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Making hash with marijuana leaves

Most people are convinced that it is possible to produce good hash just from the buds of the cannabis plant. However, the great news is that there is another plant material that can be successfully used in the production of hashish. I'm talking about maria leaves . In this article we will see together different ways to produce hashish starting from the waste of the cannabis plant and of course also from light cannabis.

Specifically we will see:

  1. How are cannabis cultivation waste used?
  2. Properties of marijuana leaves
  3. How to make hash with maria leaves
  4. Method
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How are cannabis cultivation waste used?

If you are growing cannabis, you will certainly know that after each harvest there will be a quantity of plant parts to dispose of more or less equal to the inflorescences you will have obtained from each cannabis plant.

In the stems and in each leaf of marijuana there is still a certain percentage of cannabinoids , which will not yield if smoked or vaporized as we would normally do with the buds, but which if processed appropriately release a good concentrate of active ingredient .

THC if we are talking about cannabis, CBD if we are referring to legal cannabis. So throwing away scraps can be a big waste, as well as one less opportunity to experiment creatively.

The first thing to do to make the best use of these plant parts is to dry them , just like we do with inflorescences. Once dried, the mary leaf as well as the stem will be more easily workable.

We can decide to experiment in the kitchen, for example by preparing the classic butter or flavored oil, or a hazelnut cream with a high concentration of cannabis. We can experiment with natural and biodegradable cannabis leaf candles and soaps .

Last but not least, if we have medium or large quantities of cannabis or light cannabis waste , it may make sense to think about producing some hashish.

Properties of marijuana leaves

As we will see, to release the active ingredient, maria leaves must be treated in a certain way. Eaten fresh , however, in pieces in a salad or blended in a cocktail, a smoothie or a sauce, the marijuana leaf does not release any active ingredient but is still very healthy for our body.

In addition to being particularly rich in fiber, it is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin D and provides a large supply of minerals and flavonoids , powerful antioxidants ideal for counteracting free radicals and cellular and skin aging.

This is why, even if you opt for cosmetics , you will be able to enjoy the beneficial effects of maria leaves. Whether you decide to prepare a soap, a cream or an ointment with it, you will love it for its emollient, hydrating and antioxidant properties. These are effective solutions for all skin types, which are particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive skin or more mature skin.

Cannabis flower

If, however, we have decided to fully exploit the cannabinoids still present on our marijuana leaves and we have them available in discrete or large quantities, we can think of creating a cannabis concentrate and why not, experiment with a small production of hashish , preferably light cannabis so as to make everything both legal and innovative.

In this case we will try to extract all the active ingredient still present on the marijuana leaves, in order to enjoy its classic properties that we know and appreciate.

How to make hash with maria leaves

Hashish is in fact a concentrate of cannabis, which is obtained by isolating the trichomes present on the entire surface of the cannabis plant , in our case on the marijuana leaves.

Unless you have a Pollinator , a great invention of the revolutionary Mila Jansen , nicknamed the Queen of Hash, you might want to consider some of these methods, which can be used to produce hash.

As you will see, some are simpler and more homemade, others a little more complicated in terms of time or some small necessary investment, but all of them can be a good solution in case you have small or large quantities of plant matter to dispose of.

Before we look at some of the methods for making hash, it's worth remembering two things.

  • with these methods and good plant material, we can produce excellent quality legal cannabis hash.
  • unless we intend to obtain charas , it will always be better to dry well and in some cases freeze our vegetable parts before starting processing.

One of the simplest methods is dry sieving , also called flat sieving.

Hand rubbing is always simple but very time consuming, perhaps the oldest technique in the history of hashish production. It's worth it if we have really large quantities of plant matter available. Always using the hand rubbing technique, but using the parts that are still fresh and not dried, you can obtain charas .

Cannabis light

To obtain the much coveted bubble hash , one of the purest cannabis concentrates, we will use dry ice and special filter bags.

If, however, we want to opt for a similar but more homemade and easier method, we will use the blender for the separation of trichomes .

Let's see in detail how to produce hashish with the methods we have just talked about.


  • Dry or flat screen sieving : first you will need to obtain a fine mesh filter mesh, possibly made of metal or copper. You will also need a clean surface, such as a sheet of baking paper, but a light plastic tray will also work fine.

Before you begin, you will have taken out the previously frozen marijuana leaves. Once you have placed the filter mesh over your clean surface, begin rubbing the still frozen plant matter onto the mesh, as you would a nice chunk of parmesan.

The trichomes will rain to your satisfaction on the clean surface.

All you have to do is assemble them into small balls or blocks of hashish, you can decide to do it by hand or with a special pollen press.

Cannabis light

  • Hand rubbing : this technique consists of rubbing the plant matter between your hands for a long time. A dark layer of resin will stick in a completely natural way to our palms and by rubbing again, the resin will come off forming small balls of hashish.

It is a method that requires patience and a long time, it goes without saying that if you choose to proceed with this technique, it is extremely important to have very clean hands.

  • Charas or Hand Rubbing of Fresh Plant Matter: With this same technique of rubbing the plant matter between the palms of your hands, you can get charas. The important thing is that the plant parts are fresh, possibly just harvested.
  • Bubble Hash : You will need a clean surface, regular baking paper is perfect.

Protective gloves, a bucket, some dry ice and a special filter bag such as Ice - o - Lator.

These are bags that have filter meshes inside, there are different sizes and they can also be used simultaneously to obtain different types of hashish.

In any case, the thinner our filter mesh, the purer our cannabis concentrate will be.

Fill the bucket with your marijuana leaves and cover with dry ice. Mix vigorously for about forty minutes , you can also use an electric whisk if you feel it is more convenient. At this point, place the bag like a hat on the bucket and turn it upside down firmly . Grab the bag and shake vigorously for several minutes on the baking paper.

Now all you have to do is collect the powder placed on the paper and press it by hand or with the pollen press.

Cannabis light

  • Making hash with the blender : you will need a filter mesh.

Fill your blender with previously dried marijuana leaves and add ice and ice water, making sure to never exceed zero degrees. Blend for a minute , then pour through the filter mesh into a transparent jar and leave to rest for about thirty minutes, adding ice if necessary.

At this point you will notice a powder deposited on the bottom of the jar , empty two thirds of the water from the jar. Using a spoon or a small container, being careful not to disturb the cannabis concentrate, i.e. the powder lying at the bottom of the jar. Fill again with ice water and leave to rest for another ten minutes, then empty two-thirds of the water again.

The operation must be repeated four times, then you will pour the solution into a coffee filter which you will squeeze well and leave to dry.

Here is your cannabis concentrate already compacted and ready to be used.

These are some of the most effective methods with which you can try to produce cannabis-based hashish or cannabis light .

We recommend the second choice. Because it is legal and because you can enjoy all the beneficial effects of CBD , especially when it is high concentration and high quality, like the one contained in all our Terre di Cannabis products.

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