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Cannabis light as a gift for quarantine

In this article you will discover how to receive 2 grams of cannabis simply by answering a question, it's simple!

While the #Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, many people find themselves in forced quarantine to correctly and effectively apply that "social distancing" which seems to be the only solution in containing the virus. Many people work and study from home, practicing "self-isolation. The question then arises spontaneously: what else can I do from home? How can I manage my habits? And my vices?

First of all, let's try to see the positive side of forced isolation, without being pessimistic from the start. In these moments of fear and uncertainty, in which we are forced to stay at home, we want to make our small contribution. As the authorities rightly remind us, each person is required to do their part by simply staying at home. We invite anyone to join #iorestoacasa

Health First of all!

We know how much of a sacrifice it is to stay closed within the walls of your home, giving up your habits and vices. Everything becomes more complicated, difficult but with the help and contribution of each person we will be able to get out of this situation. We simply want to help people live their daily lives, without anxiety and stress, without too much paranoia and problems.

#IoRestoACasa has become a trendy expression but also a buzzword these days and finding alternative solutions to how to spend your time is important. We entered this unexpected situation with a bit of curiosity and a bit of typical Italian melodrama, but as time passes, staying at home all day begins to feel its heavy side. Let's face it, it wasn't in our plans, even more so now that we are entering spring.

Those cold, dark days that made us willingly stay at home are coming to an end. Now we are starting to have brighter days, flowers, colors, birds and heat... So all we have to do is stay within the home and try to take advantage of this time spent with the family to find something that eliminates anxiety, stress accumulated and give us comfort compared to the habits of the past.

For this reason we also decided to play a small part. Certainly small, compared to the sacrifice of the many who are working to eradicate the Coronavirus but we like the idea, in these times, of being able to be a little useful to people.

This is why we decided to:

GIFT 100gr. CANNABIS PER DAY (until Tuesday 7 April)

The rules are simple:

  1. On this page ( here ) you will find the question "of the day"
  2. Search and guess the answer
  3. Write an email to:
  4. The first 50 people who answer correctly will receive a free 2g pack of Volare
  5. Every evening the winners will be contacted personally

We hope to let you spend a few moments relaxing, waiting to be able to hug each other again.

Distant but close, in the name of Cannabis.

If you think one of your friends might be interested in receiving this gift, send them this link, or share it on social media and help us spread the idea of ​​cannabis around the world.

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