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Terre di cannabis Monday – A gift every Monday .

Monday is not just any day, we all know that. The week begins and all the personal responsibilities: work, school, commitments and it is always a tiring, heavy moment. Monday is a status more than anything else, a modus vivendi, sometimes a stroke of luck.

To face this particular day we are launching the Monday contest: every Monday we will give gifts!

Today's question:

A man is walking in the mountains, he is on holiday in Castelvecchio Subequo, in the province of L'Aquila, and he is happy, relaxed, immersed in nature and in his thoughts. He left the city and his routine a few days ago and is finally at peace, also because he has left the tensions of a year of work behind him. He is happy to be there, he had never known those still unexplored places. At a certain point, he turns left, passes some shrubs and finds himself in front of a huge cannabis field. A sign stands at the entrance “Terre di cannabis”. The man stops suddenly, dries his eyes a little and says with great amazement ......................

What does the man say? Make up the final words . What line would you end with if it were a scene from a movie?

What needs to be done?

Go to our social networks and enter your answer:



The coolest answer, the most original, the one we consider the "best" will win 10g of Silver Haze-Volare . There is time to participate until Friday 22 May.

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