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Light cannabis consumption during quarantine

In this article we will tell you about the crisis due to the coronavirus that we have experienced in recent times. There have been many problems among people and not only economic ones, many unpleasant situations have had repercussions in daily life, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia etc... This situation has put many of us to the test, but many people have turned to cannabis light and have found great benefits.

Specifically we will tell you:

  1. How we experienced the quarantine
  2. Why do people turn to this market?
  3. Properties of light cannabis inflorescences
  4. What are the properties of CBD?

Cannabis light

How we experienced the quarantine

The quarantine period has changed our habits. There are those who started cooking and those who converted to home orders, those who took up sports and those who instead gave up when the gyms closed. Many people have struggled to sleep as usual and needed a little help to rest better . We have been subjected to a constant flow of information and single-topic conversations, which have done nothing but increase worry and anxiety about the situation we are experiencing, with repercussions on the quality of sleep and mood.

But the worsening of sleep quality is not just a question of stress: many of the people who led a hectic life before the lockdown suddenly found themselves stuck at home, with the consequence that they arrived at the evening much less tired than usual and to struggle to sleep. The consumption of light cannabis in Italy increased by 500% during the lockdown , thanks to the strong stress and the change in the pace of life. The sector has experienced a boom in both manufacturing and retail , with an exponential increase in home deliveries.

Even in the USA, the lockdown was preceded by a real assault on cannabis dispensaries, which were initially closed and then immediately reopened because they were considered essential goods . We are talking about cannabis dispensaries sold for recreational use, not those that distribute medical cannabis, which are open like pharmacies. In Italy, unfortunately, things didn't go the same way and light cannabis retailers were closed for almost two months, like many other businesses not considered essential.

In Italy, however, it is possible to buy light cannabis also from the tobacconist, through the vending machines which many shops stock but above all online .

Why did people turn to this market?

Legal cannabis has many beneficial properties for the human body and during the lockdown many people decided to experiment with this substance which has % THC below 0.5 . Light cannabis is a perfect remedy if you have sleep problems or struggle to fall asleep , because CBD relaxes the body and mind and facilitates rest, acting on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. A good part of the new buyers of light marijuana have approached this market to treat other problems that appeared during the quarantine, not just sleep disorders ( insomnia ): many felt the need for something new to give an extra touch to home days. Vaporizing light marijuana , in fact, can be a good way to enjoy an afternoon in the shade on the terrace or to make a movie+sofa evening perfect.

Cannabis light

However, the majority of new light cannabis enthusiasts are made up of those who consumed traditional cannabis, with a high THC content, before the lockdown. The quarantine also forced pushers home who, from one moment to the next, closed up shop, leaving thousands of people stranded. The problem was above all with occasional consumers, who would have liked to enjoy a joint every now and then but instead no longer knew who to turn to.

Regular consumers, on the other hand, should not have been too affected by this problem, because they usually have trusted contacts and are unlikely to get supplies on the street.

Furthermore, the price of weed with a high THC content has almost doubled in many Italian cities, making the purchase of light marijuana much more convenient , which can easily be purchased online and delivered to your home .

Beneficial properties of light cannabis inflorescences

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the 80 compounds present in cannabis sativa , the famous cannabinoids. Overshadowed by THC for a long time, CBD has been much studied by the scientific community over the past decade and a large amount of studies demonstrate its ability to treat a wide range of diseases resistant to traditional drugs . It has no contraindications and the few side effects (slight drowsiness, dry mouth...) are negligible compared to those of most drugs on the market.

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Traditional cannabis, the kind that is bought illegally, always has a high THC content and very low concentrations of CBD . Smoking marijuana, therefore, does not guarantee all the benefits we will tell you about, precisely because the true creator of these benefits is almost exclusively CBD, which light cannabis is instead rich in.

Light cannabis cultivation

What are the main properties of CBD?

  • Relieves pain . Among the benefits of CBD, its natural analgesic property is certainly at the top of the list. CBD inhibits neuronal transmission in pain-producing pathways, as demonstrated by a 2012 study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, which found that cannabidiol acted significantly on chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain in rodents administered it. This is a great discovery, since CBD - combined with THC in an oral spray - also seems to work on neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis, disabling in over 50% of patients.
  • It reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system, due to the ability to maintain the body's homeostasis, which makes it a very promising therapeutic agent for a variety of inflammatory disorders and many autoimmune diseases.
  • Reduces anxiety . Studies carried out on animals and healthy volunteers clearly suggest an anxiolytic effect of CBD. A 2011 study compared the effects of a public speaking simulation on healthy patients and on patients with social anxiety disorder, treating some with CBD and others with a placebo. The CBD group experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and performance discomfort, while the placebo group experienced greater anxiety, cognitive impairment, and feelings of discomfort.
  • Protects against neurodegenerative diseases . CBD has been found to inhibit the toxic effects of glutamate and oxygen radical species (ROS) in the brain, thus preventing brain cell death, as well as having more antioxidant power than vitamin C (ascorbic acid). or vitamin E (α-tocopherol). It also protects brain cells from beta-amyloid toxicity, and is therefore useful for treating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.
  • Relieves nausea . Cannabis has been considered an effective antiemetic since ancient times. The researchers found that cannabidiol acts in a diphasic manner, meaning that in low doses it suppresses toxin-induced vomiting, but in high doses it may increase nausea or have no effect at all.
  • Reduces the incidence of diabetes . A 2006 study found that CBD treatment significantly reduced the incidence of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice, from an incidence of 86% in untreated mice to an incidence of 30% in mice treated with CBD. The benefits of CBD have also shown a significant reduction in plasma levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health. A 2013 study published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology reports that CBD protects against vascular damage caused by high glucose, inflammation or type 2 diabetes; Furthermore, CBD has been shown to reduce vascular hyperpermeability (which causes leaky gut syndrome).

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