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How to become a cannabis light reseller

The light cannabis business is spreading, so much so that it has even earned its own name: cannabusinnes . Cannabusiness is now an entrepreneurial reality . A world to take into consideration if you want to invest in a potentially profitable project. An investment that could change the lives of many people. Specifically we will address these topics:

  1. Cannabis light an evolving market
  2. What is a growshop?
  3. Opening a growshop: authorizations
  4. Opening a growshop: the products
  5. Opening a growshop: the costs
  6. Opening a growshop: who can I sell to?

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Cannabis light an evolving market

Shops specializing in light cannabis and edible hemp have grown exponentially. Coming to 713 according to Magica Italia 's 2018 census . First and only Italian guide from Dolce Vita magazine dedicated to the world of cannabis.

Compared to 2017, Rome, Milan and Turin are confirmed on the podium, but Emilia Romagna drops and gives up second place to Lazio, which in 2018 recorded 63 new openings. Exploits of Verona and Rimini who tripled their 2017 numbers, moving to sixth and seventh position in the rankings respectively. The Veneto region rises six positions to fourth place.

Legal hemp is a new frontier, which in recent years has attracted thousands of Italians. According to Coldiretti, the estimated turnover is over 40 million euros , which develops both in actual shops and on the internet . This is not just a small revolution on a cultural level, but the birth of a real commercial sector, both at an agricultural and distribution level. In the space of 5 years, the land cultivated with hemp has increased 10 times (for various uses, not just for the "light" version).

From 400 hectares in 2013 to almost 4,000 estimated for 2018, again according to Coldiretti . Despite being a product "for technical use, not suitable for combustion" (as stated in the law) Cannabis Light has recorded considerable success since it was marketed.

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What is a growshop?

By growshop we mean a shop specializing in articles and equipment for cultivation and gardening, with an eye to the world of hemp . Among these are headshops , shops where mainly smoking items are sold, such as lighters, ashtrays, rolling papers, chillums, hookahs, bongs and vaporizers.

Hemp shops , which mostly deal with articles and products derived from or made with hemp, from clothing to cosmetics and foods, as well as themed books and magazines. Smartshops , which distribute legal psychoactive substances as supplements or compounds of natural and synthetic origin. Seed shops , which sell cannabis seeds for collecting purposes.

Growshops are not always so defined in their commercial identity. It is common for cannabis products and seeds or smoking products to be sold in the same shop . Especially where the business has not yet taken off, there is a tendency to offer a more complete service, creating places that become small universes dedicated to hemp.

Investing in a growshop, however, is much more than opening just any shop. Opening a grow shop means facing prohibitionism head-on . It means taking a position in a public and clear way, but above all it means becoming a point of reference for cannabis consumers in the area. Especially in the province or in small cities, a place to get information and discuss the topic.

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Opening a growshop: authorizations

Light cannabis is considered a product of the food sector. Therefore it is not subject to a monopoly nor does it require special authorizations for sale. Anyone who wants can open a grow shop, following a procedure identical to that necessary for opening any other shop .

It is necessary to obtain the necessary administrative authorizations from the municipality of reference. Obviously you need to open a VAT number and register with the Company Register , INPS and INAIL .

The location is very important: it must be in a transit point, and large enough to be able to set up a well-curated and varied exhibition. It must be a place compliant with hygiene, usability, systems, urban planning and safety. Once the location has been chosen, you can think about the sign, which - to be displayed - requires authorization from the municipality.

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Opening a growshop: the products

Although cannabusiness is perfectly legal, light cannabis retailers are always under the magnifying glass of law enforcement. It is important to choose your products carefully, for two reasons:

  1. A shop is mainly made up of the products it sells. Choosing goods carefully is already a way to build an identity , a public image that is consistent with company objectives.
  2. You must present a certification in your municipality attesting that all the products sold within the grow shop comply with current Italian regulations regarding hemp . It is important to be 100% sure of what you are selling. The law for those who violate the limits of THC and CBD contained in products is very strict.

The legislation on this topic is constantly updated, so before opening a grow shop it is a good idea to contact the One Stop Shop for Production Activities, asking for all the necessary information. A further requirement is foreseen for those who intend to sell hemp-based foods and drinks. In fact, before starting the commercial activity, it is necessary to have completed the SAB (Ex REC) course.

It would be a good idea to choose products from a few companies and create stable and long-lasting relationships with them, trying to build customer loyalty. However, at the beginning it is better to propose a wider offer . By selecting different products by company and type, in order to test the taste of your customers . Knowing your customers is very important for those who intend to launch into this business. The use of cannabis is very personal, as are tastes and preferences in the matter.

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Opening a grow shop: the costs

To become a legal cannabis retailer you will need some financial resources. Between authorizations, location and warehouse, an investment of at least 30 thousand euros will be necessary . Much depends on the sales sector and therefore on the cost of the products to be purchased, but on average the initial investment is around this figure.

If you don't have all this financial availability or in any case you don't want to invest so much, you can turn to companies that open franchising points of sale throughout the national territory.

Becoming a legal cannabis light franchise retailer will allow you to reduce the initial investment by approximately 50% (15 thousand euros). Benefiting from the skills and commercial assistance of those who have already undertaken this activity for a long time.

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I opened a grow shop. Who can I sell to?

Light hemp can be sold in Italy thanks to law 242/2016. A law that legalizes the cultivation and sale of a variety of cannabis sativa that contains the same active ingredients as traditional marijuana, but in different and very small percentages . The active ingredients contained in light cannabis are THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effect of marijuana and causes the so-called "high".

Cannabidiol , abbreviated to CBD, is probably the most famous chemical compound in the cannabis plant. This molecule has the ability to amplify and regulate the effects of THC and other cannabinoids. Light cannabis inflorescences are sold only for technical uses, for collecting and scientific research purposes, and therefore absolutely not for smoking.

They can only be purchased by adults in possession of an identity document. Light marijuana must be sold in sealed packages. The label of which must report the results of laboratory analyzes certifying the presence of THC and CBD in the permitted quantities and the words "for technical use only". Clearly, sale to minors is prohibited.

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