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How to use bongs in the best way

Using a bong is among the oldest actions linked to the habit of consuming cannabis. But do we really know how it works? Let's discover something more about this fascinating tool together, we will see in detail:

  • What is a bong?
  • How do you use the bong?
  • How do you clean your bong?
  • Bong vapor quality
  • Differences between bongs and joints
  • Bong effects
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What is a bong?

The bong is one of the oldest objects used to consume cannabis. Often also called water pipe, it was very popular in India and Africa and through the centuries, it has become popular throughout the world.

It is a tube with strategic holes. The water pipe is designed to cool the smoke but also to filter it through the water and clean it of all waste, toxic substances and all hot particles resulting from combustion.

Water is the main liquid which is used also and above all for its real filtering capacity, confirmed since 1991, as shown in this article .

The bong is designed to bubble smoke through a liquid , some prefer tea, fruit infusions, red wine and in some extreme cases vodka or gin. But what are the individual components of the bong?

Bong Chamber : The tube that holds and cools the smoke once the bowl is lit. It goes straight up, the end is open and acts as a mouthpiece.

Brazier : it is the small rounded and often unscrewable bowl, inside which the previously shredded inflorescences are inserted. Some bongs are available with two or more bowls of different sizes. They can be useful for those who are used to smoking both alone and in company.

Clutch : Also known as a “carb hole” or simply a “carburetor,” this is a small hole that allows the user to build up smoke in the bong chamber. Some bongs do not have a hole, in that case it is the stem itself, which must be pulled out to act as a friction.

Stem: it is the rigid tube that allows the smoke to reach the bong chamber and filter it through the water.

Bongs are available in different materials . Although extremely fragile and more complicated to clean, the best material for a good water pipe is certainly glass . They also exist in plastic, propylene and treated bamboo.

Some bongs have decidedly particular characteristics, such as Murano glass bongs , a true Italian gem. But which are the most sought after by those who love consuming cannabis?

Ice bongs : These are designed to be used with ice. The bong chamber does not rise straight up like the normal one but narrows in the center to prevent the ice you have placed from coming into contact with the water. This type of water pipe is able to fill the bong chamber with smoke and filter it through the water a first time and through the ice a second time. The flavor of cannabis is even more intense and clean and the filtering of unwanted substances is double.

Mini Bong : small and portable, it can be kept in your handbag and taken out on occasion. The bong chamber is small, so it is clear that the overall capacities are lower than those of a standard format, but a mini bong always does its job.


How do you use the bong?

Although it may seem otherwise at first glance, smoking from a bong is not at all complicated. Below are the essential movements to perform to make the best use of your water pipe.

  1. Prepare the raw material: the first thing to do is carefully chop the marijuana or light marijuana inflorescences that we want to introduce into the brazier. A professional weed grinder may be useful.
  2. Fill the bong chamber with water: on some bongs you will find a convenient indicator , in any case fill with water at least until it exceeds the height of the stem.
  3. Filling the brazier : make sure not to excessively tamp the herb or mixture you have prepared.
  4. Position your lips: some bongs have a separate straw , others are used by placing your lips on top of the tube that contains the bong water.
  5. Light the brazier and at the same time, if present, keep the clutch pressed (whether it is the conduction hole or the extractable stem).
  6. Inhale the smoke : It is important to take small, gradual puffs to inhale the smoke from the chamber. It can be risky to hit hard, especially for those who are unaccustomed to smoking from a bong.
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How do you clean your bong?

It is very important to keep the bong clean , both to keep the flavor of the cannabis intact during use and to avoid ingesting the toxic residues that are filtered from the water. Consider that the various parts of the bong can be disassembled for better cleaning.

The best thing is to clean your water pipe after each use to prevent residues from accumulating and encrusting, making maintenance much more complicated.

To clean it, just follow these steps:

  1. Empty the brazier of ash residue and unscrew it.
  2. If the stem can be unscrewed, unscrew that too and clean it the first time with a chopstick wrapped in gauze.
  3. Fill a bowl with boiling water, coarse salt and baking soda and immerse the bong chamber (the pipe), the stem and the bowl. Leave them to soak for at least an hour, then rinse everything with hot water.
  4. As you rinse, make sure that any resin residue comes away.
  5. Dry everything with a cotton cloth and reassemble your water pipe.

In case of stubborn dirt you can use a solution of vinegar and bicarbonate to degrease. Always remember to rinse thoroughly before using again.

If you are preparing to smoke from a bong for a long session, it is a good idea to change the water every 8 hits . As you inhale the smoke, the water will act as a filter. You will therefore notice that it will be less and less transparent, as soon as it becomes opaque, it is time to change it (better not to wait for it to become yellowish).

Bong vapor quality

The water pipe is one of the best tools for consuming cannabis or light marijuana . The quality of the vapor is much higher than the vapor produced by a joint. This purity, as we have seen, is given by the ability of the water to retain the smoke, filter it through the "bubbling" phase and return it free of toxic elements.

For even higher vapor quality, you can use the ice bong , guaranteeing double filtration thanks to the addition of ice.

Differences between bongs and joints

Smoking from a bong is definitely less irritating to the throat than a joint. The bong, like the joint, also involves combustion, which is generated when we light the bowl. The water from the bong, however, is able to cool the smoke and filter it, making the flavor of cannabis much more intense and pure and returning the active ingredient free of the toxic substances generated by combustion.

The joint, with only the paper filter, certainly does not have the same filtering capacity: the quality of the vapor is therefore less pure. The type of ritual is certainly also changing. We hold a joint between our fingers and it lasts longer because the shots are smaller and less powerful. A bong hit is much stronger , not only from the point of view of the effect, but also with respect to the impact of the hit on our lungs.

It is important to inhale the smoke slowly and with small hits, a bong hit cannot be as full as the one we give to the joint, the risk is an unpleasant cough attack. We need to take it slow, then we will be able to fully enjoy the flavor of the cannabis or light marijuana that we have chosen for our session.

light cannabis

Bong effects

Smoking from a bong has a very potent effect. One bong hit can be compared to six or seven joint hits . It is a more direct and faster effect. Furthermore, the quality of the vapor also means that the effect of the active ingredient is conveyed more quickly to our endocannabinoid system.

If the buds are high in THC, the high will rise very quickly. It is really important to proceed gradually to avoid unpleasant side effects, such as tachycardia or low blood pressure.

If, however, you love consuming light cannabis and your inflorescences are based on CBD or CBG , you can rest assured about the side effects. The water pipe can be the ideal tool to benefit from the beneficial and therapeutic properties of these two non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Terre di Cannabis grows light cannabis in Italy, without the use of pesticides and heavy metals. Our light marijuana inflorescences are perfect for use with a water pipe and rediscover the true flavor of cannabis in a completely legal way.

If you want to buy light cannabis to fill your bong chamber with top quality smoke, take a look at our website: you will be spoiled for choice.

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