Cannabis e disfunzione erettile

Are cannabis and erectile dysfunction problems?

In this article we will tell you if there is a relationship between erectile dysfunction and the use of cannabis, the tricks and secrets for living your sexual life with peace of mind. Read the whole article to find out if there are any problems with sex while using marijuana. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. Sex to experience without anxiety
  2. Cannabis and erectile dysfunction
  3. Erectile dysfunction and drugs
  4. A discordant opinion
  5. Marijuana and sex: how does it work?

Cannabis light

Sex to experience without anxiety

Marijuana improves the sexual life of those who use it, science says. Apparently, taking cannabinoids in small quantities helps you approach sex in a more relaxed manner .

According to the American sex therapist Lawrence Siegel, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, one of the cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant, activates receptors in the brain linked to pleasure and sexual arousal.

By reducing inhibitions, cannabis allows you to approach sex in a more relaxed way , combating performance anxiety and increasing the body's sensitivity .

According to therapist Amanda Pasciucco, people who take cannabis may have less performance anxiety during intercourse, unlike those who don't.

With a difference between men and women, in fact: women who take cannabis every day have an average of 7.1 sexual relations per month, compared to 6 sexual relations per month for women who have not used marijuana for at least one year ; while, among men there is an average of 6.9 sexual intercourses per month compared to 5.6 for those who do not smoke at all.

Cannabis and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, the inability to keep the penis erect long enough to complete sexual intercourse, affects many men.

For social, cultural and psychological reasons, little is said about this problem, and it is rare for a man to admit to having problems under the sheets. Yet this disorder affects 10% of males, especially between the ages of 40 and 70.

It is precisely the anxiolytic properties of CBD that make it the perfect ally for turning your sexual life around: by reducing performance anxiety, CBD helps fight psychological erectile dysfunction problems, promoting relaxation of body and mind.

Cannabis is also an excellent ally for treating pathological forms of erectile dysfunction . Erectile dysfunction is also caused by hormonal imbalances, increasingly linked to environmental factors.

Pollution is having very worrying consequences on male virility: men produce much less testosterone than in the past.

The most harmful substances for men's sexual health are dioxin and estrogen present in abnormal levels in food and the environment; these factors affect the production of testosterone, the number of sperm and are among those responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Cannabis , in addition to regulating hormonal imbalances, avoids the accumulation of toxic substances in adipose tissues and promotes their expulsion.

Cannabis light

Erectile dysfunction and drugs

Many medications, as well as alcohol and drugs, can affect sexual ability.

Managing anxiety with cannabis rather than benzodiazepines, barbiturates and other traditional medicine remedies can avoid the onset of sexual problems .

Not enough attention is still paid to the side effects of drugs: if erectile dysfunction can be caused by drugs taken to treat other pathologies, drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction can also have side effects on the body.

In fact, drugs can often negatively affect the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the digestive and respiratory systems and the skin. When possible, it is best to treat sleep disorders, anxiety and depression by experimenting with alternative remedies without side effects such as cannabis light.

A discordant opinion

If marijuana improves the sexual experience from an emotional point of view, as it acts on inhibitions, the same cannot be said from a clinical point of view.

According to Dr. Andrea Militello, awarded as the best urologist-andrologist in Italy in 2018, marijuana abuse "can cause erectile dysfunction and male infertility" .

Cannabis light

«With regards to the fertility of the male factor which uses sperm parameters as a surrogate, cannabinoids probably play an inhibitory role - highlights the doctor.

The data on marijuana and male sexual function are mixed, but suggest that marijuana may improve the subjective experience of sexual intercourse while potentially contributing to erectile dysfunction in a dose-dependent manner , that is, in an increasing manner in relation to the quantity consumed.

Taking a little, however, apparently does not carry any risks.

Marijuana and sex: how does it work?

The receptors of the endocannabinoid system are present throughout the body, mainly in the brain, but also in other areas, especially the sexual apparatus.

Sex is a natural and spontaneous act, but to experience it in a healthy and peaceful way you need to enjoy a good symphony between body and mind.

The sworn enemy of a harmonious and effective sexual life is undoubtedly stress . The homeostatic function of phytocannabinoids makes light cannabis a natural remedy for various sexual disorders , rebalancing the body's normal hormonal balance, thanks to the so-called entourage effect.

THC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, influencing the perception of pleasure. However, the beneficial effects for sex do not come only from THC: CBD is in fact known for its calming properties and proves to be an excellent weapon for fighting anxiety.

The positive impact of CBD on a sexual level has also been found in women , who perceive the relationship as looser and more relaxed.

Furthermore, CBD , by reducing inhibitory brakes, allows you to experience sex more freely, letting yourself go to new and unexplored sensations. By reducing anxiety it seems that the potential duration of intercourse also increases , favoring the maintenance of erection.

The relaxing and calming effect of CBD not only acts on the mind, but also has power on the muscles and this greatly benefits women who have pain problems during intercourse , especially if CBD is taken locally.

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