Diversi fiori di cannabis della varietà Amnesia

Is Amnesia the most powerful cannabis in the world?

There are those who are ready to swear that Amnesia Haze is the variety of marijuana capable of offering the best "high" experience to those who consume it. It is one of the few cannabis varieties known throughout the world, one of those that will never go out of fashion.

It is really worth delving deeper into the topic and dedicating one of our mini-guides to this kind of myth.

Here's what we'll see:

  • Amnesia between legends and illness, myths and falsehoods
  • Origins of strain
  • A psychedelic strain?
  • Smell, taste, flavour
  • Cultivating Amnesia
  • CBD Amnesia: Diva
  • Effects Amnesia Cannabis
  • Amnesia cannabis light CBD effects
  • Vaporize Amnesia CBD against anxiety

Amnesia between legends and illness, myths and falsehoods

Raise your hand if you've never tried Amnesia Haze . If you haven't tried it, it's time to fix it, but if you already know it, you know why we love it so much.

Amnesia Haze is a potent and legendary sativa-dominant marijuana strain with a high THC content (between 22 and 24%) that first appeared in Europe in the 1990s . Immediately appreciated by cannabis consumers, who had no difficulty defining it as the strain capable of causing the best possible experience with THC, Amnesia Haze was soon nominated for the most important cannabis awards in history.

It won the Cannabis Cup over and over again and was and still is reproduced by the largest cannabis seed banks in the world.

Its popularity is given firstly by the powerful but energizing effect and secondly by the aroma and flavour, typical of fragrant and natural cannabis.

The citrus notes of this marijuana variety, which are the prelude to what will then be an explosion of citrus fruits in its sister Lemon Haze , are expertly mixed in this strain with terpenes with earthy and musky scents.

The effect of Amnesia Haze made those 90s unforgettable and marked a new point of arrival or departure for the most ambitious growers. It was called the most potent strain in the world.

We can say that this is partly the case, although it is certainly not the only one. Even Purple Haze or Ak-47 for example, are incredibly powerful and legendary strains in their own right.

In a short time, however, as happens with any exceptional marijuana strain, various legends began to arise around Amnesia Haze both regarding its creation and its effects.

There are those who claim it is a cannabis variety born, as it is, together with all the other Haze sisters in the 70s . According to this theory, some cannabis seeds grown under a cedar plant gave life to this distinctly citrusy variety, which was then reproduced ad hoc.

Then there are those who claim that this variety of marijuana was born from the joint work of two American companies, which in the 90s specialized in the production of new cannabis seeds: Paradise Seeds and Chong's Choice , company of Tommy Chong , legendary grower and creator of different varieties of cannabis.

The most concrete theory , as we will see better later, is that Amnesia Haze arrived from the United States to Europe and more precisely to Amsterdam in the 90s . Whether it was the famous but perhaps only mythological grower David Paul Watson who perfected it or a grower with another name makes no difference.

Cannabis flower

Another legend related to Amnesia Haze is related to its name. It is said that the grower who created it wanted to try it first once it was ready. He locked himself in his house with some friends and they stayed there for three days, continuing to use nothing but this strain of marijuana.

According to this bizarre story, on the third day the grower completely lost his memory for 24 hours . A kind of temporary amnesia, which pushed him once he came to his senses to call this cannabis variety Amnesia and Haze.

There are those who think there may be a grain of truth in this story. Obviously not because Amnesia Haze is capable of causing amnesia or irreparable memory loss (there are no such cases in the scientific literature).

Rather, some suspect that the grower faked amnesia to prank his friends , who were already amazed by the power of this new creation. He played the part so well that the joke worked perfectly and in the end he decided to name the herb Amnesia in memory of that hilarious prank.

However, it is true that Amnesia Haze was one of the first varieties of marijuana to be used in therapeutic cannabis-based treatments to treat chronic pain, rheumatism and mood disorders.

The sativa dominance in combination with the high percentage of THC makes this strain capable of helping people suffering from mild depression and chronic anxiety.

CBD flowers Origins of strain

The real origins of Amnesia Haze date back to the 1990s , when a hybrid composed of an Afghani, a Jamaican and a Hawaiian cannabis strain, produced by the same creators of Haze, arrived in Holland from the United States. Once there, this marijuana strain from the Haze family was further hybridized and stabilized to obtain a new cannabis strain, with a spatial effect and an unmistakable flavor.

Which boasts, as we know, having won numerous Cannabis Cups as the best sativa-dominant marijuana variety.

Both the Jamaican and Hawaiian strains present in the original Amnesia were sativa dominant, the small indica component is brought by the Afghan strain and that touch of Kush added once it arrived in Amsterdam.

During this European stabilization phase, in fact, we tried to enhance the terpene profile of the strain and stabilize the effect and genetics of the plant itself, so as to guarantee real, faithful and long-lasting reproduction.

A psychedelic strain?

The very name "Amnesia" (from amnesia as memory loss) refers to a state of notable alteration , caused by the high percentage of THC in this variety of cannabis.

When you think of Amnesia Haze, you immediately associate it with a powerful, almost psychedelic effect . However potent a marijuana strain may be, it is unlikely to achieve psychedelia . More likely is that in those years Amnesia Haze was associated with other highly psychoactive substances, such as ecstasy or LSD, which explains the truly psychedelic effect.

If by psychedelic we mean a "broadening of consciousness" and not simply the psychedelic and visionary effects in a visual sense that can be caused by ecstasy or LSD, then yes, Amnesia Haze can be considered a variety of psychedelic cannabis.

If combined with the right music it can accompany moments of meditation and inner contact. Certainly, with such a high quantity of THC, you should expect a powerful and immediate effect, which should not be underestimated if you are new to cannabis.

Furthermore, the euphoric effect given by the sativa-dominant strain of this strain is so strong that it should never be mixed with that of alcohol or narcotic substances.

Like most Hazes, Amnesia is a great strain for solo use and staying active.

It is possible to take it even in the morning hours without fear of drowsiness or numbness . To make the most of it, you can try associating it with creative activities or particularly complex jobs that require open and empathetic thinking.


Unfortunately, the fact that it has been associated for so long with psychedelia, which in turn is associated with heavy and dangerous substances, means that today in articles like this Amnesia Haze is described as a new, very powerful and lethal herb capable of even to kill because she was sprayed with methadone, heroin and chemicals to be enhanced.

It is clear that information such as this contributes to distancing common opinion from the idea of ​​legalization, furthermore it is misleading information which does not correspond to the truth.

It is certainly true that often on the black market hashish and all varieties of marijuana are compromised with chemical substances , although it is very rare for methadone and heroin to be involved, which would cause devastating effects that are completely different from those caused by cannabis, although not totally natural.

Amnesia Haze is not a new cannabis variety as it has been around since the 90s and was created in a completely natural way starting from already existing strains. As a variety in itself, therefore , it cannot be said that it is a new, different or enhanced herb or that it has higher THC contents than other varieties of the present or past.

Varieties of marijuana with very high THC content (even much higher than that of Amnesia Haze) have always existed and between the 70s and 90s they began to spread throughout the world, hand in hand with prohibitionist politics . The latter has only increased the production and sale of hashish and marijuana by the illegal market, with the consequent risk of compromising the purity and naturalness not only of the original amnesia but of all varieties of cannabis .

Another problem is related to the chemicals used by farmers who do not opt ​​for organic farming. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are often responsible for the unpleasant effect of weed and can cause annoying headaches.

Smell, taste, flavour

Cannabis users choose their ideal cannabis strain not only based on the effects, but also based on the flavor, smell and taste of the herb . In Holland and in some countries in the United States there are even ganja tasting courses, just like with wine and beer. In this way it is possible to learn to recognize your favorite terpenes, the combinations that are right for us between indica-dominant varieties and sativa-dominant varieties.

Amnesia Haze is known and appreciated for having the natural scent of earth and wood typical of cannabis , it has that universal scent that is usually associated with every strain.

Its terpene profile is extremely complex. Strong citrus notes are grafted onto this natural base, in particular orange, cedar and lemon. There may be recognizable hints of incense and musk which add a particular touch and make Amnesia Haze immediately recognisable .

The result is a perfect and fresh mix, clearly perceptible also in the flavour, which is sweet and fruity with a pleasantly citrus aftertaste.

The smell is truly penetrating , it is advisable to open the windows wide to avoid a large capon, which although seductively scented, could arouse indiscreet curiosity .

Given its high-quality taste, an excellent way to enhance this variety of marijuana, as well as CBD Amnesia , which we will talk about shortly, could be to prepare chocolate bars or chocolates.

In addition to both being delicious, chocolate and Amnesia Haze have in common the fact that they are able to stimulate serotonin and cause a good mood.

Here is the recipe. It is a simple preparation, which does not require chef skills and which will give you a lot of satisfaction.


  • 3 grams of finely ground Amnesia Haze or Amnesia Haze CBD
  • 120 grams of dark or milk chocolate (bar or drops)
  • a hint of vanilla flavour
  • a chocolate or ice mold
  • a saucepan
  • a glass container


- First of all, you will have to ensure that the active ingredient of your marijuana strain is released. This process is activated at a certain temperature and is called decarboxylation , it usually happens when we smoke or vaporize cannabis. In this case we should, before using our cannabis, put it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 120 degrees .

- Fill the saucepan with water and place it on the stove over low heat . Inside we place the glass saucepan with the chopped chocolate inside. Let it melt slowly in a bain-marie , stirring occasionally.

- It's time to take the now decarboxylated Amnesia Haze out of the oven and chop it finely , preferably with a grass grinder.

- Add the chopped herb and vanilla to the melted chocolate and mix.

- It is important not to stop mixing to prevent the chocolate from sticking and creating lumps. Once the mixture is well blended, you can transfer it into the appropriate molds. If you don't have molds specifically for chocolate, you can also use the ice cube mold, or put everything in a thin pan (pizza type) and cut it into small pieces later.

- Put your melted chocolate in the freezer for a few hours . You can remove it once it has solidified.

- The chocolate is ready. It will last several days if kept in the refrigerator . Do not exceed the quantity, remember that if eaten the active ingredient enters circulation faster and more powerfully than if smoked or vaporized . One chocolate each is enough.

cannabis edibles

Cultivating Amnesia

Amnesia Haze is a fairly simple marijuana strain to grow , suitable for both experienced growers and novice growers. It is a versatile and very resistant variety of cannabis, which grows well in temperate and Mediterranean climates but can easily adapt even to the coldest temperatures.

Amnesia cannabis seeds look magical. If grown indoors it does not grow very tall, but on the contrary it develops into thick bushy branches and can yield around 800 grams per plant . This makes it particularly convenient for indoor cultivation.

However, if sown in an outdoor setup, the direct sun's rays will make this cannabis variety grow both in height and in width . The plants can reach up to one and a half meters in height and yield up to 1500 grams per plant.

The flowering period of Amnesia Haze is quite long, ranging from 11 to 13 weeks , but it is really worth it because the harvest is decidedly more abundant than that produced by other cannabis varieties.

Let's see what the essential steps are for growing Amnesia Haze:

Establish whether cultivation will take place indoors or outdoors:

If we have the possibility of growing outdoors, let's make sure that the soil is sufficiently draining and carry out preventive checks on any weeds . To drain the soil, perlite and expanded clay can be useful.

If you opt for indoor cultivation, the soil must also be drained. There are ready-made soils or you can choose the hydroponic technique, an excellent solution for all the plants whose humidity level we need to monitor. For a complete indoor set up you will also need LED lamps of around 600 watts and an adequate ventilation system that will keep humidity and mold away and reduce the penetrating smell of growing plants.

Cannabis Seeds:

get cannabis seeds that are as pure as possible to ensure you are growing original amnesia and not a hybrid marijuana strain.


germinate the seeds, taking care to hydrate them by soaking them in water for 24 hours prior to germination. Once started to germinate it will take a few days, vi  you will notice that they are ready because you will be able to see the first 2-3 cm of stem . At this point you can move your sprouted seeds to the final destination soil.

Vegetative phase:

The vegetative phase begins which will last about 10 weeks . At this stage it is important to make sure the plant has enough nitrogen . It will then be necessary to suspend it at the beginning of the flowering period and if necessary add potassium, calcium and magnesium. Any type of nourishment should be added only and exclusively in case of soil deficiencies and strictly suspended in the last month of the flowering period so as not to compromise the aroma of the inflorescences. Better to choose organic and natural nutrients and abolish chemical ones, also to treat any parasites.

Constant control:

it is important to monitor the plants in all phases of their growth in order to intervene promptly if necessary . It is essential not to add too much water before having checked the humidity of the soil and not to exceed with any nutrients or fertilizers, which if in excessive quantities could permanently damage the roots of this variety of cannabis but of all plants in general.


Recognizing that the flowering period is over is crucial to harvesting the inflorescences at the right time . You will realize that the plants are ready when the inflorescences are very resinous, almost sticky. On the flowers you will be able to observe the trichomes , which appear as small white dots and are the main containers of the active ingredient.


after harvesting your flowers, all you have to do is proceed with the drying and trimming which will make your herb refined and exquisite.

light cannabis

It is important to point out that at this time in Italy cultivating Amnesia Haze or any other variety of marijuana with a content greater than 0.2% is illegal . A ruling from the Supreme Court states that in the presence of a low quantity clearly recognizable for personal use, there is an administrative and not criminal offence, but the consequences still exist and can be unpleasant, so it would be prudent to avoid them.

Fortunately, all cultivation instructions also apply to light marijuana varieties with a high CBD or CBG content, the cultivation of which is absolutely legal.

CBD Amnesia: Diva

Given the current impossibility of legally sourcing Amnesia Haze, Terre di Cannabis has created the legal version of this highly sought after marijuana strain. After years of research, the company's master hemp grower has managed to produce a variety surprisingly similar to the original Amnesia, of which the company can only be proud.

This light cannabis variety develops fairly large dark forest green flowers , with shades ranging from ocher to golden. They are extremely soft and sticky due to the significant presence of resin generated by the large quantity of trichomes.

The aroma of this legal marijuana strain is unmistakable and penetrating, just like that of the original amnesia.

The dominant note is certainly natural and woody , then the citrus scents are recognisable, immediately perceptible in the fresh and intense flavor of our Diva-Amnesia Haze . The aftertaste on the palate is sweet, pleasant and long-lasting.

Perfect for vaporizing at all hours of the day , it is a variety of cannabis designed above all to help those who take it to combat anxiety, mood disorders and chronic pain.

Our Diva-Amnesia Haze grows at around 365 meters above sea level, on the hills of Tocco di Casauria, in Abruzzo. The plants of this variety benefit from a temperate climate , the many hours of sunshine and the naturally ideal soil guarantee the growth of strong and fragrant plants capable of offering abundant harvests with a flowering period of approximately 10 weeks.

light marijuana

Diva-Amnesia Haze is a light marijuana variety and is therefore completely free of psychoactive effects . In fact, it contains a percentage of THC lower than 0.2% but an extremely high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD). With 22% CBD, Diva is officially part of our company's Top Quality products.

Diva is also available in the XL format of 10,20,30 or 60g

The effects of Amnesia

The cannabis seeds of this strain can produce THC up to 24%. This is a very high percentage. The fact that it is a sativa-dominant variety makes this marijuana variety a real bomb.

Its effect is energizing and causes an almost immediate serotonin rush. It is for this reason that Amnesia Haze was among the first to be the subject of interest by the scientific community . Many people, especially in the United States, use this variety of cannabis to combat mood disorders, chronic pain, anxiety or stress.

Amnesia Haze is able to restore good mood and lower cortisol levels , the hormone responsible for stress, also giving a big help to post-traumatic stress disorder. The same variety of marijuana is able to relieve muscle spasms, rheumatism and any trauma or inflammation affecting the muscles right from the first puff.

So far we have talked about the effects of Amnesia Haze, referring above all to its use as therapeutic cannabis , but as we well know, this incredible strain is also particularly appreciated by those who use cannabis for recreational purposes.

Its "high" is very popular, especially because it does not cause drowsiness or dizziness , but rather keeps the mind active and working for almost the entire duration of the effect.

Let's see what the main "recreational" effects of amnesia haze are:

  • immediate good mood
  • muscle relaxation
  • more intense perception of oneself and the surrounding reality
  • unmotivated joy and fit of laughter, called “stupideira” by cannabis users
  • feeling of lightness
  • immediate physical energy
  • enhanced creative ability

Containing a very high amount of THC, Amnesia Haze can, like all very potent cannabis strains, cause side effects , which are worth recognizing and preventing.

Here are the most common:

  • tachycardia
  • sweating of the hands
  • sensations similar to those caused by a panic attack
  • paranoid thoughts about ourselves or people present
  • dry mouth
  • blurred vision
  • weakness in the legs
  • cloudy thinking

legal cannabis It is important to remember that it is always possible to avoid unwelcome effects. As? Simply by making conscious and prudent use of amnesia haze and above all by avoiding overlapping it with other substances .

If you experience any side effects, it is important to remain calm and bear in mind that the effect will wear off within a couple of hours.

If you are not already at home, look for a bottle of water and a quiet, uncrowded place. Unless you feel like you want to sleep, avoid lying down and closing your eyes as it could make you dizzy.

You can help yourself by drinking something sugary or eating some fruit, preferably a banana, which will help you immediately replenish potassium , or a kiwi, full of vitamins.

If you have side effects, avoid smoking tobacco, drinking coffee or carbonated drinks and eating products containing refined sugars such as sweets. It may cause further nausea.

If you feel weak, chewing some licorice can be a good way to cheer yourself up.

It goes without saying that if you have taken heavy drugs and feel unwell, the best thing is to go to the emergency room and avoid complications.

If, however, you have only taken Amnesia Haze and in general only cannabis, you can rest assured because the effect, although unpleasant, will fade , you just need to be patient.

CBD Amnesia Effects

To understand the effects of this variety of CBD marijuana that is completely inspired by the original amnesia, it is appropriate to mention something about cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid , which just like THC, but without its side effects, manages to interact with our endocannabinoid system, bringing a series of benefits to our body.

Its effectiveness has already been widely proven by those involved in therapeutic cannabis and by the pharmacological sector, which to date has already been able to obtain two CBD-based medicines, one intended for drug-resistant epileptic patients and another to treat cystic fibrosis .

Diva- Amnesia Haze can be used for different needs:

  • relieve chronic pain
  • relax muscle tension
  • fight migraines and menstrual pain
  • stimulate appetite
  • relieve pain from rheumatism
  • combat insomnia
  • reduce inflammation
  • combat mood disorders such as mild depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • allay the possible side effects of THC
  • replace tobacco

By continuing to use Diva-Amnesia Haze in the long term, it will be possible to notice benefits in terms of the immune system, which will be strengthened thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of cannabidiol .

For a better experience with this highly prized variety of light cannabis, it is advisable to use a herb vaporizer , with which you can avoid the side effects of combustion but also regulate the temperature to release the maximum amount of active ingredient.

If you are a tea lover, you can also use Amnesia CBD inflorescences to prepare an excellent cannabis infusion to be consumed both hot and cold to tone up and relax your muscles.

Here's what you'll need to prepare tea for one person:

  • half a gram of Amnesia CBD
  • half a glass of milk
  • half a cup of water
  • a spoonful of your favorite tea
  • cinnamon if desired
  • sugar or honey to taste


  1. prepare your buds by chopping them properly.  Make sure you remove all the twigs.
  2. Pour the milk into a saucepan, add the chopped tops, cinnamon and tea and mix.
  3. place the saucepan on the heat and continue to stir over a very low heat for about twenty minutes, making sure that the milk never reaches the boil.
  4. add half a cup of water to the milk and continue stirring for five minutes.
  5. filter carefully, so as to eliminate all the inflorescences and tea residues, sweeten to taste and drink hot or if you prefer let it cool, put in the fridge and drink within 24 hours.
  6. if you want to avoid milk, just heat the inflorescences in the oven at 120 degrees for about 30 minutes before starting the preparation.

cannabis flowers
Vaporize Amnesia CBD against anxiety

Anxiety, panic attacks and mood disorders can be truly disabling. In a historical period like this, as a consequence of the latest lockdowns and the feeling of uncertainty and fear that surrounds us, it is easy for anxiety , if already present in our lives, to worsen or appear for the first time in our daily lives. causing feelings of profound discomfort.

Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways, let's see what the main ones are:

panic attack:

it's one of the worst ways anxiety can manifest itself. Characterized by one or more of the following symptoms: apparent difficulty swallowing, migraine, feeling of difficulty breathing, chest pain, sweating of the hands, fear of dying.


in this case the anxiety manifests itself by making the subject identify every small change in the body as a potential symptom of an imaginary physical disorder. The subject goes from one non-existent symptom to another, causing himself a great deal of stress and convincing himself that he is suffering from various pathologies.


no need to explain what it is. It is one of the main symptoms of an anxiety attack.

compulsive hunger:

often associated with a feeling of emotional emptiness. The subject is agitated and eats compulsively to try to calm the state of anxiety.

closed stomach:

unlike the sensation of compulsive hunger, the subject does not feel it

mental rumination:

the subject has mostly impossible thoughts about possible dangerous situations that may concern him or a loved one. Or the subject persistently ruminates on negative events in their life, causing themselves to become agitated.


anxiety also sometimes manifests itself as anger and nervousness. The temporary inability to manage anxiety causes the energy to be channeled into sudden and unmotivated anger.

physical and emotional block:

when there is a lot of anxiety, it is possible to remain paralyzed in an immobility that prevents us from doing anything, even moving or making small movements.


Anxiety can also manifest itself in other ways, some people develop psychosomatic symptoms such as psoriasis, stomach pain or migraines . It is important to intervene quickly in order to keep the disorder at bay and prevent anxiety from increasing exponentially.

As with other mood disorders, chemical drugs are often used, but they can have serious side effects . Let's think trivially of Xanax, which is also prescribed by the family doctor with extreme happiness for insomnia and panic attacks. It is often abused and mixed with alcohol, thus causing further side effects.

CBD Amnesia is a natural remedy for anxiety , which lends itself to replacing chemical drugs or improvised solutions. Just like the original amnesia, Diva is able to tone your mood and energize your mind and body . Unlike the original amnesia, however, Diva does not have psychoactive properties but has a very high percentage of cannabidiol.

As this research highlights, cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient with a broad pharmacological spectrum which in recent years has attracted great interest due to its potential in treating various disorders, including some of a neuropsychiatric nature. In order to determine CBD's potential as an effective treatment for certain anxiety-related disorders, the research cited highlights evidence from preclinical studies as well as evidence from experimental, clinical, and epidemiological studies.

Given its ability to interact with our endocannabinoid system and in particular with the cb1 and cb2 receptors, it has been discovered that CBD is able to counteract generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, panic attacks, obsessive disorder -compulsive and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

To most patients it was administered acutely, i.e. at the moment of manifestation of the symptom, obtaining an immediate sensation of relief . However, other studies have also studied the dosage of CBD on chronic anxiety disorders, demonstrating effective benefits on long-term stress management.

As mentioned above, for a better experience, it is important to choose vaporization . Choosing to use CBD Amnesia against anxiety means using cannabidiol for a long time. However, continuing to use CBD with papers and tobacco would not help us. A weed vaporizer , on the other hand, preferably portable so that you can have it with you everywhere, could be the ideal solution.

All herb vaporizers, even portable ones, allow you to adjust the temperature . To best vaporize Diva, our CBD Amnesia, simply set the temperature between 160 and 180° degrees. To savor the terpinolene instead, i.e. the main terpene within this strain, responsible not only for giving it its incredible aroma, but also for enhancing the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, you just need to adjust the vaporizer to around 175° .

To have Diva delivered directly to your home, all you have to do is go to our website , where we use cookies with the utmost respect for privacy and only to guarantee the user a better experience.

We deliver our inflorescences completely anonymously to once again protect the user's privacy.

On our website you can find the best 100% Italian light marijuana varieties, both CBG and CBG.

All of our plants are completely organic and are grown without the use of pesticides and heavy metals. We have chosen to carry out organic and conscious agriculture that takes into account the rhythms and needs of nature and we manage every single step of the entire production chain to guarantee a high quality final product at an extremely competitive price.

In this film you will be able to see how we work:

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