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Maintain the vaporizer

If you're trying to figure out how to clean a vaporizer, it means you've already started vaping legal weed , banning combustion and carcinogenic substances . Vaporizing cannabis has already started to change your life but, as time passes, you will begin to add together the beneficial effects of abstinence from smoking and you will no longer be able to do without it.

The credit goes entirely to the vaporizer , which however - to function correctly - must be treated in the best possible way. Most of the stuff used to pack a joint burns with it. Cleaning the vaporizer after each use , however, is the only way to make your little gem last. It is important to pay particular attention to maintenance , because a vaporizer that is not cleaned correctly retains residues and impurities inside which can make the taste of the vapor unpleasant.

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Internal elements of the vaporizer: differences with e-cigs

There are many models of vaporizers on the market and each type requires special precautions during maintenance. Each model has its own cleaning kit. There are many types, different from each other in the way the substance to be vaporized is exposed to heat, in the shape and possibility of being used outside the home, in the price and ease of use. We have told you what changes in many other articles, today we will explain what the difference is between a vaporizer and an electronic cigarette.

Vaporizer and electronic cigarette are distant relatives. For both the method of use is the same: the water vapor obtained from the heating of a substance exposed to heat is aspirated. Both devices are powered by an integrated battery, which allows you to heat the liquid or cannabis inflorescence , bringing it to the ideal temperature for nebulization. The duration of the charge depends on the power of the element and often on the size of the electronic instrument, however it is possible to recharge it via the appropriate USB port or using a battery charger.

In both devices the temperature does not go above 300°C, preventing the combustion of the substance.

The fundamental difference between vaporizer and electronic cigarette is that the latter can be used exclusively with the appropriate liquid , while the former can nebulize the cannabinoids of light cannabis inflorescences , oils and extracts. The e-cig atomizer only supports liquids based on propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, to which water, flavorings and nicotine can be added to obtain a taste in line with vaper requests.

The vaporizer, on the other hand, allows you to use a much more varied range of substances, thanks to the possibility of setting a different heating temperature based on the substance.

E-cigs and vaporizers work exactly the same. So why are they so different? The electronic cigarette works thanks to the atomizer, a device capable of atomizing the e-liquid and dispersing it into the air, after channeling it at high speed through a narrow mesh filter. Then, the battery heats the walls of the "duct" containing the drops of water vapor to temperatures between 120 and 300°C.

Vaporizers , on the other hand, contain a combustion chamber in which the substance to be vaporized can be placed, generally much larger than the tank for the e-cig cartridge. The combustion chamber - which would be more appropriate to call a heating chamber - is a real small oven, with ceramic or metal foil walls, and is heated with the energy coming from the battery until it reaches a temperature between 100 and 300°C.


Tricks and secrets for correct maintenance

The first thing to do after vaping is to clean the heating chamber of dry herb. As long as the walls of the chamber are warm it is sufficient to free the area from the coarser residues; when it has cooled, it must be cleaned more carefully, paying particular attention to any residue , even small ones, of dried herbs, which can be removed with a brush.

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To clean the heating chamber you can use a cotton ball or a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol . The chamber must be cleaned carefully and, before smoking, the appliance must be turned on with the chamber empty, to evaporate any alcohol remaining inside.

After cleaning the chamber, you will need to clean the rest of the path that the steam takes, from there to the mouthpiece. For correct cleaning we recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol, 99% pure alcohol which dissolves resin residues and disinfects all components of the vaporizer. To proceed with cleaning, you need to disassemble the device and soak all the elements that make up the mouthpiece in alcohol for a few minutes. Afterwards all components should be rinsed with warm running water .

Silicone components, such as inhalation tubes, should be washed with hot water and vinegar , as should wooden parts that cannot be soaked in alcohol.

Most vaporizers can be cleaned using this technique, but each device has its own particularities and, before cleaning, it is advisable to consult the user manual or the manufacturer's website to make sure you don't cause trouble . To prolong the life of your device you should carry out the procedure whenever possible.

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What to do to make your vaporizer last longer?

After having explained how to clean your jewel, to always have a high-performance and healthy tool available, we will give you five invaluable tips for making good use of your marijuana vaporizer. And make it last as long as possible.

Weed vaporizer

  • Use grass that is not too dry
  • The vaporizer works best if it can exploit the humidity present inside the buds, which are heated until the "active ingredients" evaporate, which are transformed into vapor to be inhaled. This process is not optimal if the grass is too dry or old. Well-cured, good-quality buds contain higher levels of moisture and offer excellent vaporization.

  • Arrange the herb well in the bowl
  • Distributing the cannabis evenly and compactly inside the heating chamber will give you pleasant and tasty hits. The amount will depend on both the type of cannabis and the type of device. Conduction vaporizers , for example, generally need to be filled with smaller amounts than convection vaporizers , in which hot air circulates through the buds.

  • Warm up the vaporizer well before using it
  • Modern vaporizers heat up in a very short time, while older ones can take up to a minute to heat up properly. Beyond the required time, it is important to wait for complete warming and then take the first puff. When the vaporizer has reached the correct temperature you can start using it, starting with a certain delicacy: it is recommended to start with short puffs and then gradually increase the intensity of the puffs.

  • Stir the herb well to avoid burning
  • Regardless of the type of vaporizer you use, it's a good idea to stir your buds in the bowl every now and then. In conduction devices, the mixed herb will be exposed to heat evenly avoiding the risk of combustion and producing a dense and powerful vapor. With convection vaporizers the risk of combustion is lower, but it is still useful to mix the cannabis to extract all the active components.

  • Grind marijuana properly
  • The type of vaporizer also affects the grain of the chopped herb. Conduction devices require very finely chopped cannabis to be able to expose all the particles to the heat evenly. For convection vaporizers, however, it is better to use a more coarsely chopped herb because it will allow the heat to reach the cannabinoids more easily, without obstructing the passage of air. In any case, if you can, if you have it available it would be preferable to use a grinder to chop as best as possible.

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    A brief guide to using the vaporizer (Mighty):

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