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Hemp-based foods: a new world

Until recently the words cannabis and cooking would never have ended up in the same sentence. What happened in recent years was the beginning of a great revolution : studies and the dissemination of information on the properties of cannabis and its potential uses have brought one of the most controversial substances in history to the gastronomic spotlight. The declaration of hemp's illegality has deprived many sectors of the enormous advantages that it could provide, as well as preventing the enjoyment of a plant that has many beneficial properties.

Today, however, hemp in the kitchen is an increasingly widespread reality, which allows you to expand your culinary repertoire not only as a substitute ingredient, but as a real protagonist of the dishes, which integrates the protein intake in addition to meat and fish and helps prevent cardiovascular and intestinal diseases. You will certainly have to get used to the intense green color that it gives to dishes, but just tasting it and seeing its positive effects will make you no longer be able to do without it .

Hemp seeds are a natural food that derive from Sativa Hemp or also known as "Useful Hemp", a herbaceous plant from the Cannabinaceae family.

According to the National Coordination for Hemp Cultivation (Assocanapa), it is legal to grow a variety of hemp present in the European Seed Catalogue, following the correct EU procedures and demonstrating that it has a THC content of less than 0.2% . From organic and controlled cultivations it is therefore possible to obtain legal, certified and compliant hemp plants and seeds, not only for food but also for textile production and green building.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a truly amazing food : they contain all eight essential amino acids that the body is unable to synthesize independently, they are highly protein-rich, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, especially calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Furthermore, hemp seeds have a very high nutritional value, suitable both for those who follow a protein diet , such as athletes and sportsmen, and for those who would like to compensate for the lack of animal proteins by choosing specific dietary regimes , such as vegans and raw foodists. . Furthermore, the presence of polyunsaturated fats makes hemp an excellent ally against cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, eczema, acne and respiratory system diseases, thanks to the perfect relationship between Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Hemp fruits, at first glance, appear like a small nut covered with a thin , shiny and hard layer. Rich in nutrients, they are brown or black and sometimes also green-grey in color and their diameter varies between 3 and 4 mm. Hemp seeds contain 28-35% fat, 30-35% carbohydrates and 20-24% proteins, as well as high percentages of vitamin B (more than other foods of plant origin), vitamin E , calcium, magnesium and iron.

Hemp flour

Hemp flour is a food obtained from grinding Cannabis sativa seeds, which has seen enormous diffusion in recent years. Until a few years ago, hemp flour and bran - both obtained from raw seed processing waste - were intended for livestock feed. Since the valuable chemical and nutritional characteristics of hemp have been known, the flour obtained from its seeds has been commonly used in human nutrition.

Hemp seed flour is mainly used for the preparation of leavened products and pasta . Being gluten-free , it is very useful in the diet of celiacs. Currently it is possible to find bread and pasta for celiacs also made from hemp flour on the market . It is also appreciated for its supply of molecules useful to the body, such as essential fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and some amino acids.

There is some confusion about the distinction between hemp flour and other products derived from cannabis: hemp seed flour differs both from the waste from the production of hemp milk (called okara) and from the waste from the decortication of the seeds integral. Furthermore, although it is obtained by processing the so-called cake, i.e. the waste from pressing the seeds during the extraction of the oil, the two terms cannot be considered "synonymous".

Hemp flour is a food that provides over 21% fewer calories than the better-known type 00 wheat flour . These calories are also distributed differently, since in hemp flour as much as 49.5% of the energy comes from proteins , while in type 00 wheat flour approximately 89% of the calories are provided by complex carbohydrates .

The proteins in hemp seed flour do not include gliadin and glutenin, therefore the food is perfectly tolerated by celiacs. The main peptide component - called edestin - contributes predominantly to the total protein intake, equal to approximately 30% of the total mass. Peptides appear to be of medium-high biological value, as they provide all the essential amino acids. In this regard, in the vegan diet, the consumption of hemp flour should be frequent and systematic, ideally alternating with that of soy flour.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp oil is obtained from Cannabis sativa seeds, which contain it in percentages close to 30%. It is a completely different product than CBD or THC oil, and is completely free of psychoactive effects. The color of hemp oil varies from light green to intense green , it has a faint odor and a flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts . Once refined, hemp seed oil becomes almost transparent and keeps longer, but loses much of its nutritional value. In hemp seeds, in addition to a good percentage of oil, there are:

  • 20-30% insoluble fibre
  • 20% medium biological value proteins
  • 10-15% carbohydrates.

Thanks to its chemical-physical and nutritional characteristics, hemp seed oil can be used to season foods, as a food supplement, as a fuel and natural non-polluting solvent, as an impregnator for wood and hardener for plaster, as a lubricant. , plasticizing agent, base for soaps and shampoos.

Hemp-fu: hemp tofu

Hemp-fu is a product obtained from the curdling of hemp milk and for this reason it is called "hemp tofu". Even if the product has a very similar appearance to real tofu made from soy milk, it differs profoundly in its organoleptic properties : hemp tofu has a stronger flavor than soy tofu, it is more grainy and therefore is more crumbly.

Hemp tofu has such interesting nutritional properties that it is considered a superfood . It is a food rich in nutrients and guarantees a high protein intake , thanks to the presence of all eight essential amino acids contained in hemp seeds, as well as high concentrations of fibre, omega 3, omega 6 and vitamins of groups A, E and some of the group B. Like flour, hemp milk also does not contain gluten and is an excellent alternative even for those intolerant to soy.

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