rich in active ingredient. Avoid and be wary of yellow or brown buds or those that are too dry, but also stay away from those that are excessively humid or too leafy.

Taste: the flavor of a good light cannabis is unmistakable and tasty, like its scent, which we should be able to perceive without difficulty.

Aroma and flavor depend on the specific variety, ranging from sweeter and fruitier aromas, to more spicy and pungent or more woody and citrus aromas. The important thing is that the aftertaste is fresh and pleasant and never unpleasant on the palate.

Effects: it is never superfluous to remember that light marijuana does not have any psychoactive effects. After a few hits of good quality legal weed you feel extremely relaxed both on a muscular and emotional level. If you have a particular pain, such as migraine, menstrual or muscle pain, or nausea, you should feel relief. You may also feel peckish after vaping light cannabis.


The effects of CBD against anxiety

There's no point in beating around the bush, anxiety is one of the evils of our century . There are those who manage it without any particular problems and those who experience it as a real pathology. There are those who have experienced a panic attack only once in their life, while those who are used to living with continuous anxiety attacks.

For an anxious person, some perceived situations become unbearable and everyday life itself can become difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are some options to try to combat anxiety.

First of all, especially if we are talking about repeated anxious states, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy , which if carried out by valid professionals, can have excellent results. It is a real therapy that uses specific techniques to restructure cognitive perception by working on situations perceived as sources of anxiety.

In addition to psychotherapy, physical activity can be beneficial, especially yoga or meditation, activities based on specific deep breathing techniques. A diet rich in omega 3 and antioxidants which help regulate mood can help. Furthermore, several studies have shown that CBD can also be an excellent remedy for anxiety .

Cannabidiol is able to interact with our endocannabinoid system and in particular with the central nervous system, thus regulating and rebalancing the mood .

Vaping legal weed helps you relax, relieve tension by reducing anxiety and even sleep better. When we are anxious our stomach closes, light marijuana helps in this case to stimulate the appetite with surprising results. Obviously it is advisable to avoid combustion and choose a cannabis vaporizer , perhaps a portable vaporizer that you can always carry with you.

Alternatively you could try a blunt , it is a light marijuana joint shot with a marijuana leaf. Vaping legal weed to combat anxiety is a good way to go because it also creates new rituals.

In addition to the amazing effects of CBD, you may benefit from carefully preparing your buds and vaporizer. Focusing on small, regular gestures can be very useful during a panic attack . Try to use light cannabis regularly but also when needed, for example during anxiety attacks.

Cannabis light

Ranking: the best 5 strains to fight anxiety

There are some varieties of light cannabis on which to be on the safe side if the goal is to combat anxiety, let's see them together:

1st Perla : with a CBD percentage of 20% and a THC percentage of less than 0.2% as required by law, Perla di Terre di Cannabis is definitely first in the ranking. Grown in Italy in an organic and certified way, it is the legal version of Ak-47 and induces the same relaxing effect.

It is ideal to vaporize during anxiety attacks and if used consistently reduces anxious states. It helps fight stress , a possible panic attack, mood swings in general and mild depression. It will also help you against chronic pain and is a panacea against insomnia .

Even in aroma and flavor, Perla is inspired in every way by Ak-47, the sweet flavor on the palate and the aroma based on pine, cedar and sandalwood will pleasantly surprise you. To try.

Cannabis light

2nd CBD Og : this inflorescence from the US company CRAFT with its 19% CBD takes second place. It is recommended for post-traumatic stress treatment and to combat anxiety and mood swings.

It has a delicate effect and a slightly fruity aroma with an extremely sweet aftertaste. The only downside is that the THC content is quite a bit higher than 0.2%, so this strain is not completely legal.

3°Volare : another of Terre di Cannabis' jewels, grown like all the company's inflorescences in a natural and organic way, without pesticides and heavy metals. It is rich in trichomes and terpenes which make its intense aroma perceivable even from afar.

Inspired by the peaceful and meditative effects of Silver Haze , Volare has a percentage of 18% CBD and is able to relieve emotional tension as well as muscular tension. Ideal to vaporize to treat anxiety disorders but also to prevent them.

4th CBDee's: from the American companies Pure West Compassion Club and LightSky Farms, it has a very pleasant relaxing effect with a CBD percentage of 12% and a THC percentage of 0.8% . It has a sweet, almost honey-like flavor and a slightly fruity aftertaste. It can be vaporized to combat anxiety and stress and regain balance during a panic attack.

The percentage of CBD is lower than the previous ones, but the active ingredient is sufficient to interact with our nervous system. If you are in the US, give it a try.

5th Opulent Reserve: inspired by the famous Lemon Haze, it is the first inflorescence of Terre di Cannabis. Grown at 490 meters above sea level, it represents the ecotype of the company and is a guarantee from every point of view.

The earthy and slightly spicy aroma precedes an intense and fragrant flavour, which everyone likes. Helps prevent and combat anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

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