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What is Cannabigerol CBG?

The king of cannabinoids is finally appearing on the light cannabis market: cannabigerol. According to the scientific community, cannabigerol or CBG, completely devoid of any psychoactive effect, is one of the most interesting active ingredients of the moment from the point of view of therapeutic potential. This is an amazing novelty waiting to be discovered in the world of light cannabis and we at Terre di Cannabis can't wait to tell you about our brand new flowers. In this article we will find out more about cannabigerol and present you with an excellent strain for combating anxiety and stress. Here's what we'll see:

  1. What is Cannabigerol or CBG?
  2. What is CBG used for?
  3. CBG flowers against anxiety and stress


What is Cannabigerol or Cbg?

Cannabigerol or CBG is a very important cannabinoid present in the cannabis sativa plant, discovered for the first time in 1964 by the scientist Y. Gaoni , who was the first to identify its therapeutic potential.

It falls into the group of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, it is the first to develop in a cannabis plant and is responsible for the synthesis of other phytocannabinoids , including THC and CBD.

In other words, it is a bit like the parent of all the other cannabinoids. It can therefore be used to create new, strictly non-psychoactive varieties, destined to give a lot to the world of light cannabis , in terms of aroma and flavor but above all in terms of therapeutic properties and beneficial effects.

Its interaction with our endocannabinoid system is surprising, CBG manages to stimulate the cb1 receptor , responsible for motor regulation, emotional control and our overall psychophysical well-being. Its therapeutic potential, therefore, has to do above all with everything connected with our nervous system .

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What is CBG used for?

Recent studies have shown that cannabigerol can be used as a basic active ingredient for the creation of new drugs to be used for the treatment of various pathologies. Precisely because of its ability to stimulate the cb1 receptor , it can be used to combat stress, mood disorders and anxiety attacks.

As this study also demonstrates, again due to its particular interaction with our endocannabinoid system, CBG could be particularly effective in treating some neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Huntington's disease.

It could also be useful for reducing intraocular pressure and, like cannabidiol, for preventing and treating some inflammatory diseases.

It is advisable to use a vaporizer to fully enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabigerol (CBG) and set the temperature to 210° to benefit from the entourage effect , i.e. the combination of all the substances contained in a CBG flower, including terpenes .

Furthermore, by using a vaporizer you can do another very important thing: avoid combustion, which burns approximately 80% of each active ingredient, be it phytocannabinoids such as CBG, THC or CBG or aromatic terpenes, responsible not only for of the scent released by a strain, to provide numerous therapeutic properties .

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CBG flowers against anxiety and stress

Once we learned the total absence of psychoactive effect, as well as the formidable therapeutic potential of CBG, made known by the vast amount of research of the scientific community, we at Terre di Cannabis have worked to offer you the best cannabigerol flowers , totally organic and grown organically , without the use of pesticides and heavy metals like all our products.

Our master hemp grower is putting his decades of experience at the service of the company to work on a new strain , hybridizing different varieties and experimenting with multiple strains to obtain this highly prized variety of cannabigerol-based light cannabis , one of the very few varieties on the market based on of this active ingredient.

With pride and joy we will soon present to you, a brand new strain that contains a high % cannabigerol and an irresistible aroma of strawberry and wild strawberries.

  • Appearance: the buds of this light cannabis variety can be oval in shape, they have a forest green color with shades ranging from orange to light pink. They are soft, compact and particularly resinous due to the high percentage of cannabigerol.
  • Aroma and flavour: the aroma, fresh and fruity, with intense hints of strawberry, corresponds to a woody and intense flavor with a pleasant and persistent aftertaste on the palate.
  • Properties: with a high percentage of CBG, the strain comes into direct contact with the cb1 receptor present in our endocannabinoid system, giving a sensation of well-being and relaxation in a very short time.

It can be used to improve mood and relieve symptoms of stress and has great therapeutic potential in treating anxiety disorders, panic attacks and mood swings.

It is advisable to use a vaporizer to take Cannabigerol, at 210° you will benefit from the entourage effect of the CBD. At 180° the terpinolene, the terpene responsible for the strawberry aroma of this strain, can be tasted, while at 198° the linalool, responsible for the woody and intense aroma, can be vaporized .

This new strain can be used in the morning, vaporized together with a good tea and during the day to accompany pleasant moments of relaxation. If used regularly, it is able to significantly improve mood and restore general psychophysical well-being.

Are you curious to try it? In a few days it will be possible to find it on our website, which sells legal marijuana online , but not just any: Terre di Cannabis works with passion and professionalism to offer the best of light cannabis, 100% organic , certified and made in Italy .

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