Cbd e sport

Cannabis, CBD and sport: a winning combination

BioTabs, Enecta Bike Tour and Terredicannabis together for a sports contest

We have decided to organize a contest in which unique products can be won! We did it by putting sport in the foreground .

Around sport there are sensitive companies that support sport, practice it and have the desire to spread the good practices that only sport can provide.

We have been supporting the Enecta Bike Tour for years, a non-competitive cycling tour through the splendid valleys of Abruzzo. We do this because we believe in the value of sport first of all but also in the relationship between the use of Cannabis or CBD in relation to sport. same.

If you want to participate in our contest go here

CBD and sports

CBD is highly appreciated and used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Nate Diaz , MMA champion , is a regular consumer of CBD: at the end of a match he showed up at a press conference vaping CBD , claiming, at the specific question of a journalist, that "it helps the healing process, inflammation and all the rest. So I smoke before, after the match and during training."

Taking CBD at the end of physical effort can help optimize the body's recovery.

Similar to a natural supplement, it actively acts on the organism by modulating its responses through an action on the innate receptors of our endocannabinoid system .

For every athlete, sleeping well is essential , the quality of training depends on the quality of sleep, a discussion that in general we could apply to the daily life of any human being.
The anxiolytic and muscle-relaxing qualities of cannabidiol can help relax and calm our nervous system, rebalancing, if taken regularly, our psychophysical balance.

Cannabidiol can have a positive action on pain, which is why it is indicated for people who suffer from chronic pain or inflammatory diseases, caused for example by sports injuries, frequent in disciplines such as rugby or American football.

light cannabis CBD is not doping

While on the one hand athletes are increasingly aware, important signals are also arriving in the regulatory and legal fields, with important control bodies such as WADA having recently removed CBD from the list of doping substances.

“Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited,” states a WADA document titled “Summary of Major Changes and Explanatory Notes, 2018 Prohibited List.”

Since February 1, 2018 , cannabidiol (CBD) has been officially removed from the list of prohibited substances.


BioTabs, Enecta Bike Tour and Lands of cannabis

If you want to participate in the contest go here

Behind quality products there are brands and companies that work daily to ensure users well-being, professionalism and safety.

BioTabs is the first company in Europe in the production of organic products dedicated to the cultivation of Cannabis . BioTabs is able to propose and support companies and growers with products of very high quality, which allow you to make the most of Cannabis crops.

The Enecta Bike Tour is a non-profit event sponsored by Enecta , a leading company in CBD extraction. The Enecta Bike Tour promotes the principles of sport , well-being, valorization of the territory, especially in the most marginalized areas, as well as the dissemination of knowledge about the world of Cannabis.

Terredicannabis is a company specialized in the cultivation of cannabis. Born in 2018, it covers over 10 hectares of cultivated land in various Italian regions: Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Puglia and Tuscany. Over time it has created a community made up of the best growers, geneticists and cannabis experts to offer the best legal cannabis.

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