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Marijuana sweets, a novelty: our CBD Dragee

A sugared almond is good for your mood and your figure: it's a little jewel, which satisfies the desire for sweets without frustrating your efforts to stay fit. Everyone likes sugared almonds and are the symbol of moments of joy, sharing and family.

What if we told you that - from today - in addition to satisfying the desire for sweets with elegance, sugared almonds can also have an excellent beneficial effect ? No, that's not a lie. It's the pure truth, but it only applies to those of Terre di Cannabis. We have created a new product, different from those you already know, and to create it we went looking for the best raw materials: an exquisite toasted almond , softened by cocoa butter and covered with a mixture of fine white chocolate , a layer of sugar and , of course, our CBD-rich extract .

The Terre di Cannabis dragee is the first pastry product with a high CBD content: we have created an exclusive recipe to give shape to this 100% made in Italy delight. A joy for the palate, which combines the classic taste of almonds and the pleasure of white chocolate with the beneficial properties of light legal hemp .

We have invented a new, unique and exclusive dessert, which combines two Made in Italy excellences, on the one hand the ancient confectionery tradition of Sulmona, with delicious sugared almonds, on the other hemp, a custom from the past that is coming back into vogue .

The CBD extract (legal in Italy) contained in every single sweet has the power to transform a simple chocolate into a product with an intense flavor and unexpected resources, ideal to share with friends and enjoy at any time of the day.

The history of the Sulmona sugared almond

The Sulmona sugared almond is a typical confectionery specialty of the city of Sulmona, in the province of L'Aquila. It has an ancient history and the production method currently used by master confectioners dates back to the 15th century .

In addition to the almonds produced in the Peligna valley, those from Sicily are also used to make the sugared almonds, harvested from the provinces of Syracuse, in particular the renowned Pizzuta almond from Avola, and Ragusa. The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies has included the sweet produced in Sulmona in the list of traditional Italian agri-food products, recognizing it with the PAT brand

Pack of CBD dragees

According to the ancients, the candy was produced already at the time of the Roman conquest in the Peligna valley (1st century BC). Certain sources, however, demonstrate that a small artisan workshop arose in the 15th century near the monastery of Santa Chiara, and that even nuns tried their hand at this art. In the 20th century, the Sulmona confetti saw its period of decisive economic development, with the construction of many factories.

Many poets and writers such as Boccaccio, Ariosto, Leopardi, Carducci, Verga, Pascoli and D'annunzio have cited confetti as an indispensable element in important lunches and solemn ceremonies. These literary testimonies give further confirmation of the historicity of the sweet, of how important this dessert has been over the centuries and how much it still is.

Terre di Cannabis has chosen to rely on the expert hands of master William Di Carlo , an authority on the subject since 1833.

For six generations, the Di Carlo master confectioners have used all their manual skills and artistic knowledge in the preparation of sugared almonds and the beautiful "Sulmona flowers".

The secret of the goodness of these products is to be found in the family's exclusive suppliers: the prized Avola almonds, the Roman hazelnuts DOP and a few other ingredients of the highest quality.

Abruzzo and hemp

We wanted to combine two excellences of the Italian tradition: the Abruzzo confectionery school and the tradition of hemp cultivation. Abruzzo was a large producer of industrial hemp, until before the plant was banned. Terre di Cannabis wanted to bring this tradition back into vogue, employing the best master hemp growers to revive this great tradition.

Light cannabis cultivation in Abruzzo

Terre was born out of love for cannabis and its virtues, with the aim of raising awareness among the community and making its benefits universally recognised. The company was founded in 2018, and currently cultivates 10 hectares of legal cannabis fields in Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Puglia and Tuscany. Day after day, project after project, more than thirty families have chosen to work on our precious Cannabis sativa crops, to offer the market the best light cannabis inflorescences.

Territory-Italian Excellences: common denominator

Terre Di Cannabis believes in the passion of people and trusts in the close relationship between man and nature. He takes care of his lands with great meticulousness and this, for us, is what differentiates us: we are attentive to every sprout, because the harvest is made up of many small sprouts. If even just one light marijuana bud is not carefully checked, we will lose the excellence that we have been pursuing since the first day of activity.

We select sativa hemp flowers one by one, as the great tradition of Made in Italy has taught us: from growth to development, we know every weakness and every criticality of our plants and we take care of them down to the smallest detail. We know the territory and we move in synergy with it, aware that only the rediscovery of roots and traditions can lead to excellence. Our goal is to offer the highest quality at the right price, with natural light hemp inflorescences , fragrant and with a unique taste. With THC concentrations within legal limits and at an affordable price.

Chocolate and CBD

Hemp and cannabis seeds contain very high percentages of vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and iron. They contain all eight essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize independently, and this makes them highly protein-rich and recommended for a healthy and balanced diet . Even the vitamin intake and the presence of mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, potassium) make cannabis and its food derivatives a true superfood : hemp has a very high nutritional value according to numerous studies, suitable for both those who follow a high-protein diet , such as athletes and sportsmen, and to those who would like to compensate for the lack of animal proteins by choosing specific dietary regimes, such as vegans and raw foodists. Furthermore, the presence of polyunsaturated fats makes hemp an excellent ally against cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, eczema, acne and respiratory system diseases.

Almond and CBD confetti

Why use chocolate and CBD?

1) To appease the munchies

Using our sugared almonds to appease the so-called munchies can be a good idea: you will consume the right amount of sugar without exaggerating, knowing that you have used a quality product, 100% Italian, created according to the rules of tradition.

2) To replenish sugars and eliminate THC anxiety

Sometimes the effects of THC, one of the most famous active ingredients, are not exactly beneficial and CBD dragees can prove to be an excellent tool to combat them. It sometimes happens that the THC content causes some side effects such as anxiety and paranoia, especially in inexperienced consumers. Certainly replenishing sugars can help, but the best allies against THC anxiety have turned out to be CBD-based products. With our dragees you will be able to appease the munchies and bring your glycemic level back to normal, chemically combating its effects with those of CBD, its "good" counterpart.

  1. Because our sugared almonds are a unique product!

You can use CBD dragees and enjoy all their benefits even without any particular need. The properties of CBD are many and we have talked about them many times, so our Sulmona CBD dragee can become an interlude of relaxation, a tasty break that is good for the mood and the body.

The historic Di Carlo confetti factory in Sulmona:

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