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Where to buy cannabis in Spain

In this article we will tell you how to obtain marijuana if you are in Spain, whether you are on holiday or living on the Iberian Peninsula. Read the whole article to find out how to find cannabis if you are in Spain, the tricks and secrets to go without fail, without risking anything. Specifically we will talk to you about:

  1. Holidays in Spain and cannabis
  2. What are cannabis social clubs?
  3. Terre di Cannabis ships to Spain

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Holidays in Spain and cannabis

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially for those looking for a beautiful sea, uncontaminated landscapes and music until the morning. In general it is a very free country , populated by relaxed people who pay little attention to form. Like the Italians, the Spaniards are also cannabis lovers, but unlike us they have managed to create a regulatory system that simplifies the lives of smokers, but does not do so through legal hemp, as happened in Italy .

When you go on holiday to Spain you will certainly be lured by a street pusher , but know that there is another way - safe and legal - to obtain weed. Marijuana is not legal in Spain : you have to be careful if you buy it on the street or if you consume cannabis in public and crowded places, because you risk sanctions. Possession and consumption in public are considered crimes punishable at the discretion of the police, with fines of 300 euros and up.

In fact, the discreet transport of only packaged and certified products is tolerated, for quantities not exceeding 50 g.

But Spanish law on cannabis is often also different based on the region you are in: if you are in Catalonia, know that you are in one of the most open-minded places in all of Spain ; if you are in Galicia you will have to pay much more attention , because smoking marijuana in public is always a crime if you are not in an authorized club.

If you intend to act legally you will have to look for the cannabis social club closest to you. This is the Spanish equivalent of Dutch coffee shops , non-profit associations authorized to grow cannabis on behalf of members. The admission regulations are much more restrictive towards tourists and some clubs authorize the distribution of the substance two weeks after admission, hoping that this will be a deterrent for people passing through.

What are cannabis social clubs?

The first cannabis social clubs in Spain were inaugurated in 2005 on the initiative of ENCOD - European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies , a non-governmental organization that had the aim of promoting the development of a regulated model of cannabis use throughout Europe, non-commercial and open to adults.

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According to the NGO, a social club can be the absolute best model for the legal production and distribution of cannabis . Among the indispensable principles of social clubs are the status of non-profit organization and the production of cannabis limited to the personal use of members. Cannabis clubs are therefore private clubs, legally authorized to welcome cannabis smokers who are members of the club. The path that led to their creation was complex and the first openings came after six years of work on the legal and political fronts.

Today we enjoy the fruits of the hard work and convictions of many people, who have invested their entire lives in the battle for the legalization of cannabis. In 1999, the Andalusian council wanted to clarify the legality of cannabis to find out whether a doctor could prescribe medical cannabis and a citizen could grow and consume it privately for recreational purposes, without breaking the law. The lawyers Juan Muñoz and Susana Soto, members of the Andalusian Institute of Criminology , professors of criminal law, took the matter into their own hands. The result of their work was published in 2001 with unimaginable consequences, despite the fact that it is neither a decree nor a binding opinion. The two lawyers have thoroughly studied the Constitution and previous sentences of the Spanish Supreme Court, the equivalent of our Court of Cassation. According to the Spanish constitution, everyone in their own home can do what they like , as a very high form of protection of the citizen's freedom. The reasoning made by the two lawyers connects this principle with another fundamental dictate of the constitution: it is permitted to create associations of any type, as long as they are not aimed at violating the law.

The so-called Muñoz-Soto Report is based on a syllogism: if all citizens are free to do as they please in the privacy of their homes - even grow marijuana for personal use - and all citizens can form associations not contrary to the law, then all citizens can form associations to grow marijuana in places of the association for the sole personal use of members.

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Furthermore, according to Spanish law, the association can:

  • Dispense marijuana to members only;
  • Dispense a small amount of marijuana to the non-member consumer so that he or she cannot resell it for the purpose of dealing;
  • Allows the consumption of marijuana within premises accessible only to members;

This is a regulatory void, a gray area that does not prohibit the cultivation of marijuana in single or combined form, but neither does it formally legalize it.

Clubs can self-produce the cannabis consumed by their members and, in the absence of cultivation tools, they can buy it from third parties through joint purchasing. The maximum quantity that can be cultivated or purchased by a club is equal to the members' consumption forecasts, for a maximum of 60 grams per month per member over 21 years of age.

Cannabis associations must not promote the consumption of cannabis or advertise their products, maintaining a decent profile even from the outside. They cannot sell alcohol, but only drinks and food.

Terre di Cannabis also ships to Spain

We have strengthened the distribution channels of our light marijuana and expanded the list of countries to which we ship our products. It is possible to place an order for light cannabis, produced in Italy without the use of pesticides from the Terre di Cannabis website and also through WhatsApp with a simple message ( +39 348 921 66 55 ). Delivery will take place with an anonymous and discreet package.

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Here are the countries to which we ship our legal cannabis products:

Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia , Slovenia.

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