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Cooking light cannabis flowers

In this article we will tell you about the use of cannabis in the kitchen, the ways of cooking and the specific properties of each individual component of the marijuana plant. Can the seeds be eaten? What is hemp oil? Read the whole article to discover the uses and consumption of cannabis in the kitchen, specifically we will talk about:

  1. The use of cannabis in history
  2. Cannabis seeds
  3. Cannabis in the kitchen
  4. Cannabis oil
  5. Cannabis flour
  6. Cooking light cannabis flowers

Cannabis light

Light cannabis certainly offers an extremely variable range of dishes or drinks, but all without psychotropic effects. Since legally available light hemp must be at 0.2% THC .
And these dishes and drinks are not few, if you look closely. Also because cannabis sativa and indica did not take long to attract the attention of homo sapiens.

The use of Cannabis in history

Following the discovery of some fossilized seeds in a cave in Romania, we know that cannabis has been part of human history since at least the Neolithic .
And it is known that until the advent of prohibitionism, which affected most countries in the world to varying degrees and in different historical periods, man exploited its numerous qualities.
For millennia, we have made paper, fabrics, ropes, fertilizers, medicines, cosmetics, soaps, bricks, coatings and fuels from hemp.

In 1909 even Henry Ford wanted to make technical use of it tout court, and started the production of the legendary Ford T. Conceived to be made up of 60% hemp. With engine powered by hemp ethanol. And if prohibition had not intervened to discourage this visionary, the history of humanity would certainly have been different. And probably better.

Now: it is unthinkable that after all this experimentation in such disparate fields (therapeutic cannabis, industrial hemp, etc.) man has not attempted to find some food use for this versatile plant. And so it was, in fact.

Cannabis seeds

Hemp seeds have been an indispensable resource for many oriental gastronomies for a very long time (especially Nepalese cuisine, but also in some areas of modern-day Russia).
They were ground and kneaded to obtain a kind of farinata . Which proved to be an excellent ally in geographical areas whose climate presented the risk of frequent famines. From the flour obtained by grinding the seed it was also possible to prepare a pasta very similar in consistency to that of soft wheat, although darker in colour.

Sativa hemp seeds have astounding nutritional value! With few terms of comparison in the plant kingdom, thus offering a very rich and economical nourishment . To be more specific and give an idea of ​​the nutritional intake, it will be sufficient to say that all hemp-based food products are a concentrate of vitamins. But also strictly unsaturated proteins and fats.

Cannabis cultivation

Cannabis in the kitchen

The slow but apparently progressive backtracking on prohibitionism and the consequent dissolution of the "taboo" aura surrounding cannabis have encouraged man to re-appropriate this plant even in the kitchen . Indulging in tradition or bending it to changing tastes and needs.

In addition to these aspects, it is worth mentioning the undoubted "global" awareness of the implications between nutrition, health, the environment and ethical choices. Here hemp therefore becomes a precious tool for integrating and improving one's nutrition , or for circumventing food intolerances without giving up certain dishes.

But it is also a solid alternative for those who choose to give up the consumption of proteins or animal derivatives. Vegans and vegetarians in particular. And perhaps even a small weapon for those who want to send a message to multinationals in the business linked to the food industry. Encouraging and choosing the many small businesses linked to the production of food obtained from the cultivation and processing of hemp.

Among the advantages of using hemp in the kitchen there is also the fact that experimenting is fun. But not necessary. In many cases it is enough to replace its tops, seeds, oil and flour with the tops, seeds, oil or flour of other plants that have always been used in the kitchen. And that's it. And therefore these ingredients will become part of local gastronomies that already have an established tradition. Further diversifying the possible uses.

In summary, a "global recipe book" of cannabis-based dishes is not emerging. Cannabis is simply penetrating all the local delis. Replacing or alongside some traditionally used ingredients.

The seed, for starters. Unlike the various by-products obtained from refining, the seed is not processed and keeps all its organoleptic properties unchanged, and has different potential uses. In most cases we are talking about hulled seeds, i.e. deprived of their rather leathery skin. These can thus be used to cook soups or as a supplement in snacks in the form of energy bars.
But the seed has also found a noble use in pastry making , where it can represent a valid substitute for almonds . Either whole or ground raw and then mixed into the dough like any raw flour.

CBD dragees

Cannabis oil

Seed oil is another product rich in properties . It is obtained by cold pressing and has an intense green color because it is very rich in chlorophyll. It is also rich in unsaturated fats, with a hazelnut-like flavor and is much more delicate than olive oil. It has a very low smoke point and is therefore not recommended for hot cooking or even frying.

But it is excellent for raw dressing of salads or other things, which allows full exploitation of its properties. However, it tends to go rancid easily, and once the bottle or can has been opened it should be stored in the refrigerator.

Cannabis Flour

The flour obtained from the seeds is gluten-free, and this welcome peculiarity allows it to be consumed even by those suffering from celiac disease . Its low calorie content also makes it particularly recommendable to those embarking on a diet: it can in fact be used in the preparation of any dough, sweet or savory. From pasta to biscuits through bread and focaccia.

Cannabis light It should be underlined, however, that due to its "weakness" in doughs, hemp flour can only be used as a percentage of cutting flour (no more than 20%). To be used instead of other flours. For the same reason , longer leavening times must be taken into account. Seed oil and flour are also rich in Omega 3 and 6 . Essential fatty acids, responsible for the integrity of the body's cell membranes.

Cooking light cannabis flowers

Of course, hemp flowers can also be used. From the tops you can in fact obtain other very interesting products, but it is necessary to make a small digression. We know that the buds contain mostly CBD , the active ingredient responsible for the "relaxing" effect potentially offered by the plant. Without side effects. And since the buds have high concentrations of CBD, it is possible to enjoy products that keep its effects unaltered and transmit them to the consumer. The buds have a fresh, very strong and peculiar flavour. You can make beers, cocktails, omelettes, risottos, herbal teas and even butter.

Be careful, however: not all products containing buds exploit the CBD contained, for the simple reason that a prior decarboxylation process is necessary. The transformation of CBDA into CBD , obtained through exposure to high temperatures . Otherwise, we will get some very tasty dish but without any effects.

Therefore, starting from hemp inflorescences with high percentages of CBD (with small % of active ingredient THC) it is possible to obtain products that preserve its effects. Previous boiling or "cooking" in the oven allows you to obtain excellent relaxing and sleep-promoting herbal teas . But also syrups, cocktails with lime. Or the starting point for the preparation of a surprisingly effective light hemp butter .

Enjoy your meal!

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